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Earn Trading Cards by answering issues. Each issue has a chance of granting a new pack!

Junk cards you don't want and receive a small amount of bank by tapping the top flag area!

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Gift a card to any nation by paying a transfer fee!

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Compulsory Consumerist State
“All hail the Allmighty Nak nak!”
Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 2nd Largest Manufacturing Sector: 3rd Most Avoided: 3rd
34.874 billion Nak Nakians. Multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, compulsory military service, and flagrant waste-dumping.
Democratic Socialists
“Don't Assume Malice For What Stupidity Can Explain”
Best Weather: 48th Healthiest Citizens: 73rd Most Developed: 87th
28.365 billion Ekamatrans. Smutty television, avant-garde cinema, and ubiquitous missile silos.


Corporate Police State
“You're poison! You need reconditioning! RECONDITIOOOON!”
Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 293rd Largest Black Market: 720th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 758th
11.497 billion Lemmon grabbers. Closed borders, avowedly heterosexual populace, and absence of drug laws.


Left-wing Utopia
“Balance is the path to perfection”
Most Influential: 1,345th Most Stationary: 1,490th Largest Welfare Programs: 1,530th
16.933 billion Athidonians. Multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, national health service, and anti-smoking policies.
Civil Rights Lovefest
“Returning to Form”
Most Cheerful Citizens: 328th Most Politically Apathetic Citizens: 1,511th Nicest Citizens: 2,118th
24.552 billion Katzistanzans. Keen interest in outer space, smutty television, and public floggings.
New York Times Democracy
“Progress and caring”
Most Compassionate Citizens: 1,076th Nicest Citizens: 1,206th Most Pacifist: 1,693rd
12.928 billion Pulseans. Multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, irreverence towards religion, and devotion to social welfare.
Father Knows Best State
“Here, I can build.”
Largest Black Market: 5,803rd Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 9,300th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 12,348th
12.519 billion Doctor Doomians. Museums and concert halls, sprawling nuclear power plants, and irreverence towards religion.
Corrupt Dictatorship
Most Stationary: 4,847th Highest Drug Use: 8,001st Highest Average Tax Rates: 11,615th
11.715 billion Yavapai-Apache Nationians. Absence of drug laws and punitive income tax rates.
Father Knows Best State
“A Ufeweard”
Largest Black Market: 511th Most Devout: 558th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 835th
10.598 billion Kiwisians. Parental licensing program, zero percent divorce rate, and complete absence of social welfare.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“Alles Erdreich ist Österreich untertan”
Most Average: 953rd Most Stationary: 5,563rd
10.519 billion Austrian North-East Africans. Burgeoning eagle population.
Civil Rights Lovefest
“In Hoc Signo Vinces ”
Least Corrupt Governments: 1,422nd Largest Publishing Industry: 1,428th Smartest Citizens: 1,631st
8.36 billion Portuguese. Sprawling nuclear power plants, anti-smoking policies, and free-roaming dinosaurs.
Corrupt Dictatorship
“This machine kills fascists”
Most Stationary: 6,404th Largest Black Market: 11,725th Highest Workforce Participation Rate: 16,871st
9.534 billion 14th Revolutionary Worker Councilians. State-planned economy, compulsory military service, and punitive income tax rates.
Left-Leaning College State
“Pride, Wisdom and Power”
Largest Black Market: 3,121st Largest Furniture Restoration Industry: 3,678th Most Influential: 5,114th
8.253 billion Jeons. Compulsory military service, free-roaming dinosaurs, and devotion to social welfare.
Psychotic Dictatorship
“Diversity our strength!”
Most Stationary: 7,418th Highest Workforce Participation Rate: 16,011th
8.973 billion Simcoe Endians. Compulsory military service, state-planned economy, and punitive income tax rates.
Democratic Socialists
“Into the breach once more!”
Most Stationary: 7,878th
8.536 billion Comrade 224ians. Compulsory military service, irreverence towards religion, and punitive income tax rates.
Democratic Socialists
“We See More Through Closed Eyes”
Most Primitive: 927th Most Devout: 1,646th Most Advanced Public Transport: 2,989th
6.816 billion Akuli. Free-roaming dinosaurs, fear of technology, and restrictive gun laws.
Corporate Police State
“Strength Through Compliance”
Largest Mining Sector: 2,985th Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 3,411th Most Corrupt Governments: 3,490th
2.688 billion Aerians. Smutty television, ubiquitous missile silos, and frequent executions.
Corrupt Dictatorship
“A speech a day keeps those leeches away.”
Highest Poor Incomes: 698thMost Secular: 909thMost World Assembly Endorsements: 1,208th


Liberal Democratic Socialists
“To Have Sense Is To Be Smart; Cover All Your Bases”
Largest Populations: 6,545th Highest Average Tax Rates: 7,491st Most Stationary: 11,138th
17.106 billion Benlinmasansriukians. Anti-smoking policies, punitive income tax rates, and stringent health and safety legislation.
Civil Rights Lovefest
“Victory is almost within our reach”
Highest Workforce Participation Rate: 4,573rd Most Secular: 7,848th Most Politically Apathetic Citizens: 9,634th
9.284 billion Tropicusians. Multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, frequent executions, and state-planned economy.
Left-Leaning College State
“Soft Brown eyes, golden fur, what more do you need?”
Most Rebellious Youth: 3,071st Largest Welfare Programs: 6,305th Largest Populations: 7,150th
16.429 billion Golden Retrievers. Ban on automobiles, daily referendums, and devotion to social welfare.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“Quomodo sedet sola civitas”
Most Compassionate Citizens: 1,781st Most Devout: 1,886th Nicest Citizens: 1,890th
12.928 billion Carlvonhapsburglundians. Museums and concert halls, avant-garde cinema, and keen interest in outer space.
“발해의 승리에 과 대한 세상의 악화”
Nudest: 200th Highest Crime Rates: 2,099th Lowest Overall Tax Burden: 2,825th
9.227 billion Parhasques. Multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, smutty television, and enforced nudity.
Corrupt Dictatorship
“Kõigi maade proletaarlased, ühinege!”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 2,680th Most Advanced Public Transport: 4,856th Largest Welfare Programs: 5,929th
10.892 billion Estonians. Public floggings, irreverence towards religion, and suspicion of poets.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Burn all”
Most Primitive: 567th Most Ignorant Citizens: 775th Largest Gambling Industry: 2,052nd
5.713 billion Slaves. Flagrant waste-dumping, public floggings, and restrictive gun laws.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“발해의 승리에 과 대한 세상의 악화”
Most Average: 1,534th
7.538 billion Parhasques. Burgeoning Parhean Rhinoceros population.
Father Knows Best State
“Never surrender, never fall, never cease!”
Largest Manufacturing Sector: 4,475th Largest Cheese Export Sector: 4,522nd Most Efficient Economies: 4,537th
8.293 billion Socaruxians. Frequent executions, enslaved workforce, and multi-spousal wedding ceremonies.
Democratic Socialists
“Perla'n bu'k-sa.”
Most Devout: 2,528th Most Advanced Public Transport: 2,940th Most Cultured: 3,512th
7 billion Rannorians. Free-roaming dinosaurs, avant-garde cinema, and compulsory military service.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“Mission Accomplished”
Most Average: 2,504th Most Stationary: 16,697th
5.052 billion Aitseans. Burgeoning deer population.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“Skin on skin, let the love begin”
Most Average: 2,643rd Largest Agricultural Sector: 16,655th
4.67 billion Nan-1ians. Burgeoning Death's-head Hawkmoth population.