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Adam Yanovich Dresvyanin, Prime Minister of Zitravgrad [Policy WIP] | Dr. Maria Mikhailovna Dresvyanina, Second Lady

Adam Yanovich Dresvyanin
Адам Янович Дрезв'янін
Prime Minister of Zitravgrad
Прем'єр-міністр Зітравград

Name: (Asst. Prof. Dr.) Adam Yanovich Dresvyanin

Birth date: 16 November 1972 (Age 46)

Place of birth: Syvonik, Tamkatska, Imperial Zitravia

Religion: Eastern Orthodoxy

Occupation: Prime Minister of Zitravgrad, General-Secretary of the United Front Party
Formerly: Professor of International Relations, specialized in security studies, University of Providenska

Marital status: Married (m. 2004)

Spouse: Dr. Maria Mikhailevna Dresvyanina (Age 39)

Children: A few cats None

"In the past, I was a servant to St. Yeruslan [Patron Saint of Academia]. But today, I have been entrusted with the position of the head of the government by our people. Therefore, from this very moment to the end of my term, I am the servant of the people, of the nation and of the state." - Adam Yanovich Dresvyanin

..........Adam Yanovich Dresvyanin is the current Prime Minister of the United Federation of Zitravgrad and the General Secretary of the United Front, a nationalist party. His rise to politics, especially under the banner of the Zitravgradian nationalism, is rather unexpected due to his rather quiet life and personality. However, his arrival represents the underepresented -- he is an avid promoter of the creation of a unique Zitravian culture, the use of Ukrainian language as the official language and other nationalistic changes and represents "the Atomic Generation" or the generation of children heavily affected by the nuclear fallout. Dresvyanin is officially recorded as "Stage C mutation", making him safe to approach but suffering from the effects himself.

..........Self-styled "cultural nationalist", Adam Yanovich has in mind the plan to restore Zitravian Orthodox Church and wishes for a clear cultural divide between Zitravgrad and the Kozavian Empire. Likewise with the Premier, Dresvyanin is pro-academia and inclined towards technocracy. Unlike the Premier, he is more in favor of a more capitalistic economy, citing that socialism will stagnate Zitravgrad in long run.

Early Life

..........Adam Yanovich Dresvyanin was born to a schoolteacher and housewife in Tamkatska, Imperial Zitravia. As a child, Dresvyanin attented a state-run public school close to an Orthodox church, thus instilling a view that supported the Church amd the Imperial Court for most of his childhood and teenage years. His future wife Maria Mikhailevna Rostovskaya was one of his classmates. The two were more or less outcasts from the class, with Dresvyanin being quiet and shy and Rostovskaya being from a poor family. The two became friends as early as primary school and began dating as they grew up. Before the war approached Zitravia in 1993, he lived a relatively quiet life, as with most people in the quiet Tamkatska oblast.

..........Once the War of the Empires (1985 - 1995) approached Zitravia, people were not evacuated since Tamkatska was not under attack from the enemy forces that already marched through Zitravia. They believed themselves at least not trampled over by the enemies and expected peace once the enemies marched back. However, what followed was three nuclear strikes over Zitravia. Tamkatska was right between two locations of the strikes and half of the oblast turned into a ruined, barren wasteland overnight, with fallout particles flying miles away from the sites. Dresvyanin and the rest of his hometown could see both strikes, landing within days of each other. The sheer sight traumatized the young Dresvyanin, leading him to attempt a suicide which was prevented by his parents. He later tells that even he himself was not aware what he was doing and the knife was already at his throat when he was called back to his sense. Once the war ended in 1995, the whole town was evacuated away from its former locations and people split up to other places. However, Dresvyanin and Rostovskaya were reunited at the University of Providenska, where he studied politics and she studied medicine.

