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How to Build a NationStates Deck

For the first week of April only, enjoy the adrenaline rush of loot box gambling and card collection without any of the usual financial pain!

1. Open Loot Boxes

These unlock automatically over time. Keep checking this page!

2. Keep, Junk, or Sell your cards

Tap the top flag area on a card to reveal options: Junk, Sell, or Buy. Junk a card to instantly earn a small amount of bank, which can be used to purchase cards you want from other players, or to open more loot boxes faster. Keep the card if you want it for your own collection. Or Sell it on the open market!

All this is free! I want to make this clear because with the state of modern gaming it can be hard to tell. No real currency involved!

3. ???

Once you've built a glorious deck, bask in the jealousy of others! Because there's really no other point!

Wuufu's bank: 1.10 Wuufu's trades...

Wuufu's Deck

Wuufu has 152 cards: 9 Epics, 6 Ultra Rares, 13 Rares, 53 Uncommons, and 71 Commons. Value deck


Civil Rights Lovefest
“All Your Cookies Are Belong To Us”
Largest Publishing Industry: 74th Most Influential: 191st Most Rebellious Youth: 411th
29.909 billion Hydroponicans. Keen interest in outer space, smutty television, and frequent executions.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Eschew Obfuscation”
Most Stationary: 9th Most Subsidized Industry: 14th Largest Populations: 63rd
33.315 billion Afi-Aftosians. Deadly medical pandemics, flagrant waste-dumping, and restrictive gun laws.
Left-wing Utopia
“Courage de rÍver, courage d'Ítre.”
Largest Publishing Industry: 202nd Most Cheerful Citizens: 359th Largest Welfare Programs: 394th
17.61 billion Onirians. Complete lack of prisons, daily referendums, and punitive income tax rates.
New York Times Democracy
“Parva sub ingenti”
Largest Insurance Industry: 56th Highest Disposable Incomes: 73rd Largest Manufacturing Sector: 78th
22.107 billion Sulayians. Barren, inhospitable landscape, deadly medical pandemics, and smutty television.
Civil Rights Lovefest
“Dum spiro, spero”
Largest Publishing Industry: 45th Most Compassionate Citizens: 113th Nicest Citizens: 160th
12.626 billion Frigidopians. Anti-smoking policies, multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, and devotion to social welfare.
New York Times Democracy
“Big things come in small packages”
Healthiest Citizens: 4th Largest Cheese Export Sector: 8th Largest Furniture Restoration Industry: 14th
31.52 billion Bistrostanians. Infamous sell-swords, free-roaming dinosaurs, and multi-spousal wedding ceremonies.
New York Times Democracy
“Seek Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly With Your God”
Most Influential: 273rd Most Devout: 348th Largest Basket Weaving Sector: 460th
11.435 billion Urranese. Keen interest in outer space, free-roaming dinosaurs, and public floggings.
Liberal Democratic Socialists
“Knowledge is Refuge from Adversity”
Most Advanced Public Transport: 69th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 126th Most Compassionate Citizens: 148th
11.11 billion Andromacheans. Anti-smoking policies, irreverence towards religion, and devotion to social welfare.
Left-wing Utopia
“Liberalism, innovation, and prosperity”
Largest Welfare Programs: 348th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 455th Most Advanced Public Transport: 516th
5.076 billion Hudsonians. Anti-smoking policies, keen interest in outer space, and irreverence towards religion.


Iron Fist Consumerists
“In Shrewtopia, everyone is well”
Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 163rd Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 208th Largest Black Market: 535th
28.551 billion Shrewtopians. Public floggings, frequent executions, and disturbing lack of elderly people.
Civil Rights Lovefest
“Til Ungdommen”
Largest Welfare Programs: 440th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 613th Most Advanced Public Education: 740th
9.383 billion Normansovians. National health service, state-planned economy, and irreverence towards religion.
Left-wing Utopia
“Non-Corrupt Socialism”
Highest Workforce Participation Rate: 786th Most Cheerful Citizens: 1,212th Least Corrupt Governments: 1,413th
9.447 billion Skakdis. Sprawling nuclear power plants, state-planned economy, and daily referendums.
Democratic Socialists
“Through hardships and blood to glory we march.”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 1,597th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 3,463rd Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 4,403rd
8.219 billion Petrokovians. Anti-smoking policies, keen interest in outer space, and punitive income tax rates.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“Make moey animey greaaaat again!!”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 278th Most Advanced Public Education: 411th Most Subsidized Industry: 527th
4.722 billion Nekojimajins. Smutty television, avant-garde cinema, and punitive income tax rates.
Left-wing Utopia
“Our light will lead the way”
Least Corrupt Governments: 770th Largest Welfare Programs: 796th Most Compassionate Citizens: 857th
2.772 billion Lux Luminians. Museums and concert halls, free-roaming dinosaurs, and soft-spoken computers.


