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The United Federation of
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The United Federation of Zitravgrad
Russian: Объединенная федерация Зитравград
Ukrainian: Об'єднана Федерація Зітравград

Flag of the United Federation of Zitravgrad


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Official languages:

Ukrainian, Russian (under compromise)
Recognized Languages: Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Armenian, Georgian and German
Zitravgrad uses English as lingua franca in compliance to League of Nations' Act of Common Languages


Eastern Orthodoxy (culturally)
Religions in Zitravgrad


Zitravgradian, Zitravian (Archaic)


Semi-Presidential Republic (with Ceremonial Monarchy)
Please do not ask why or how. PLEASE.


Verkhovna Rada


4,247,829.51 km2
Density: 25 citizens / km2




Zitravian hryvnia (ZH$)
1 GC$ = ZH$1.46419 (Globcoin -- cryptocurrency used as a central currency in Gaia, equal to IRL USD)

Time zone:

GMT: + 4

Drives on the:


Calling code:


Internet TLD:


Bureau of the Premier & Office of the Prime Minister

Bureau of the Premier & Office of the Prime Minister are the official offices of the Premier and the Prime Minister respectively. Both are situatued in the Kremlin Palace, separated into "the Eastern Wing" and "the Western Wing" and considered "head of the state" and "head of the government". While seemingly equal in rank, duty and authority, the Premier wields the authority of the state, thus enabling him/her to the control of the Armed Forces and the ZKVD. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister has his power within the Cabinet above all Ministers. According to the 2016 Amendment of the Constitution, the Premier and the Prime Minister are elected into office within the same election and cannot come from the same political party. Its Grand Prince/Princess and his/her court are considered ceremonious but not officially included as a part of the legislation. The separation of church and state exists, although much of the Grand Prince/Princess' identity is associated with the Zitravian Eastern Orthodox Church. Any legislation must be passed with the approval of the Premier and the Prime Minister, as well as the recognition of the Grand Prince.

Nation Overview

"Порядок та солідарність під блакитним прапором" (Order and Solidarity Under the Blue Banner)

The United Federation of Zitravgrad is a huge, (probably) environmentally stunning nation (despite apparent traces of a nuclear war and large wasteland zones), run by Kazimir Ivanovich Miroslavsky as Premier, and Adam Yanovich Dresvyanin as Prime Minister, alongside the strictly ceremonious reign of Grand Prince Viktor of Zitravia. The nation is remarkable for its world-class surveillance system, devotion to social welfare, and stringent health and safety legislation. The very lowkey compassionate, democratic, secular population of 107 million Zitravgradians are fiercely patriotic, have cynical sense of humor from the gallows and enjoy social equality; they tend to view other, more freely capitalist countries as somewhat immoral and corrupt but also view most socialist nations as having made poor life decisions.

The medium-sized government prioritizes Education, although Defense, Industry, and Law & Order are also considered very important, while Spirituality is ignored and International Aid only done when needed. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Providenska but its spiritual and historical capital remains in Yaroslavogorod, where the seat of Grand Prince of Zitravia stands (but he currently does not live there). The average income tax rate is 35.0%, and even higher for the wealthy. Despite there being no official international aid from the government, it does have a humanitarian organization that relies on charity and profits of state industries.

The averagely efficient Zitravgradian economy, worth 104 trillion Zitravian hryvnias a year, is driven partially by a combination of government and state-owned industry and mostly by private enterprise who are also wearing a string pulled by the state, as well as a considerable number of worker-owned enterprises, local family businesses and freelances -- overall forming a diverse economy not devoted to any ideology. The industrial sector, which is fairly diversified, is led by the Trout Farming industry, with major contributions from Information Technology, Arms Manufacturing, and Mining. For your information, Zitravgradians pay 30-40% income tax, with the rate fitting to the level of their income. The richest citizens earn 12 times higher than the poorest. (ZH$377,814/ZH$31,432 per year)

As you may have been aware, the United Federation of Zitravgrad is situated in the planet known as Tellus Gaia, in the Dramessa Galaxy (otherwise known as Andromeda Galaxy). It is in the Eastern Auropia, bordered in the east and south by Kozavian Empire, Hayarmani, Adychei and Tbilosia, in the west by Poliszha, and Pact of Socialist Republics of Serezslavia, in the north by Anartica, or the North Pole. Our nation is a huge, empty nation with low density of population despite apparent traces of a nuclear war and large wasteland zones. People from Zitravgrad are referred to as Zitravgradians, although the archaic version -- Zitravians --now refer only to the ethnicity native to the country. The national official languages are Ukrainian which is native to the nation, and Russian which is the legacy of seven hundred years of the Imperial Rule which ended after the Zitravgradian Revolution and Collaborators' Civil War in 2008-2009.

