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Trading Cards

Earn Trading Cards by answering issues. Each issue has a chance of granting a new pack!

Junk cards you don't want and receive a small amount of bank by tapping the top flag area!

Buy and Sell cards in the Market!

Gift a card to any nation by paying a transfer fee!

Read more thrilling details in the FAQ!

1.02 Rose Rain Delay's trades...


Psychotic Dictatorship
“☆ M O O N! That spells Lunar phase!☆”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 1,634th Largest Black Market: 2,471st Most Advanced Public Transport: 2,982nd
7.734 billion Ghostly Ozois. Pith helmet sales, zero percent divorce rate, and punitive income tax rates.


Iron Fist Consumerists
“Hewwo! I eat everything!”
Largest Black Market: 3,202nd Most Advanced Defense Forces: 4,621st Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 6,399th
9.686 billion spooky ghosts. Frequent executions, keen interest in outer space, and punitive income tax rates.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“⑨ Uh... Did I do that? ⑨”
Largest Black Market: 4,693rd Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 5,791st Most Advanced Defense Forces: 7,781st
9.704 billion ice faeries. Pith helmet sales, complete lack of prisons, and sprawling nuclear power plants.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“⑨ Ha ha! ⑨”
Largest Black Market: 4,236th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 5,741st Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 6,928th
9.725 billion ice faeries. Public floggings, keen interest in outer space, and devotion to social welfare.
Corporate Police State
“Hewwo! Winter is coming!”
Largest Black Market: 3,857th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 4,790th Largest Mining Sector: 5,294th
9.739 billion Lanisters. Ban on automobiles, state-planned economy, and frequent executions.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Hewwo! I'm Lilly!”
Largest Black Market: 3,877th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 4,189th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 5,589th
9.386 billion unusually frilly girls. State-planned economy, pith helmet sales, and devotion to social welfare.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“It's not like I like you or anything... BAKA!”
Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 846th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 1,662nd Most Advanced Defense Forces: 3,449th
9.37 billion tsunderes. Ritual sacrifices, avowedly heterosexual populace, and disturbing lack of elderly people.
Corporate Police State
“Hewwo! Am I cute when I pose like this?”
Most Advanced Defense Forces: 4,316th Largest Black Market: 4,443rd Fattest Citizens: 6,016th
9.407 billion vampire faeries. Closed borders, state-planned economy, and devotion to social welfare.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Hewwo... Please don't be afraid!”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 2,630th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 3,052nd Largest Black Market: 3,109th
9.371 billion slave of Nunnallies. Frequent executions, punitive income tax rates, and suspicion of poets.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Hewwo! I was born a Georgia Peach!”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 2,129th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 4,441st Most Advanced Public Transport: 6,101st
9.356 billion celestial beings. Ubiquitous missile silos, ban on automobiles, and punitive income tax rates.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Liebst du mich?”
Most Armed: 3,141st Largest Black Market: 5,263rd Fattest Citizens: 6,956th
9.295 billion satoris. Keen interest in outer space, fear of technology, and complete lack of prisons.
Corporate Police State
“Hewwo! I'm a bird!”
Largest Black Market: 5,102nd Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 6,744th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 7,593rd
9.206 billion black birds. Ubiquitous missile silos, public floggings, and zero percent divorce rate.


Iron Fist Consumerists
Largest Black Market: 9,301st Most Advanced Defense Forces: 12,310th Largest Welfare Programs: 13,616th
9.702 billion red faeries. Sprawling nuclear power plants, suspicion of poets, and devotion to social welfare.
Capitalist Paradise
Largest Black Market: 5,344th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 9,936th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 11,281st
9.752 billion Kirarins. Sprawling nuclear power plants, punitive income tax rates, and suspicion of poets.
Moralistic Democracy
“☢ I hit your previous delegate with a shovel... ☢”
Most Armed: 4,248th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 11,512th Largest Black Market: 12,386th
9.725 billion elves. Pith helmet sales, frequent executions, and punitive income tax rates.
Father Knows Best State
“Hewwo! I know exactly where you might be!”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 5,604th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 8,265th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 12,872nd
9.64 billion Polish faeries. Daily referendums, state-planned economy, and irreverence towards religion.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“☢ Hewwo! Time for snuggles! ☢”
Highest Workforce Participation Rate: 7,112th Largest Gambling Industry: 8,187th Largest Black Market: 12,432nd
9.712 billion Ozois. Compulsory military service, keen interest in outer space, and ubiquitous missile silos.
Psychotic Dictatorship
“Twinkle-Twinkle! Comfy-Warm! Puffy-Fluffy!”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 5,930th Most Authoritarian: 8,100th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 9,355th
9.343 billion snow faeries. Compulsory military service, devotion to social welfare, and stringent health and safety legislation.
Psychotic Dictatorship
“Hewwo *blush*”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 3,726th Most Authoritarian: 8,679th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 8,985th
9.427 billion pretty purple haired girls. Barren, inhospitable landscape, restrictive gun laws, and devotion to social welfare.
Psychotic Dictatorship
“Little nation! Stay right here till I get back!”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 3,926th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 5,670th Highest Average Tax Rates: 9,172nd
9.422 billion protective pink haired girls. Ban on automobiles, keen interest in outer space, and punitive income tax rates.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Hewwo! I like blood!”
Largest Black Market: 6,391st Most Advanced Defense Forces: 8,439th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 9,800th
9.382 billion vampires. Ubiquitous missile silos, frequent executions, and keen interest in outer space.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“I'm the softest!”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 8,935th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 10,306th
9.312 billion soft ghosts. Ubiquitous missile silos, pith helmet sales, and keen interest in outer space.
Father Knows Best State
Largest Black Market: 4,615th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 7,378th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 11,133rd
9.315 billion wind goddesses. Keen interest in outer space, ban on automobiles, and ubiquitous missile silos.
Iron Fist Consumerists
Largest Black Market: 6,395th Fattest Citizens: 8,480th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 8,515th
9.303 billion zombies. Rum-swilling pirates, complete lack of prisons, and ubiquitous missile silos.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Hewwo! Spring is coming!”
Largest Black Market: 5,416th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 10,850th Most Authoritarian: 14,162nd
9.275 billion Spring faeries. Multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, absence of drug laws, and punitive income tax rates.
Iron Fist Consumerists
Largest Black Market: 4,916th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 5,239th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 9,107th
9.262 billion frogs. Ubiquitous missile silos, multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, and state-planned economy.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“The meaning to life, the universe, and everything”
Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 6,822nd Largest Insurance Industry: 7,125th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 9,276th
5.844 billion Raiders. Public floggings, ubiquitous missile silos, and frequent executions.
Psychotic Dictatorship
“Surely some revelation is at hand”
Largest Black Market: 3,852nd Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 5,042nd Most Advanced Defense Forces: 5,606th
5.577 billion Mini Vandoosans. Flagrant waste-dumping, unlimited-speed roads, and triple-decker prams.