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Zermalian Military


Zermalian are brought into the military at an early age of 12. Every kid in Zermal is required to be in the military and go through training. At an early age they first trained how to use a gun Probably, they are taught tactics in the military for the summer and winter. Once one turns 17 they take part in climbing mountians and use different wepons. A Zermalian solider are always tought with a Ice Axe for close combat and for traversing the high mountains of Zermal.



Suomi KP/-31 (Submachine gun)

Carl Gustaf m/45 (Submachine gun)

Lahti L-35 (Semi-automatic pistol)


The Zermalian Navy is small due to their little access to the ocean and only consists of 10 Small battle ships.


The Zermalian air-force are taught to soldiers how are while trained and sign up to the Air-force,very few People get in the Air-force. They are taught the basics of control for 3 mouths until they understand How it works. After the 3 mouths they get their first test flight with an instructor. After 7 mouths of flying they graduate into the Zermalian air-force. In the Zermal airforce it consists of 12 fighter planes and 5 bombing planes.

Anatra D


Zermals infantry is a decision of soldiers that are put in the military for defense in Zermal.

Armored vehicles

T-26 (light tank)


katyusha rocket launcher



In the winter zermalian soldiers are trained with white winter uniforms and work on camouflaging them self’s in the environment.