Pre-Independence Era

..........After he graduated, Dresvyanin wished for a position as a civil servant, but to no avail. Most positions were taken by members of nobility or simply closed as the government under the Grand Duke started to run on tight budget. However, he was fortunate enough to be able to teach in the university as a substitute. He later pursued higher academic degrees in order to move up in his career. In 2004, he finally married his childhood sweetheart and moved in together. However, the couple cannot have a child due to Dresvyanin's health reasons.

..........While he did feel a calling for him to be involved in the politics of the revolutionary, he initially tried to resist it, as he found the revolutionary movements "unnecessariliy radical" and "unpromising". He also spent much of his time and energy dispursuade his students from joining radical movements "without thinking". He surrendered when the students of his university began a protest and his office door was vandalized with phamplets accusing him of being "a privileged royalist". Ironically, they were not from his students, who apparently still respected him, but rather his colleagues.

..........Dresvyanin largely added into the criticism of the Imperial Rule by writing various works and articles, which were circulated among nationalists and radical centrists. However, once the revolution actually striked Providenska in February 2008, he could not leave the university building and was stuck in the faculty's library for most of the commotion which lasted a day and a half. For the entirety of the Independence War, he still did his work and taught at the university.

Post-Independence Era

..........Had he been more vocal in his political views right after the Revolution ended, he might not have survived this long. Or so it was said about him. Dresvyanin was generally receptive of the Workers' Party at first but was later dissatisfied with its early "communistic" approaches and its aversion to religions. But this is not to say that Dresvyanin was active in his opposition to the Act of Atheism. He has always been in low profile and often anonymous in his criticism of the government. However, he did become an acquaintance of Dr. Miroslavskaya, or the First Lady, and had some discussions with her from time to time. Nonetheless, not even Miroslavskaya would expect him entering politics, let alone run a campaign against her husband and take the second most powerful position in the country. His life remained quiet. He continued to write articles, papers and books about politics, international relations and even Zitravian history.

..........Once the United Front Party was founded in 2017, Dresvyanin was at first only a member and the party was initially more militaristic. However, the party eventually became convinced of Dresvyanin's brand of "cultural nationalism" and he soon rose to the position of the General Secretary. His party has had a fairly aggressive campaign and Dresvyanin apparently has gotten over the fear of presenting his own "unpopular" opinions. However, time will tell how he fares for the next five years as the first ever Prime Minister of Zitravgrad.

Appearance and Health

..........Dresvyanin is above-average in height and average in stature. He is often seen as rather plain, but dresses quite well and appropriately for his career. He possesses a full face with a soft, unreadable smile, with black hair and glowing deep purple eyes. While pleasant-looking, he can give a rather unsettling stare with his eyes. While known to exist, purple eyes are rare and the glow is a result from the mutation caused by the radiation. While he seems healthy, Dresvyanin has been treated for cancer several times and is completely infertile. For whatever the reason, he can sense radiation like one can feel heat.


..........He received an ordinary education in a public school and later obtained his degrees in political science from University of Providenska. Moreoever, he is also interested in history, art and literature of Zitravia. He speaks English and Ukrainian, sometimes refusing to speak Russian altogether and bearing a mild disdain towards German, due to it being used by a portion of the Old Nobility.


..........Dresvyanin is a gentle, traumatized soul, with a twisted and distorted world in his mind. He is polite, soft-spoken and calm no matter how dire his situations are. Even in debates, he speaks softly and gently with an enigmatic smile accompanying him. According to his colleagues, he is so normal it is not normal. He enjoys doing things in the quiet and dislikes having to be louder or harsher than necessary, especially with his students. When teaching, he is known to be able to talk smoothly for hours on end and replies his questions with rhetoric answers or more questions. However, he is also rather grim and unsociable otherwise. He is noted by his students as 'intimidating on first glance, but surprisingly friendly'. Dresvyanin is by no means shy, however. When he needs to express his opinions, he can be assertive, sarcastic and tricky.