As you may also be aware, our government is collectively referred to as the Providenska Kremlin while the decision-making top is known as the Kremlin, which is the collective name for the Bureau of the Premier and the Office of the Prime Minister combined. Our legislation is in the Verkhovna Rada (or locally known as the Rada). As of today, the Rada's majority is made up of the Workers' Party and the United Front Party. Our current head of the state is Kazimir Ivanovich Miroslavsky, Premier of Zitravgrad. (link) and our current head of the government is Adam Yanovich Dresvyanin, Prime Minister of Zitravgrad. (link) While considered a republic, the state and its people recognize pre-Kozavian royal family of Yaroslav, now led by its Grand Prince Viktor Yaroslav. (link)

Culturally, Zitravgrad is primarily Eastern Slavic, with the influences of other Slavic and Caucasian nations and "some Germanic characteristics" as well as other neighboring cultures. Our system is usually described as Authoritarian Conservative Democratic Nationalist State-Capitalist Technocracy with Non-Acting Monarchy, although mostly for hilarious purpose. It considers itself mildly left-wing but this is depending on which school of economics you consult. We strongly support egalitarianism and promote equal education, healthcare and welfare for our citizens. We are highly secular, with Eastern Orthodoxy as the major religion after atheism/agnostics. Moreover, our nation also maintains strong and unique academic culture, worker-oriented economy and nationalistic military and law enforcement. Meanwhile, we have friendly views towards environmentalism and even some form of internationalism and declare ourselves an opponent of colonialism and imperialism. As a democratic nation, we are now encouraging political participation from our population of 107 million people. However, we are also anti-interventionist and anti-interference (supposedly...), which means that we do not seek to interrupt the affairs of any nation and we are open to all nations regardless of ideology and government system. Our monarchy plays small role in the legislation, but considerably important ones in religious, cultural and spiritual aspects of the nation.

For any question or diplomatic request, see our Inquiries Office. (link)





Native Representation

Only native-born citizens may hold elected office.

Mixed Press

State-run media is the majority of media in the nation, but private and independent media are legal and surprisingly influential.

Protection of Public Order

The government wields a considerable amount of power over the public through the use of law enforcement and civil service and has the legal power to use its full authority in times of emergency.

Regulated Protests

Protests are allowed, but severely limited and under police control.


The government is composed of politicians with academic or technocratic tendency, according to their expertise. This is done to reduce the influence of 'career politicians'.


AI Personhood

Artificial beings who meet the criterias in League of Nations' "Citizenship and Personhood of Artificial Intelligence" proposal of 1984 are legally recognized citizens.

Rights to Body Integrity

Citizens may not pierce nor circumcise their children, albeit these are allowed for consenting individuals who are legally adult.

Eugenics/Family Planning

Government chooses only eligible citizens to procreate under its terms and conditions, as well as financial support.


Citizens are legally entitled to end their lives. However, there is a cost called "Moral Complication Expense" to pay for the state-run institution that grants such operation.

Gender Change

Citizens are allowed to change their gender provided that they are considered physically suitable to their chosen gender.

Family Protection Law

While not prohibited by law, adultery is taken as a legitimate reason for immediate termination of marriage license if reported and brought to court.

Legal Abortion

Abortion is legal, especially in case of health complications and rape.

Legal Pornography

Pornographic media is legal and controlled with suitable regulations to prevent minors from being exposed to the contents.

Legal Recreational Drug Use

Recreational drug use is legal under the state's control -- its sale is limited to only state-run establishments, with each legal adult being able to buy only limited amount of drug at a time.

Marriage Equality

Citizens of the same sex may marry.

No Prostitution

Buying and selling sexual activity is illegal.

No Third Gender

Citizens are required to fit in the given two genders only.

Optional Organ Harvesting

Citizens are highly recommended and persuaded to donate their organs after their death but have choice over the issue.

Parental Licensing

Citizens must acquire a license in order to have children, notably one for each time a couple decides to have a child.


Religions are allowed, although pushed into private or designated properties, places and areas. Any crime with religious belief as incentive is heavily punished.

Sex Education

School-age children receive mandatory sex education.

Law & Order

AI Judiciary

The nation has a judiciary system assisted partially by the use of artificial intelligence.

