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A third-person self-deprecating view of Zhou-Chan himself...

Peak degeneracy

Personal Information

  • Full name - Zhouran

  • Nickname(s) - Zhou-Zhou, Zhou-Chan

  • Date Of Birth - 6/6/666

  • Place Of Birth - 3rd floor of some dingy-ass third-world hospital

  • Ethnicity - Asian

  • Nationality - Aussie

  • Biological Sex - XY chromosomes

  • Sexuality - Bilateral

  • Height - Smol boi

  • Hair Color - Dark like the night sky

  • Eye Color - An empty, soulless reflection of the void

Misc. Information

Early Life

Growing up in some third-world country, Zhou-Chan later moved to the first-world so that he can become a lazy leech who has never experienced real struggle. As a wee lad, Zhou spent days doing nerdy-ass activities, such as drawing (what an artsy-fartsy loser), encyclopedia reading (n e r d), and video games (hah). Although a shy, introvert boi, Zhou-Chan made numerous "friends" (or colleagues, 'cos let's be honest who the hell wants to be friends with a soulless robot) throughout his schooling, which resulted in him making contact with various people. Ironically, Zhou-Chan wasn't the type who seeks friendship (because an alien can't befriend humans), rather it was his "enigmatic and peculiar behavior" (aka. special kind of special) that raised interests from curious people who wanted to befriend him (poor sods).

Personal Life

Nothing special about this robotic tech-sperging time-wasting lazy-ass trap. Into the bin.


Quiet, shy and usually reserved, Zhou-Chan is introverted, very private and withdrawn, probably because he isn't a human all along. A person who prizes logic and rational thinking, Zhou-Chan is an insensitive prick as he believes that subjectivity creates a barrier between emotions and logical thinking (he's a deeply emotional individual he says). Not only that, he can also be absent-minded and at times easily distracted (sounds like an airhead). When dealing with individuals deemed irrational, Zhou-Chan would assert his logic (his arguments aka being an assh*le to people), however he is only partially assertive to save face and at times can be quite submissive (BTFO'd). While he may seem like an assh*le, this is usually unintentional due to Zhou not being aware of how people feel. Although he can be an intentional prick towards his "opponents".

An aviation enthusiast, a military fanboy and a history buff, Zhou-Chan is addicted to reading anything knowledge-based (one of the reasons why he can't make friends lmao). When he was a little toddler, Zhou read his first encyclopedia from a friend, which only took him around a few years to read from front-to-back and back-to-front (absolute sperg). Since then, Zhou enjoys reading knowledge and information from a book, article or website. As a result, this gave him a good understanding of general knowledge (too bad general knowledge doesn't apply to knowing how to act like an ordinary human bean).

Being a petite smol boi, Zhou-Chan has an androgynous appearance (bwahahaha). Such less-masculine, more-androgynous physical appearance took a strong psychological toll on his self-esteem and personality (oof). Hell, poor SOB at times got made fun of back in primary school because of his petite appearance. In order to cope with the (lack of) self-esteem, Zhou-Chan has resorted to, at times, being a degenerate and depraved trap. The poor bastard couldn't initially accept the idea of cross-dressing but ended up accepting it anyways 'cos his noggin ain't joggin' properly.

Zhou-Chan is also an attention-wh*re and a smug prick.


  • Zhou is an LinkINTP robot who won't STFU about technical nerdy sh*t.

  • Zhou is a third-position revolutionary-reactionary syndicalist-corporatist ethno-cultural nationalist who unironically supports race-mixing.

  • Despite being too lazy for sports, Zhou's three favorite sports are rugby football (union and league), golf and cricket. He also enjoys watching basketball and baseball.

  • He's a Persia-boo, a Mongol-aboo, Turkic-aboo, Germano-boo, Italia-boo and Slava-boo.

  • Being an anti-conformist, Zhou-Chan is a socio-political proto-hipster edgelord

  • Zhou unironically supports N A Z B O L G A N G !

  • Zhou hates totalitarian autocracies, two-party systems, and monarchies.

  • Zhou is an environmental-fascist hippy who hates big corporates that pollute the f*ck out of the environment all because of mUh pRoFiT n ShIeT.

  • Openly shilling for China, Russia and Iran as well as being a pro-racemixer, Zhou-Chan unironically supports demographic displacements, especially in the West.

  • Rather than bothering with RPing, Zhou spends most of his time on NS either lurking or sh*tposting on the factbooks-&-national-information section.

  • Zhou-Chan has a hard-on for peak-militarism, third-positionist economics, ethno-cultural nationalism, benevolent authoritarianism, and patriarchal masculinity.

  • Mood-swings can cause Zhou-Chan from being cheery to being temperamental.

  • Zhou enjoys listening to military marches, patriotic songs, electronic-techno sh*t, hip-hop & ghetto rap, and edgy hipster underground crap like drone music and ambiance music.

  • The national personification of Zhouran is a shameless degenerate self-insert, very disgraceful.