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The Peerage of The CFOR

The Regional Peerage of The Crown Federation of Recon

The Peerage of The Crown Federation of Recon is the official peerage system of The Crown Federation of Recon. Established on the 11th of April 2018 by a royal decree of Charles V of Dou Boux, Deputy Emperor of The Crown Federation of Recon, the system seeks to reward or recognize resident individuals or nations in The Federation who make a substantial contribution to the region, or have performed an exceptional and praise-worthy service to The Empress or The Deputy Emperor. Unique amongst peerage systems, there are two co-founts of honour who have the right to both grant and revoke peerages. The dual founts of honour are HM Joan of The Recon Empire her capacity as Empress of The Crown Federation of Recon and HIM Charles V of Dou Boux, in his capacity as Deputy Emperor. Nations residing in the region may nominate other nations or individuals for a peerage. To nominate please telegram Dou Boux!*

*Nomination doesn't guarantee a grant


Prince of Keld: Thales XIII of Imperial Royal Union

Prince of Dalry: Xavier II of Hundredstar

Prince of Glasslyn: Andrei II of Semolia (temporarily vacant)

Prince of Dellea: Archonidas of Grantine

Prince of Greenmoor: Triarch Lazaro Maegyr of Gonngman City

Prince of Greshire: Emperor Jordan of Jordan Pitts

Prince of Mavene: Emperor Joseph of Mundus Imperium


Duke of Janwynne: Jereome II of Upper westphalia

Duke of Byhill: Ravio II of The emperor of the mighty yellow empire

Duke of Wayfort:

Duke of Olddell:

Duke of Westedge:


Marquis de Coile:

Marquees of Bymarsh:

Marquis de Froguna:

Marquees of Esterwilde:

Marquis de Taza:


Earl of Olston:

Count of Talama:

Earl of Prylea:

Count of Gaxal:

Earl of Dracbeach:


Viscount Oldwall:

Viscount Biserta:

Viscount Coormoor:

Viscount Lundos:

Viscount Vindirara:


Baron Pounde: Ajisaka Fatahillah of Nusalia

Baron Sergate:

Baron Vertvale:

Baron Sivo:

Baron Vittossa:

The Kingdom of Dou Boux