..........An existential nihilist but also a lapsed Orthodox, he leaves the questions of his existence to God but also questions how God works. ("In mysterious way, yes, but how?") He is a bit insecure about his personal life and suicidal past and would do a lot to hide the details of it. Although amiable on the first glance, Dresvyanin is cold, cynical and overall a defensive realist. He is always on guard to everyone no matter what and will remain as such all the time, sometimes for years of knowing that person.

Academic Career

..........Dresvyanin studied and taught many subjects under the citeria of 'international relations' but he is specialized in security studies. His academic career also does much to shape his political ideals toward security-oriented ideology and policies, and gives him a fair understanding of politics in military perspective. However, he cannot boast the more practical knowledge of warfare, only the political theories around it. Nevertheless, Dresvyanin's writings are read and appreciated by the educated officers in the Armed Forces.

..........Within eighteen years of study, Drevyanin has written 3 dissertations, 5 books (1 of which is a collaboration with a colleague) and 21 (known) articles for both domestic and international journals. However, he has had at least a couple of articles censored and edited by political commissars both during the Imperial Rule and the socialist regime.

    - Dissertation: Eastern Auropian Politics and Kozavian Imperialism (2001)
    - Dissertation: Nuclear Warfare - League of Nations' Final Fiasco (2004 - published the same month to the 10th anniversary of Zitravian nuclear strikes)
    - Dissertation: Post-Revolution Political Crisis (2009 - published and approved largely without being publicized)
    - Book: Fascism in Zitravia: Study of Zitravian Nationalism
    (2006 - censored by Imperial Commissariat of Public Order over suspicion of rousing Zitravian nationalists)
    - Book: Anarchy in A Greater Anarchy
    (2007 - censored by Imperial Commissariat of Public Order for describing the Grand Duchy of Zitravia as 'an anarchy' within the international order which is ' a greater anarchy')
    - Book: Security Dilemmas in Eastern Auropia and Kozavian Outer Dominions
    (2010 - co-authored with Dmitri Skavronchenko, 'lightly corrected' by the Commissariat of Dissents)
    - Book: The Grand Duchess' Dollhouse: Zitravia's Golden Age 1900 - 1915
    (2016 - quite an acclaimed work despite being criticized by some as a book with 'royalist tendency'.)
    - Book: Bloodless Atrocities - Zitravgrad's Ban on Faith
    (2017 - narrowly evaded a ban for criticizing the then-in use Act of Atheism, which was repealed shortly after his first attempt to publish the book)
    - Article: Cyber-Attacks as a Form of Revolutionary Movement (Q2:2005)
    - Article: (Many More) Two Can Play That Game: Factions Within The Royalists and The Revolutionary (Q4:2005)
    - Article: Ethnic Conflicts in the Kozavian Dominions (Q1:2006)
    - Article: In Memory of Josef Kirininko: The Doctor of the Post-War World (Q2:2006)
    - Article: The Armagheddon Clock and Its Political Role (Q3:2006)
    - Article: No Revolution Is Pure: How Foreign Nations Play A Role In A Nation's Revolutionary Movements (Q4:2006)
    - Article: Kozav's Soft Power: The Perception Management of the Empire's Crackdown on Dissidents (Q1:2007)
    - Article: Post-War World Order and The Shift to the Oriental (Q3:2007)
    - Article: The Golden Cross Collapsed: Zitravia's Revolution (Q4:2008)
    - Article: The So-Called Compromise: Why Zitravia and Kozav's Peace Might Collapse (Q2:2009)
    - Article: How The World Treats A Revolution (Q4:2009)
    - Article: Post-War Constructivism (Q2:2010)
    - Article: A Cross By Another Color: Why does Zitravgrad need its own Blue Cross? (Q4:2010)
    - Article: Rational Choice Theory: Where does rationality end? (Q2:2011)
    - Article: Nationalist Movements in the Colonial World (Q4:2011)
    - Article: Oil, Gas and Diamond: Zitravia's Journey Back Into The World (Q1:2012)
    - Article: Why is the Communist World a 'World' of its own? Is Zitravgrad a part of it? (Q4:2012)
    - Article: Artificial Intelligence as Military Leaders (Q1:2013)
    - Article: Why Ideology Still Matters and Why Ethnicity Still Matters More (Q4:2013)
    - Article: The Kremlin's Faces - At Home and Abroad (Q2:2014)
    - Article: Borders and Frontiers: Preventing Smuggling and Trafficking in 21st Century (Q2:2014)