Capital Punishment

Citizens may be executed for crimes.

Corporal Punishment

Citizens may be tortured for crimes, or more specifically felonies.


A period of military service (one year) is compulsory for all citizens.

ID Chips

Citizens are administered an ID chip in their ID cards for better accessibilities to the state's services.

Labor Camp

The state employs penal labor as a form of sentence and has facilities which use such labor, whether physical or intellectual.

Regulated Gun Ownership

While gun ownership is legal, there are many regulations in possessing, carrying and using firearms.

Secret Police

Government employs secret police in addition of regular police, for intelligent and counterintelligence purpose.

State Public Surveillance

The state heavily monitors citizen behavior in public areas and government buildings.


Partial AI Consultant

The nation runs a partially-planned economy, calculated, analyzed and partially assisted by artificial intelligence.

Homeless Shelter

The state provides the homeless with temporary residence and offers them jobs within the civil service system.

Limited Gambling

Gambling as a business is illegal but gambling in private establishment is not -- a policy that has caused some confusion to the law enforcement but nonetheless has kept the gambling activities down.

Maternity Leave

Female state workers and civil servants receive half-paid six-month leave from employment for childbirth.


The state mandates the use of the metric system.

Minimum Wage

The nation enforces minimum wage.

Nuclear/Antimatter Power

The nation is powered majorly by nuclear and antimatter.

Public Education

Education in the nation is free and mandatory from kindergarten to high school.

State Capitalism

The state owns the majority of the nation's economy and partakes in capitalistic activities, while using the profits to support state activities, programs and projects. Most private economic activities are allowed.

State Welfare

The state provides welfare to elderly citizens (pension), social security, affordable healthcate and public education.

Universal Health Care

The state provides health care to all citizens.


Climate Treaty

The nation is a signatory in the Climate Treaty.

Humanitarian Project

The nation funds and supports its own humanitarian organizations.

Immigrant Quota

The nation accepts only a limited number of immigrants each year.

Membership of League of Nations

The nation is recognized as an independent state and a member state of the League of Nations, granting, subjecting and allowing the nation to vote for or against legal rights, agreements, laws and proposals in the General Assembly and the Security Council of the League.

Semi-Closed Borders

No nation has visa-free or visa-on-arrival agreement with this nation.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

The nation possesses its own weapons of mass destruction.

NS Stats





It must be admitted -- Zitravgrad is a very authoritarian state even after its first election. The Constitution of 2009 and its 2016 Amendment allow the government -- now consisting of the Premier and the Prime Minister -- a considerable amount of power. And it appears that neither office is going to be lighthanded in their exercise of power even if they are elected. The opposition in the Rada is technically non-existent as the two positions of power are already in two different parties.

Average Dispensable Income

The average disposable income of Zitravgradian people stay at around 52,877 Zitravian hryvnia per year. 74% of Zitravgradians are reportedly capable of moderate spending power and maintain small savings.

Average Income

Before taxes, the average income of Zitravgradian people is estimated to be around 55,960.325 Zitravian hryvnias per year. This is be considered high for our nation's status as middle-income and newly-formed state.

Average Income of the Poor

In Zitravgrad, the average income of citizens who are considered "the poor" stands at around 21,432 Zitravian hryvnias per year. This appears somewhat favorable for a country of this economic standing.

Average Income of the Rich

In Zitravgrad, the average income of citizens who are considered "the rich" stands at around 377,814 Zitravian hryvnias per year. This appears lower than most countries in Eastern Auropia, especially after the monopolies held by Kozavian-based magnates and nobility had been dissolved.


Well, we love to think that our nation is your everyday Eastern Slavic nation with nuclear wastelands spanning over 1/3 of our land. We are pretty average. Trust us!

Black Market

Black market makes up less than 1% of our nation's economy. We are proud of this achievement and determined to preserve it. We owe much of this to police brutality our law enforcement.

Business Subsidization

Yes, Zitravgradian businesses and industries are sometimes subsidized in time of need, since it is also a part of the national economic system to carry certain industries, especially (yeah, looking at you) agriculture.


As far as we know, we are often told that we are charming, lovely people even if our faces are apparently made of stone and our hearts are made of ice. That's just called basic decency, everyone.


No, we aren't depressed. But no, we aren't happy either. It's just… a sort of stoicism catching up with us. No. actually we are depressed as s**t.

Civil Rights

According to our latest survey, only 58% of our example group say that our civil rights are up to the satisfactory level. Huh! Why are we doing surveys!?


