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Zhopgrad (Links to other factbooks in the header)
Official Website of Zhopgrad! feel free to look around.
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Welcome to, Comrade! Zhopgrad is most Glorious Slav Paradise in Galaxy. Where is it? I don't know, I just write the factbooks, all I know is that it is an Earth-like Planet called Arctica that is not Earth... We've only gone to our moon before and have sent probes beyond that. The moon is known as Antarctica.
From the vast Countryside of the Western Islands to the Bustling city of Poliville, there is something for everyone in Zhopgrad. Experience our weekly Parades, or maybe our vast wealth of Bars and Drinks, or enjoy the cities by squatting in the corner with your comrades. It is impossible to be bored in Zhopgrad, there is so much to do. But you must work hard to experience this Glorious Country, if you don't work, you won't be squatting on side of the road for fun, you will be doing it because you have nowhere to live.

Not All Factbooks are seen here, as will be going through some maintenance, other factbooks are found in "Dispatches" some of which are pretty interesting, and you should take a peek into what is pretty much our Deep Web.

Interesting Fact:
Zhopgrad funds Pirates to take attack Merchant Ships from other nations in order gain a monopoly on trade by sea, Zhopgradian Vessels are never attacked. The Pirates are equipped with all the Gadgets of a modern navy, some of the spoils from the plundering is given to the Government. Yarr har matey, shiver me timbers!