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PRZ North Pacific Transit

Want a terminal in your nation? Just telegram our office!

Please Choose Your Terminal Style:
A Class: Airport
B Class: Seaport
X Class: Air-Sea Combination

Domestic Locations:
•Zazu City, ZA: Zazumo International Airport (ZIA) A Class
•Hudson Harbor, PT: Pourtoga Transit Center (PTC) X Class
•Republic City, RB: Republic City Transit Center (RTC) X Class
•Kerrig, VN: Kerrig International Airport (KIA) A Class
•Fosterdale, SE: Fosterdale Municipal Harbor B Class
•Lake Tahome, SM: New Mason International (NMI) A Class
•Hope, NM: Mason Municipal Airport (MMA) A Class
•Ivan Town, ZL: Ivan Town International Seaport B Class
•Circuit Beach, BP: Bartolo International Airport (BIA) A Class
•Juseu Canal, JS: Juseu National Transit Center (JNT) X Class

International Locations:

Imperal City: A Class
Portus Harmony: A Class

New Ducklands
•William II Memorial Airport, High Rosenferry: A-Class

Bourbon B-Class
Ibveeć A-Class
Luxemberg X-Class
New Kshovia X-Class

Timmy City
Key West A-Class
EPCOT River Terminal X-Class
Busan X-Class
Azores X-Class
Usahia X-Class

Panama Coalition
Panama DC X-Class

Port-Allanea B-Class
Buenos Aires B-Class
New Saransk B-Class

Engleberg X-Class
Schwaben X-Class

Yatzatz City A-Class
Spiray X-Class
Yel B-Class
Port Yatzatz B-Class
Del B-Class
Mem B-Class
Tampotz B-Class
Al-Jabr B-Class

Mauritau X-Class
Karashuk X-Class
Kyoshi X-Class
Greater Kettropia A-Class