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Zermal counties

Population of Zermal 20,000

- Momberry: The capital of Zermal
Population: 3371 thousand
Popularity: Monberry is known for its famous festivals and historical places.

- Wensworth: A town near the seas known for its popular seaport
Population: 1088
popularity: Wensworth is popular for its sea port, many of Zermals resources are shipped from here.

- Eglijan: A small town in the east where many farmers are built
Population: 271
Popularity: Eglijan is known to be the best place for farmers to grow crops and to raise livestock.

- Smuvania: Where the biggest mountains of zermal are located and is an amazing hiking location
Population: 172
Popularity: Smuvania is known for its high mountains and where many hikers to climb the mountains in Zermal.

- NaswayjI: Coldest place in Zermal where temperature can get to -12 Fahrenheit.
Population: 5 (The rest died from frostbite, maybe...)
Popularity: Naswayji is the best place to see the northern lights in Zermal.

- Maldred: one of the biggest City for steel production
Population: 7021
Popularity: Maldred is famous for its steel production where much of zermal steel is made and is shipped.

- Calthrid: a popular mining location in Zermal where the miners go and work.
Population: 50
Popularity- not the best place to live but itís best know for the largest mining industry in Zermal.