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How to Play


How to Play Nation Challenge

Find an opponent and CHALLENGE! The winner is decided by comparing stats on randomly-selected World Census rankings.


Your starting Level is the number of world trophies you have (of any type—top 1%, 10%, etc). You can gain more levels by winning Challenge games and accumulating Championship points.

Round of Five

Games are usually played to the best of 5 rounds. If the dueling nations are not the same level, the higher-level nation begins on a number of points equal to its level advantage. For example, a Level 5 nation will have a 1-point starting advantage against a Level 4 nation.

Nations always have a chance to win any Challenge: the game will play at least as many rounds as is necessary for the lower-level nation to finish ahead, assuming it wins every round. For example, if a Level 1 nation challenges a Level 10 nation, the higher-level nation will begin on 9 points and the game will play up to 10 rounds, all of which the lower-level nation needs to win to claim victory. So it's possible. Not easy. Not really practical. But possible.

Championship Ladder

#NationLevelPointsSpecialtyWinsLossesWin Rate
472The Federal Commonwealth of Pax Aurea7151,385Human Development Index1,04724980.8%
473Andertion2451,351Wealth Gaps1,15182658.2%
474The Socialist Commonwealth of Post War America6951,267Integrity96480454.5%
475Planet lucia2451,201Religiousness1,08230777.9%
477Hoochland2451,103Business Subsidization59958150.8%
478Eurosceptic citizens2451,092Economy1,40995459.6%
480The Glorious OC of Christian Constantinople5850,899Religiousness94638371.2%
481The Firestar Septre Corporation of Galactic Furs5850,798Religiousness1,34180762.4%
482The Grand Holy Imperial Empire of General Mike6550,721Defense Forces1,1841,47744.5%
483The Red Republic of Rusovet6050,711Weather1,88144680.8%
485The Orange NationStates of Zealandiaaaaaaaaaa4750,621Industry: Retail3,27118594.6%
486Kosanx2450,479Industry: Trout Fishing1,81811694.0%
487Sparkya2450,469Recreational Drug Use87690449.2%
488Zifre2450,467Civil Rights2,30563278.5%
489The Naked Military Bastion of Volistica5250,303Sector: Agriculture1,08465162.5%
490The United Golden States of Blavae Waystania4450,298Integrity1,66265371.8%