We are definitely kind and compassionate population, proponents of borderless comradeship and traditional family values, always up to assisting each other and donating to the less fortunate. Grumpy? Us? No, that's just our faces.


Yes, comrades! We are law-abiding and upright citizens here! I would like to see anyone trying to not comply. In Zitravgrad, there is no such thing as half-hearted compliance. You either follow the system or rebel against it.


Despite being occasionally described as 'oligachy situation', Zitravgrad actually has remarkably low corruption. Well, that's what happens when you have surveillance cameras and sound recorders in your offices. This comes with a setback, however. As corruption in common places is not possible, each individual case seems to become more and more creative.


It is incredible. Crime is at all-time low in Zitravgrad. Again, we would like to thank our loyal and hard-working law enforcement for--- *whacking noise in the background as a man is caught jaywalking*


We Zitravgradians are cultured people, but not to the point of great sophistication or snobbery. We are just aware and proud of our culture and unique identity, both traditional and modern.

Death Rate

Death rate in Zitravgrad continues to decline after our quality of life continues to be improved, though we have to say that it is actually because we are done dying after the loss of nearly 20 million people from 1994 - 2009.

Defense Force

As much as we would love to boast the exploits of our beloved armed forces, it is only 1,395,464 man strong and the equipment is a mix between the 'so old it's rusting' and the 'hi-tech cutting-edge bullshit'. In comparison to Gaian great powers, we are average number-wise. However, we are indeed proud of being able to defeat one of such powers in our revolution.


Yes, yes. We have one of the best recycling industries in the world (because we need every piece of metal we can find) and our citizens are well-informed and helpful in the ecological issue. However, we still use nuclear power and have massive oil drilling, mining, timber and fishing industries, equipped with necessary regulations to protect the remaining environment.

Economic Freedom

To an extent… the state needs to protect both the freedom of economic activities and the quality of it -- and the state chooses the latter as priority. It is hard to demonstrate in brief sentences, but take it that the economy works as any capitalist state, albeit with regulations that protects smaller enterprises and consumers.

Economic Output

Our GDP is at 235,967,205,812.52 Zitravian hryvnia and our GDP per capita stands at 55,960.325 Zitravian hryvnia. We are doing quite well and this is a good sign which we are trying to preserve.


Our economy is backed by the abundant oil and natural gas reserves as well as some foothold into manufacturing sector and arms manufacturing but we also rely on agricultural imports and others. This means we have a rather fair economy but with a less fair-looking trade deficit.


With our state capitalist system, we are trying to find jobs for our people but we do recognize the limits of the state-owned enterprises and other offices. Our employment is at 84.13%, with much of this percentage being poured into state services, heavy industries and corporations.

Environmental Beauty

Our nation is a beautiful place. Wheat fields in the south, long coastline in the west, picturesque mountains in the east and pristine forests in the north. Don't mind the glowing snow and the mutant things in the center plains. Why would anyone be there?

Foreign Aid

We only send foreign aid along with existing international humanitarian organizations, with the prime example being White Cross International, which is occasionally assisted by the profits of state-run phamaceutical company and largely by private charity.

Freedom from Taxation

Tax evasion is punishable by paying more tax than you are initially taxed. Come on here! No one is 'free' from taxation here. The state is also capable of collecting taxes from most major corporations in the country, leading to stable revenues.

Government Size

Described as 'average-sized' but also 'an oligachy situation', the government is currently modest in size but threatens to expand in case of technical and political difficulties -- and it's not like we understand what the Kremlin thinks is 'emergency'.


After much wrangle and struggle of our medical sector, it is safe to say that our people are well and healthy, except people who are still shellshocked or mutated. Well, we are doing our best. Still, we are not masking our addictions here -- tobacco, alcohol and drugs are still a problem. They might give the illusion that your depression is cured but cancer is imminent.

Human Development Index

Currently, our HDI is at 0.802, which is considered very high but still behind some more developed nations.

Ideological Radicality

Nothing to see here… we are less radical than we used to be pre-revolution era, but can be triggered all the time. I'm not going to be political, they say. After three drinks, they sing "Hymn to the Motherland's Protectors" on top of the table.


Given the state of our public education, ignorance is on the low. Bet you didn't know this. But then again 'igorance' is subjective.


We are fairly inclusive despite the diversity of culture, ethnicity, language, etc., but can be threatened by people from far away or very different. But we shall see how the nationalist trend affects this.