..........He earned his doctorate at the age of 30, after shifling between study and work due to economic reason. Officially, he holds the title of "Asst. Prof. Dr. Adam Yanovich Dresvyanin" but chooses to omit his academic title in his political career to familarize himself with the people as a politician with realistic objectives. During his academic career, he receives a fair share of praises and criticism. For example, his colleague Dmitri Skavronchenko describes that: "Comrade Dresvyanin is an expert in national security questions and a critic of internationalism and the so-called 'Communist World', but his writings are all over the place. He will sometimes catch on the current events or his whims and stray away from his field." As an educator, he is well-respected, although not with an overwhelming popularity among his students thanks to the reputation of being strict and hard to predict.

Personal Life

..........Even as the Prime Minister, he insists to live in his own home in [ADDRESS REDACTED], Providenska, which is relatively small because he knows he will not have or adopt any children. He lives with his wife, Maria Rostovskaya, who is a surgeon, and several cats. They live quietly and happily (in their own definition) while having to consult the psychiatrists over their wartime trauma and the doctors over the health effects of being exposed to the fallout for a while. Dresvyanin enjoys reading, listening to music and watching documentaries with his cat. Other free time is spent overthinking and bothering an entire cat. With busy schedules, Dresvyanin rarely has time with his wife, even though he is the supportive end of a rather co-dependent relationship with her. The couple are declared both infertile and 'unfit for procreation' by the state and fill the void in their family life with cats.

His name is Boris and he is doing the loaf thing.

..........Dresvyanin collects an insanely large anount of books, now over 500 books. He accumulates them over years, either by buying them or receiving them as gifts. Most of these books are about his interests in general, while the rest are assorted. Moreover, he has a fairly large social media base (which started as an attempt to catch up with students). Dresvyanin refrains from smoking, and drinks much less than expected from a Zitravgradian man in his age. However, he has the habit of storing candies and biscuits in his desk and enjoys one once in a while.


----------RENOVATION IN PROGRESS---------


"They tell me to 'speak my mind' then they close their ears. Here we are -- academia."
- About his old colleagues at the university

"Thank you immensely for your support. It seems like the people of Zitravgrad know where they come from after all. Zitravian legacies must not be abandoned just because we changed our name!"
- Upon hearing the unofficial election result

"Taking the Church away from the People is a crime, taking the People away from the Church is a sin."
- His opinion on Act of Atheism

"I have seen too much, I have heard too much. From the first second I wished to die, it never stops. But I am here, still breathing. Brothers, sisters, our generation has a family curse. But what are we going to do with it? Surrender?"
- Addressing the lack of awareness for "the Atomic Generation"

"To doubt your own life is a brain exercise and my brain is on a marathon, aiming for a Gold medal."
- Talking of his mental issue


Dr. Maria Mikhailovna Dresvyanina
Д-р Марія Михайлівна Дрезв'яніна
Second Lady of Zitravgrad
Друга Дама Зітравградська

Name: Dr. Maria Mikhailovna Dresvyanina

Birth date: 9 December 1972 (Age 46)

Place of birth: Syvonik, Tamkatska, Imperial Zitravia

Religion: Eastern Orthodoxy

Occupation: Surgeon

Marital status: Married (m. 2004)

Spouse: Adam Yanovich Dresvyanin (Age 39)

Children: None

"How am I even alive? Well, I am dead on the inside. This is not a joke. This is not a drill either. Not much of my internal organs work as they should." - Dr. Maria Mikhailovna Dresvyanina

..........Dr. Maria Mikhailovna Dresvyanina (nee Rostovskaya) is the Second Lady of Zitravgrad and currently a surgeon at Providenska Health Institute. A matching figure for her silent husband, Dresvyanina is an even more distorted person, working her life through her emotional trauma and relying heavily on her husband for psychological support. However, she is capable in her own right and stands for the representation of the 'Atomic Generation' much like her husband. Otherwise, she is not politically-inclined and prefers to keep herself within her professional field.

