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Junk cards you don't want and receive a small amount of bank by tapping the top flag area!

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Gift a card to any nation by paying a transfer fee!

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43.81 2p Clubs's trades...


Civil Rights Lovefest
“Liberty, Democracy, Socialism”
Largest Cheese Export Sector: 299thLargest Publishing Industry: 340thMost Compassionate Citizens: 924th
Left-wing Utopia
“Dropping in when least expected”
Most Compassionate Citizens: 90th Most Developed: 92nd Best Weather: 97th
8.964 billion Kisume the bucket youkaians. Daily referendums, punitive income tax rates, and stringent health and safety legislation.


Mother Knows Best State
“Onwards to victory!”
Largest Black Market: 249th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 409th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 560th
13.947 billion Aaronians. Museums and concert halls, pith helmet sales, and public floggings.
Mother Knows Best State
“Onwards to victory!”
Largest Black Market: 170thMost Advanced Defense Forces: 340thLargest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 569th
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Ask not the sparrow how the eagle soars!”
Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 35th Largest Black Market: 263rd Largest Insurance Industry: 311th
10.974 billion Ippanians. Keen interest in outer space, zero percent divorce rate, and compulsory military service.
Scandinavian Liberal Paradise
“We speak feline, meow, meow ... nya?”
Best Weather: 1,025th Most Compassionate Citizens: 1,091st Nicest Citizens: 1,213th
6.109 billion Nekojimajins. Museums and concert halls, digital currency, and multi-spousal wedding ceremonies.


Most Extreme: 420th Most Extensive Civil Rights: 697th Highest Drug Use: 716th
11.325 billion Kamikaze Girls. Absence of drug laws and spontaneously combusting cars.
Democratic Socialists
Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 542nd Most Subsidized Industry: 762nd Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,163rd
9.522 billion Tottorians. Frequent executions, ubiquitous missile silos, and stringent health and safety legislation.
Mother Knows Best State
Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 582ndMost Subsidized Industry: 780thLowest Crime Rates: 1,064th
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Leave me alone...”
Most Advanced Defense Forces: 56th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 131st Largest Manufacturing Sector: 267th
8.598 billion Fairies Rabbits and Florans. Free-roaming dinosaurs, anti-smoking policies, and sprawling nuclear power plants.
Democratic Socialists
“Let the storm break in all of its fury!”
Safest: 1,192nd Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 1,280th Largest Welfare Programs: 1,427th
6.118 billion Transfermians. Free-roaming dinosaurs, complete lack of prisons, and ubiquitous missile silos.
Democratic Socialists
“Smrt fašizmu, sloboda narodu!”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 1,145thSafest: 1,158thLargest Welfare Programs: 1,321st


New York Times Democracy
“For a better tomorrow”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 1,897thMost Cheerful Citizens: 2,989thMost Rebellious Youth: 3,581st
Liberal Democratic Socialists
“Manga Greater Than Anime - Still Funny”
Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector: 565thSafest: 2,765thLeast Corrupt Governments: 4,240th
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“The Strength of the Pillar is the Strength of us All.”
Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 2,216th Most Beautiful Environments: 5,832nd Most Advanced Public Transport: 5,978th
13.297 billion Ordhagians. Frequent executions, anti-smoking policies, and public floggings.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“The Strength of the Pillar is the Strength of us All.”
Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 2,148thMost Advanced Public Transport: 4,990thMost Beautiful Environments: 5,812th
Father Knows Best State
“Run little goose run.”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 1,533rd Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 2,280th Most Advanced Public Transport: 2,898th
9.831 billion SteamPunkFishians. Smutty television, keen interest in outer space, and devotion to social welfare.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Hewwo! Natalia will save you!”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 3,301st Largest Welfare Programs: 5,591st Most Advanced Defense Forces: 5,962nd
9.708 billion Natalia stalkers. Compulsory military service, public floggings, and suspicion of poets.
Psychotic Dictatorship
“☢ Hewwo! *blinkblink* ☢”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 3,648th Largest Black Market: 6,102nd Most Advanced Defense Forces: 6,928th
9.71 billion creepy monsters. Keen interest in outer space, flagrant waste-dumping, and national health service.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“⑨ Ha ha! ⑨”
Largest Black Market: 4,236th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 5,741st Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 6,928th
9.725 billion ice faeries. Public floggings, keen interest in outer space, and devotion to social welfare.
Corporate Police State
“Hewwo! Winter is coming!”
Largest Black Market: 3,857th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 4,790th Largest Mining Sector: 5,294th
9.739 billion Lanisters. Ban on automobiles, state-planned economy, and frequent executions.
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
“☢ Hewwo! Time for snuggles! ☢”
Highest Workforce Participation Rate: 6,748thLargest Gambling Industry: 6,864thLargest Pizza Delivery Sector: 11,056th
Psychotic Dictatorship
“Hewwo *blush*”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 3,526thMost Advanced Public Transport: 8,411thMost Authoritarian: 8,641st
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Hewwo! I'm Lilly!”
Largest Black Market: 3,877th Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 4,189th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 5,589th
9.386 billion unusually frilly girls. State-planned economy, pith helmet sales, and devotion to social welfare.
Psychotic Dictatorship
“Little nation! Stay right here till I get back!”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 3,713thMost Advanced Defense Forces: 5,667thHighest Average Tax Rates: 8,774th
Corporate Police State
“Hewwo! Am I cute when I pose like this?”
Most Advanced Defense Forces: 4,316th Largest Black Market: 4,443rd Fattest Citizens: 6,016th
9.407 billion vampire faeries. Closed borders, state-planned economy, and devotion to social welfare.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Hewwo... Please don't be afraid!”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 2,630th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 3,052nd Largest Black Market: 3,109th
9.371 billion slave of Nunnallies. Frequent executions, punitive income tax rates, and suspicion of poets.
Iron Fist Consumerists
“Hewwo! I was born a Georgia Peach!”
Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 2,129th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 4,441st Most Advanced Public Transport: 6,101st
9.356 billion celestial beings. Ubiquitous missile silos, ban on automobiles, and punitive income tax rates.
Father Knows Best State
“Hewwo *thhbbbbt!*”
Largest Black Market: 4,761st Highest Foreign Aid Spending: 7,215th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 8,275th
9.305 billion Satoris. Closed borders, barren, inhospitable landscape, and public floggings.
Corporate Police State
“No YOU are cute!”
Highest Wealthy Incomes: 5,674th Fattest Citizens: 5,987th Most Pro-Market: 7,035th
9.332 billion hermits. Barren, inhospitable landscape, keen interest in outer space, and frequent executions.