Income Equality

As mentioned, the rich earn several times more than the poor, thus ending the myth of socialist society in Zitravgrad. But it's still better than most nations we know.

Industry: Arms Manufacturing

We do have a large base for this industry, but we largely manufacture arms for our own use.

Industry: Automobile Manufacturing

Everyone drives a Luvaska? No, not quite… Propelled by imperial funding, the automobile industry in Zitravgrad died after the Revolution. Now there is not much to talk of when it comes to Zitravgradian cars.

Industry: Basket Weaving

Can't recall last time we actually treated this industry seriously... but if you are talking about handcraft goods industry, it is only alive as exotic/artistic souvenirs and decorations.

Industry: Beverage Sale

As international trade becomes more free, we are getting invaded by foreign cola drinks as per usual… Our own beverages are not going too far off our borders and enjoyed largely by our own population and neighboring countries.

Industry: Book Publishing

This industry now also includes e-books, as we have progressed far into the days of internet and electronic readers. We do have an impressive growth in this industry, which we look forward to seeing it stabilized.

Industry: Cheese Export

Last thing we are reknowed for is cheese… our cheese barely leaves the borders. Maybe because we eat them all... hmm.

Industry: Furniture Restoration

Why bother to buy new furniture? We fix and repaint our old furniture here. This industry has long been popular in Zitravgrad for… centuries. The older, the better -- if your desk is made of good wood.

Industry: Gambling

No casino here. No gambling website here. You can play cards in your own home, which should kill the time. Only state lotteries… and the prize is not as exciting as anywhere else. Still, it is not forbidden to buy foreign lotteries.

Industry: Information Technology

We would suppose that we have been doing rather well in this industry as well. Computer scientists, programmers, AI companies, data imformatists -- we have the most brilliant minds of the field with us here. [strike]Hackers are here, too, actually.[strike]

Industry: Insurance

With the existence of extensive public healthcare, people are less likely to turn to private health insurance, while going toward accident insurance. It's still around, of course, just not too big.

Industry: Mining

Mining is the backbone of the nation, replacing agriculture. Without the incomes from this industry, the nation might not see as much development as it does today. Safe to say it is very important.

Industry: Pizza Delivery

Pizza? Oh, you mean the western food everyone's crazy about? Well, we do fancy it on rare occasions, which means that the industry is existent but not really booming. Food delivery in general, however, has become highly popular.

Industry: Retail

The state has taken over a number of major retail chains and operates it with some more quality-control. But our population are still rather reserved in their buying habit thanks to the hryvnia not having as much buying power as it should do… While prevalent, it is hard to say that Zitravgradians indulge in retail shopping.

Industry: Timber Woodchipping

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if it is made entirely of metal and operated by diesel? Yes, we are pretty strong in this game.

Industry: Trout Fishing

*thousands upon thousands of fish being unloaded in the background* This is just about how much fish we… *waves arms* …eat everyday. Need all the Omega-3 we can get.


Within the League of Nations, Zitravgrad is among the newest states, with average economic significance. But it is considered a sort of a buffer state between the Western and Eastern Auropia and it is overall a stable nation. With its feet in both worlds, Zitravgrad has some influence on Auropian states nearby, while the rest of the world can't be bothered to remember our leaders' names.


We are certain and even confident that our civil servants are loyal and honest. They cannot, do not and will not accept bribes on any condition. Because there is a camera here… and here… and also here.


Well... we Zitravgradians are smart people. We make our name in the world stage as a nation of hyper-intelligent technocrats and mind-bloggingly talented academics. But those 'smart people' are only a small portion of the entire population, the rest are still in the 'reformation' phase, or what we consider 'average minds'.

Law Enforcement

We are absolutely proud of our ladies and gentlemen who keep our streets safe day and night… and… no that's not brutality, that's love and care.

League of Nations Endorsement

Overall, we are recognized as an independent nation by everyone and endorsed by a few far-left nations who are probably regretting it.


Ah, our people are done dying and now we are living longer than ever… to the ripe age of about 120-135 years old, still a tad lower than other developed countries.


We are fairly nice and polite beneath our cold glare and death stare. Just poke us lightly…. *gets poked too hard* I said lightly, cyka.


Nude? In Zitravgrad? In nuclear winter wasteland? You must have better ideas than this.


Obesity might be a problem, but not an urgent problem. We try to keep our population healthy with exercise, work and conscription.


