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The United Federation of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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OOC Introduction to Zitravgrad

United Federation of Zitravgrad
"Forlorn, wartorn, fond of the past."

A thing of bitter beauty, this country....

What Is This Nation?: Zitravgrad is meant to be a middling regional power who had been under the reins of an empire for several centuries, but freed by a revolution and settled down after a civil war. It is a semi-presidential republic, with a figurehead monarch who has theocratic duties rather than secular ones. It is overall authoritarian, but not without reasons... for the most part. In fact, its authoritarianism mostly stems from the need to maintain a still-divided society fresh off a civil war, as well as sheltering its people from future threats. However, it is probably best-known for having a large tract of wastelands in the center -- something the government tries not to discuss too much. Its technological level is considered post-modern (PMT) or early future tech (FT) at best with heavy presence of early space colonization, artificial intelligence and others. However, it also contains anachronistic elements. My aim is to slowly transform Zitravgrad and other nations in the same universe into Decopunk, thus the Roaring Twenties influence.

Where Is It?: It is not on IRL Earth. In fact, I cannot pinpoint where exactly it could or should be. Its creation theories are not even settled, but I pin it in Andromeda galaxy by the very least. This means I do not tend to consider forum interactions or RP to be canon in my actual lore. It does, however, stand in "Eastern Auropia" which is obvious that it is going to be an Eastern European nation.

Are your humans... humans?: They consider themselves the humans of their own planet. However, I will (probably... hopefully) come around to expand on Gaian evolutionary history, which is drastically different from IRL humans. Their main differences are that they descended from various species rather than just apes, thus leading to more dramatic social dynamics and apparent "animalistic" social contract. They are also more prone to mutations, whatever that means to you and me.

What kind of planet is it?: Turbulent, fast-paced, yet archaic -- Gaian history is more progressive than IRL in some fields and a lot more backwards in other. While technological and societal advancements proved to be fast, its political dynamics and aesthetic standpoints remain old-fashioned. As of 2020s, the world order has just approached decolonization and very few nations are truly democratic, despite comprehensive workers' rights, universal suffrage, same-sex marriage being widespread since 1900s and techonological advancement bringing forth the so-called globalization. However, every progress Gaia makes has to come from war, competition and cutthroat politics, thus the inequality between nations can also be as great as inequality among people.

Factbook Summary:

  • Overview: This will have a very basic overview, with my own NS policies and NS Stats. Please actually refer to these stats if you are that much of a fan for these things. I'm not.

  • Population and Geography: There are numbers and there are maps. That's good enough.

  • The Wastelands: This is why you don't nuke a country three times...

  • Culture: It is going to be long and intensive but I promise there are pictures.

  • The Premier: The man who built this nation from ashes, but he himself is drenched in the smoke. By far my first NS character and until now still the most developed character I have ever written.

  • The First Lady: Behind every great man, there is a woman. But the manner of staying behind such a man could be interpreted differently... My second NS character and likewise most developed female characters.

  • The Prime Minister and Second Lady: Neither opposition nor alliance, the Prime Minister approaches his "colleagues" with pragmatic means while the Second Lady makes sure the world knows she never wanted this job.

  • The Grand Prince: A broken soul born out of turmoil, seeking salvation in from the rock bottom of political conspiracies and power struggle. A man of otherworldly presence, and not much of this world.

  • Religions: I am not sure why people even care anymore.

  • ZKVD (Law Enforcement): Love me some references to Soviet oppression. I mean, hey, Soviet Union lived through 1920s. My aesthetics.

  • Military: Can't go into F7 without these. But if you are too lazy to read, Zitravgrad has 1,395,464 in manpower, a lot of PMT bullsh*t and its men have definitely seen wars.

  • Economy: This is arguably more important but also the least developed factbook of mine. Bear with it, if you please... TL;DR -- middle income nation can't wholly feed itself but has enough oil and gas to last until 2200 (at best).