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How to Build a NationStates Deck

For the first week of April only, enjoy the adrenaline rush of loot box gambling and card collection without any of the usual financial pain!

1. Open Loot Boxes

These unlock automatically over time. Keep checking this page!

2. Keep, Junk, or Sell your cards

Tap the top flag area on a card to reveal options: Junk, Sell, or Buy. Junk a card to instantly earn a small amount of bank, which can be used to purchase cards you want from other players, or to open more loot boxes faster. Keep the card if you want it for your own collection. Or Sell it on the open market!

All this is free! I want to make this clear because with the state of modern gaming it can be hard to tell. No real currency involved!

3. ???

Once you've built a glorious deck, bask in the jealousy of others! Because there's really no other point!

Greybrow's bank: 0.00 Greybrow's trades...

Greybrow's Deck

Greybrow has 15 cards: 2 Ultra Rares, 5 Uncommons, and 8 Commons. Value deck


Moralistic Democracy
“Nationalism – Democracy – Prosperity”
Most Efficient Economies: 724th Largest Cheese Export Sector: 910th Largest Insurance Industry: 1,002nd
16.874 billion Chinese. Strictly enforced bedtime, smutty television, and complete absence of social welfare.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“Let's all rust”
Most Secular: 47th Most Scientifically Advanced: 134th Largest Information Technology Sector: 149th
5.209 billion Ferroians. Multi-spousal wedding ceremonies, parental licensing program, and complete absence of social welfare.


Moralistic Democracy
“I never die!”
Most Stationary: 2,402nd Most Armed: 4,813th Most Influential: 7,961st
13.849 billion Marcelians. Unlimited-speed roads, public floggings, and compulsory gun ownership.
Corporate Bordello
“To help the lives of our nation”
Largest Insurance Industry: 1,107th Lowest Overall Tax Burden: 1,664th Largest Gambling Industry: 2,469th
14.45 billion Spekotschuans. Compulsory military service, sprawling nuclear power plants, and daily referendums.
Civil Rights Lovefest
“Baden-Württemberg from the region Deutschland”
Most Stationary: 3,544th Highest Workforce Participation Rate: 6,686th Most Politically Free: 8,329th
12.124 billion Ba-Wueans. State-planned economy.
Capitalist Paradise
“Don't believe in mottos!”
Highest Wealthy Incomes: 3,645th Fattest Citizens: 4,170th Largest Soda Pop Sector: 4,798th
7.983 billion Sydnewians. Barren, inhospitable landscape, deadly medical pandemics, and enslaved workforce.
Mother Knows Best State
“Have Fun”
1.098 billion Dakkles. Ritual sacrifices, compulsory vegetarianism, and sprawling nuclear power plants.


Corrupt Dictatorship
“Some things always catch up with you”
Most Authoritarian: 13,064th
5.772 billion Ichnaeans. Compulsory military service and stringent health and safety legislation.
New York Times Democracy
“A People That Will Forever Endure - Freedom and Justice”
Largest Cheese Export Sector: 9,858th Most Primitive: 10,137th Largest Basket Weaving Sector: 14,389th
5.187 billion Hasielians. Compulsory military service and irreverence towards religion.
Free-Market Paradise
“May Degeneracy Save Utsman”
Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry: 16,306th
2.243 billion Utsmanians. Burgeoning Eagle population.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“We have no boundaries”
550 million Iritians. Irreverence towards religion and suspicion of poets.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“A better future , better life”
188 million Dearainians. Frequent executions, irreverence towards religion, and suspicion of poets.
Corporate Bordello
“Survival of the wealthiest”
190 million Irnpoans. Suspicion of poets.
Mist Hin Derman
Capitalist Paradise
“Strength Through Freedom”
110 million Mist Hin Dermanians. Compulsory military service and complete absence of social welfare.
Free-Market Paradise
“Boop! I'm a friendly raider!”
109 million XE-AB13ians. Burgeoning unicorn population.