Yes, we are pacifists… believe us. *cocks gun* Come on, comrades. It's not that hard to believe us, or is it? It's like a bar fight -- we don't start one but we will join one if it looks like fun or if we can steal a guy's wallet. Don't be shy. That's why wars happen.

Political Apathy

We might not be radical, but we are still pretty political. The recent election did show that our people are quite interested in political activities and even have diverse opinions.

Political Freedom

Yes, we are trying to increase this. Well… we have elections, we have protests (with strict police presence) and we have surveys. I guess we are cool for now.


Currently we are at 107,343,375 people. We don't use NS population because that number is wacky.


Not many nations in our world are fully primitive as such anymore, really. Neither are we. There might be places considered 'backwater' and such but even then they still have access to electricity, plumbing, gas pipelines and telecommunications. Slow internet is still internet.

Public Education

Education is where the government invests the most. Zitravgrad's education is mandatory and free from kindergarten to high school. Universities and colleges are also subsidized. Private education exists as a choice, nonetheless.

Public Healthcare

Zitravgrad's public healthcare is also heavily subsidized, so most of the medical treatments are affordable to even free. So yes, we are pretty healthy because of this.

Public Transport

While also sobsidized, public transport in Zitravgrad is considered somewhat average. While the transit system is extensive in big cities, people in smaller cities rely more on their own vehicles. Nonetheless, it is still possible to traverse into Zitravgrad far and wide without a car.

Recreational Drug Use

Another complicated policy, certain drugs are legal in certain amounts under controlled prices and sold in only certain establishments, thanks to the government not being able to handle post-war hysteria in the 1990s. Nowadays, drugs are associated either with street thugs (the illegal kind) or upper-class intellectuals (the legal kind). There is no in-between.


We are on the fence with this one. We are a highly secular state but we still have people who associate themselves to some religions and we admit to being superstitious at times. But we are not as religious as we used to be.


We have been in the League of Nations since 2010. Not too long.


As we have said many times, we are not rude people although there are moments of slips-up. We just need time to warm up to you people. However, we can also become antisocial, very much so.


Safe from what? From bad people, yes. From natural disasters, okay. From road accidents, also yes. From lack of safety regulations, yes. From mutants in Zone 12, uhh… yes?

Scientific Advancement

Thanks to the brightest minds of our nation, we have achieved quite far up in scientific advancement. Where do the fundings come from? Well… most of the time the state, sometimes from the researchers' own pockets, sometimes from corporations.

Sector: Agriculture

"Poor poor Zitravia, her soils are now filled with the traces of war." The country used to be the breadbasket of the region, but here we are raking barren soils. Although there is a growing trend of underground farms, our agricultural sector is still wounded.

Sector: Manufacturing

It is quite a major sector that has been supporting much of the nation and the state's projects. If something is 'made in Zitravgrad', it is something of average price and quality that lasts a little longer than you expect.


Huh, yes. It's us. Zitravgrad is not secular, it is secularism itself… Jokes aside, we are among one of those nations in which 'freedom of worship' is not considered sacrosanct. Religion becomes a highly private topic and almost rude to talk about to people you don't know enough. Nonetheless, some people might be in the quest of spiritualism and we will not poke them.

Social Conservatism

Zitravgrad is considered conservative in some fields but progressive in the other. But overall, it is classified as conservative due to its approaches to education, family and social structure.


Income tax is 30-40% according to the income levels, while VAT is at 10%. Better pay up on time.


Amazing architecture, beautiful culture and picturesque natural scenes, but also tight police presence and huge tracts of wastelands. We are not doing that well yet but Zitravgrad is one of the popular destinations for budget traveling or thrill-seeking adventure. The border control and the internal political atmosphere do dampen down the tourism, however.

Wealth Gap

Massive... ZH$ 21,432/377,814 or perhaps nearly 17 times. I'm bad at math.


Zitravgradians do not own guns that widely, since the regulations are getting on the nerves and the guns are frankly sold by the state economy. Nonetheless, we are somehow known for weapons. About 32% of Zitravgradians own guns, and those who do own will actually own more than one gun.


Nuclear winter is not good for your health. Come back inside


The state has extensive welfare system to support elderly and new parents and unemployed citizens looking for jobs. It is a little hard to apply for and also a bit fussy, but here we are.

Youth Rebelliousness

Our children are nice and quiet. They are doing their homework and helping their family with the chores. We respect traditional family values here and this includes goold old spanking. But we do still have some form of delinquents and a small portion of Zitravgradian youth are in minor criminal gangs or even political extremist groups.