..........Having had a difficult past, Dresvyanina refuses to reveal much of her past to the press or even to her colleagues. Thus, it must be excused that her biography will not be written. Most of the information known about her is in correlation with Dresvyanin's biography which is slightly more open to the public and it appears that she entered University of Providenska by scholarship at the age of 19 and had trained towards a medical career since then. She married Dresvyanin who had been a long-time lover in 2004. The couple leads a generally quiet and emotionally heavy marriage as both of them have to go through several therapies while pursuing their respective career.

Appearance and Health

..........A 'nuclear rabbit' -- Maria Mikhailovna suffered and was treated for cancer for more than ten years, with the treatment being halted several times by financial problems. She has paper white skin and wears heavy make-up to look more alive while sporting black hair. (She also used to wear a wig for quite a while but her hair grew back.) The Second Lady is noted to have a slender figure, although a bit to the thin side, and average height. Despite her unhealthy looks, she is noted to be quite a pretty woman who dresses fashionably and quite expensively, putting her appearance as priority.

..........The Second Lady is noted as infertile and unfit for procreation by the parental licensing system. This is largely due to her being listed as 'Stage B- mutation'. Her genetics are somewhat altered, causing her to have a rather ghastly appearance.


..........A notable surgeon, Dresvyanina has a M.D. and ten years of experiences in the hospital work and also speaks a few languages -- Ukrainian, Russian and German. Much like her husband, she does not particularly like speaking Russian, which she often needs to use at work. Otherwise, she is rather oblivious of her surroundings and recent events, even if her husband's extensive library is only a few steps away from her room.


..........Dresvyanina is even harder to approach than her deceptively amiacable husband. She is cold, quiet and cynical, equipped with a macabre sense of humor and keeping herself away from people she doesn't need to talk to. She is heavily-attached to her husband and depends on him emotionally even if it does not look that way. Also, it is safe to say that she judges people right at the moment she sees them, but is quite a prejudiced judge of character. To everyone else, she seems impatient and inattentive, but she also seems to be the complete opposite when it comes to someone she is familiar with. At work, she is surprisingly a highly efficient surgeon and pays attention to details.

..........Seemingly vain, the Second Lady keeps up her appearance to cover the signs of her sickness rather than for the sake of looking beautiful. Religiously, she is rather lapsed and has no such devotion to the Church as an institution as her husband does. Perhaps it is her right to doubt and question the Almighty. In the end, she is only trying to push behind the old times.

Personal Life

..........Her personal life is not much to talk of either. Dresvyanina is not exactly known as a good housewife and relies on electronic/AI appliances and domestic service due to lack of time and heavy workload. She will nearly always come home exhausted to see her husband working on his academic works. They live quietly while having to consult the psychiatrists over their wartime trauma. The couple are childless and cats seem to be their equivalent of having children. If there is any free time at all, she enjoys a little bit of shopping and playing with the cats. Meanwhile, she drinks from time to time and her smoking habit is becoming a worry for Dresvyanin.

..........Utterly disinterested in her husband's works, Dresvyanina prefers to read from books in her own field, but does not partake much in the 'academic circle' anymore. However, her lifestyle and work might be slightly complicated by Dresvyanin's ongoing political career.


"I am happy for you, dear... but there is not much for me to do with that."
- Her reaction to her husband becoming the Prime Minister

"Strikingly radical. I don't like this. The last thing I want you to do is becoming a sort of right-wing figure, Adya."
- Some time before the election

"TThe journalists outside are expecting something from me, yes? Tell them I didn't expect a darned thing."
- Her first public appearance