Iron Fist Consumerists
“Beans, beans, they're good for the heart....”
Largest Populations: 1,313th Most Primitive: 1,839th Largest Gambling Industry: 2,124th
28.726 billion Noxious Airians. Anti-smoking policies, smutty television, and frequent executions.
Scandinavian Liberal Paradise
“Indigenous and Grateful”
Most Cheerful Citizens: 5,101st Least Corrupt Governments: 6,041st Nicest Citizens: 6,357th
13.887 billion Yellowstone Valleyians. Rampant corporate plagiarism, complete lack of prisons, and punitive income tax rates.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“If it's too good to be true, it probably is”
Most Secular: 403rd Largest Furniture Restoration Industry: 832nd Healthiest Citizens: 1,112th
12.502 billion El Sallians. Strictly enforced bedtime, restrictive gun laws, and complete absence of social welfare.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Remember Fedele Scardino! Hail The Emperor!”
Largest Populations: 3,566th Most Stationary: 3,809th Largest Black Market: 5,667th
21.558 billion Comrade Wolfians. Compulsory military service, punitive income tax rates, and complete absence of social welfare.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“The United States (TUS) Defender Puppet”
Most Stationary: 10,759th Largest Black Market: 11,358th Largest Populations: 11,599th
12.053 billion HIM14ians. Compulsory military service, national health service, and frequent executions.
New York Times Democracy
“Canadian navy base”
Largest Pizza Delivery Sector: 9,940th Largest Soda Pop Sector: 12,151st Largest Trout Fishing Sector: 14,047th
10.271 billion CFB Halifaxians. Complete lack of prisons and absence of drug laws.
New York Times Democracy
“The MT Army will save NationStates from hate”
Most Stationary: 3,466th Largest Agricultural Sector: 11,071st Largest Populations: 13,736th
11.118 billion GI33ians. Burgeoning Vippertooth Dragon population.
Liberal Democratic Socialists
“Who like short shorts?”
Most Influential: 1,133rd Safest: 1,412th Most Pacifist: 1,487th
9.569 billion Mjaumjauans. Free-roaming dinosaurs, national health service, and irreverence towards religion.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“Join the glorious Eastern Roman Empire”
Most Average: 976th Most Stationary: 6,398th Largest Agricultural Sector: 13,075th
8.915 billion 01 ERE Embassy110ians. Burgeoning bicephalus eagle population.
Corrupt Dictatorship
“Venture Forth”
Most Authoritarian: 8,367th Most Income Equality: 10,584th Most Ignorant Citizens: 13,751st
4.281 billion Wadaians. Stringent health and safety legislation.
Democratic Socialists
“We Will Endure”
Most Income Equality: 1,638th
2.217 billion National Liberation Fleetians. State-planned economy, devotion to social welfare, and stringent health and safety legislation.
“Freedom is Our Strength”
Most Extensive Civil Rights: 2,335th Most Politically Free: 2,792nd Most Pro-Market: 3,172nd
1.434 billion Brileyians. Barren, inhospitable landscape, absence of drug laws, and spontaneously combusting cars.
Liberal Democratic Socialists
“Doing our best.”
Least Corrupt Governments: 6,179th Highest Workforce Participation Rate: 6,863rd Safest: 8,853rd
1.259 billion Avrasashans. State-planned economy, daily referendums, and punitive income tax rates.


Moralistic Democracy
“Suum cuique”
Most Cheerful Citizens: 10,440th Largest Populations: 11,015th
12.367 billion Catholic Prussians. Zero percent divorce rate, compulsory military service, and punitive income tax rates.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“Please telegram one of my main nations.”
Most Average: 81st Most Stationary: 3,040th Largest Populations: 7,928th
14.647 billion Unstoppable Force that is Topidians. Burgeoning Eagle population.