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Regional Roleplays of the Confederacy


Founded October 26, 2016


(Moderator[s]: Kalaron, Cartographer: Lex Caledonia)
Roleplay Map
Roleplay Region

What is it?
Confederacy General (CG) is a worldwide continuous RP running off of the RP map. Itís intended to allow for individuals to partake in roleplay with others without having to design a whole scenario. Events are intended to develop naturally and organically as participants interact with each other on the global stage.

What do I do?
You roleplay as your nation. CG is intended as a simple platform for nation RP of any kind. So long as theyíve signed up to partake, you can interact with any other person on the map or you can simply roleplay events going on within your own nation. Confederacy General is very much a freeform thread with no set purpose or goal.


  • No god-modding

  • No meta-gaming (the formation of alliances outside of the RP thread is fine, but your nation will only be aware of things that occur publicly in the RP)

  • Obey OP and Co-OPs

  • Stick to the Modern-Tech (MT) period

  • No absurd military actions

  • Itís perfectly understandable that some RPers will not be fully versed in military tech and procedure, and, as this is not a military-orientated RP, inaccuracies will generally not be penalized unless they're thoroughly ridiculous

  • No attacking unclaimed land

  • No attacking nations not involved in RP

  • No nuclear weapons. Nuclear power is OK.


(Host: Unfallious, Cartographer: Yukona)
LinkOut of Character/Information Thread
LinkIn-Character Thread
What is it?
Following the announcement that the RP map will be changed from the current world map to a new custom map I've decided to make the decision to form a new RP world based around a medieval setting on a separate custom map. This RP would be a clean break from the existing modern tech RP, featuring a different world, a different ruleset, different history and a different administration.


The map will be a custom generated map, I'll be prioritizing a smallish map over a big one so as to encourage a close knit world due to the obvious constraints associated with medieval transport and such. It'll likely be limited to one central continent although I will try to detail that continent with many land features so as to facilitate any kind of kingdom/nation-state you wish to play as.

What does medieval mean exactly? Well it means, specifically, no guns, a bunch of horses and a whole lotta siege weaponry. We'll be going up to the late middle ages era. Specifically, we're at the point where gunpowder has been discovered, but only really perfected in cannons. That means no guns. And I mean no guns. If you want to use ranged weaponry you're gonna need some arrows. Most combat will be done with melee weaponry.
Getting around? Horse.
Pulling trade? Horse with cart.
Long range communication? Messengers. On horses.

I'm gonna be an asshole here and stipulate that communism as an ideology does not and will not exist. You can have communist-like ideologies, for instance religious communes and such, but no attempting to appeal to the worker to break his chains. Most of you should be and will be feudal with the odd merchant republic and the odd impressively well-thought out deviant states. If in doubt, be a monarchy. (if you have a really neat internal progression in the RP I will be more than happy to ignore this, though).


(Host: Vista Major)
LinkOut of Character Thread
Inspired by the original "Patheos" roleplay by Markotovia.


The Gods have ruled over the realm of Patheos for time immemorial. Some have been around since the world began. Others were born just yesterday. Some of the Gods have built grand civilizations than spanned across oceans and valleys as far as the mortal eye could see. Some have confined themselves in fortified temples guarded by beasts who attack anyone who comes within fifty feet of their walls. Either way, they're Gods, and they're worshipped by someone.

Without worship, they die.

But nevermind that. It's your turn to take the helm. Be a God, rule the world, and avoid being betrayed by your divine brethren in the process. Should be easy enough. Good luck.

Complete in its entirety and be approved in order to be allowed to roleplay.

Name of Deity:
Deity Species (Human, Demigod, Beast, etc.):
Patron of (Fire, Death, Justice, etc.):
Abode (include image or detailed description, and location on the map):
Territory (mortal realm you rule over, if any; choose location on the map):
Divine Symbol (include image or detailed description):
Weapons (include image and description of abilities):
Backstory (how were you born/reborn; who is part of your family, if any; etc.):
Deity Appearance (image or detailed description):
Other Information:


1. No metagaming or powerplaying. While your God may certainly have powers, you are not to use them in a way that guarantees that you get anything you want. Especially if it greatly harms another character, get their permission. Also take note that this roleplay is classical era/medieval period (with case-by-case exceptions), so plan your technology accordingly.
2. Keep out of character conversations to an absolute minimum in the in-character thread. While addendums are appropriate, don't reference anything outside of the roleplay.
3. You can share powers with other Gods, but you can't be a carbon copy of someone else's God, and you cannot share patronage with another God (in other words, two Gods can have fire powers, but there can only be one "God of Fire").
4. The word of the moderators is law.

Cofn vice chancellery