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Overview of Zermal

Time period: around the 1900’s

Land of Zermal


Zermal is a Constitutional monarchy government which it has been since 1015. The current Leader of Zermal Is Zomelia Ponds who has been ruler the country, and has been the ruler for only two years. The country comes with one parliament which is chosen by the people of the country, their role in the government is to Talk about issue with the leader or laws that should be put into action, so far their are 13 people in the parliament.


Zermalian culture is based around music, folklore and art. Much of their culture is based on Scandinavian and Chinese like culture. In Zermalian folk music the most common instruments you’ll hear threw most of their music is the dulcimer, fiddle and the Hardanger fiddle. This three instruments are quit common in Scandinavian music as while. Most of their folk music carry’s a story.


In the spring Zermals weather is usually very rainy and the country usually get to 3 inches during the spring.
In the summer the weather is mildly humid and the temperature is normally around 90 Fahrenheit which is 32 in Celsius. In Zermal The signs Autumn Is seen in late summer with the leafs turning orange earlier then most country’s. In the winter the wether in Zermal can be a bit hostile during the early winters, the winters in Zermal can get to -5 Fahrenheit which is -20 In Celsius. In Zermalian winters blizzards are common during the winter.

The geography of zermal is very mountainous with many farm fields are found in the west.


The first sighs of human activity on the land Zermal can be dated back to 9,000 BC with a writing found on cave walls.


Most of Zermolians speak Zermalian or Russian.

- To keep the monarchy Alive
- To keep equality for all citizens of Zermal


- Zermals capital is Monberry which sets in the center of Zermal
- Everyone in zermal has at least ten years of millitary training