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How to Build a NationStates Deck

For the first week of April only, enjoy the adrenaline rush of loot box gambling and card collection without any of the usual financial pain!

1. Open Loot Boxes

These unlock automatically over time. Keep checking this page!

2. Keep, Junk, or Sell your cards

Tap the top flag area on a card to reveal options: Junk, Sell, or Buy. Junk a card to instantly earn a small amount of bank, which can be used to purchase cards you want from other players, or to open more loot boxes faster. Keep the card if you want it for your own collection. Or Sell it on the open market!

All this is free! I want to make this clear because with the state of modern gaming it can be hard to tell. No real currency involved!

3. ???

Once you've built a glorious deck, bask in the jealousy of others! Because there's really no other point!

Zocra's bank: 0.00 Zocra's trades...

Zocra's Deck

Zocra has 5 cards: 1 Uncommon and 4 Commons. Value deck


Civil Rights Lovefest
“For The Empire; We March Forward”
Largest Basket Weaving Sector: 968th Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector: 1,837th Most Politically Apathetic Citizens: 2,866th
17.596 billion Aeyarissan. Multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, unlimited-speed roads, and rampant corporate plagiarism.


Scandinavian Liberal Paradise
“We will find a way!”
2.45 billion Nationhammers. Free-roaming dinosaurs, punitive income tax rates, and stringent health and safety legislation.
Civil Rights Lovefest
“Lux et Libertas”
Largest Soda Pop Sector: 6,661st Rudest Citizens: 8,998th Largest Agricultural Sector: 12,787th
575 million British Prosperines. Multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, strictly enforced bedtime, and smutty television.
New York Times Democracy
“Ride your Unicorn with the wind in your hair”
399 million Paytonians. Burgeoning Unicorns population.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night”
Most Average: 9,083rd Most Primitive: 10,663rd Largest Agricultural Sector: 18,330th
167 million White Wclf 138ians. Burgeoning Wolf population.