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economic policy

1.private wealth
2.public wealth
3.state run industry
5.govement benefits

1.private wealth is private property has 2 types: a. private b. public.

1a. the human required housing is 8(2)meters adult 7(2)meters teen 5(2)meters child the state shall provide the needed housing every (2) meter ((2) is Square/Squared) there will be a 1.40 USD monthly tax once the house hits the human happy living 20(2)meters adult 13(2)non adult there will be a tax of 10 USD mounthly for every yard area (area part of a property but not developed) is 40.00 USD mounthy per (2) meter if the house reach rich level 40(2) adult 30(2)non adult it will become rich class for every (2) meter after will have a tax of 200.000 mounthly

1b. public is a property that is made for making money like a shop if it is not speerate from owner's house it does not come under this section of tax. the owners will pay a 10% to 60% tax depending on how much money they make (state personal will determen rate) and follow all other rules concerning there business (IE sick leave etc.) paychecks: depending on your yearly income income tax will be different if under 35,00 USD a month we will supply money till you hit the goal of 35,000 USD. 35,000 to 60,000 10% 60,000 to 100,000 35%
(average income is 70,000 USD) 100,000+ 60%

2. public wealth 1B also comes under this category as well as all pay checks and other ways of money gathering. to make a transition under 10,000 zarnicovoas (15,672 USD) the state will take a 1.5% of it or if in buying a product (IE food hard and online video games etc.) will have it's own rate if offer 10,000 zarnicovoas it will determended by state personal.

edit to 2: corporate taxes will be added to this page below.
corperations will be taxed on a monthly basis. tax rates (numbers are profit amounts): 6,000- will end in a 5% tax rate 6,000 to 10,000 will have a 20% tax 10,000 to 20,000 will have a 30% tax rate 20,000 to 35,000 will have a 45% tax rate 35,000 to 45,000 will have 65% tax rate 45,000+ will have a 70 to 80% tax rate
other rules: this will only be counted on profit from 1 product only (IE food movies ETC.) product price can only be changed at the date of taxation.
3. state idustry
this is a list of industries and how much state is involved (in order)

gambling banned
health care 100%
achhohall 100%
drugs 100%
exports 95%
arms industry 90%
tourism 80%
services 80%
fishing 61%
private schools 56%
churches 49%
heavy industries 41%
civilian industries 36%
food production 34%
food selling 25%
average for other 19%

4. industries
list of top industries (in order like last time)

1. arms industry 24%
2. civilian industries 22%
3. tourism 21%
4. exports 9%
5. heavy industries 9%
other 15%

5.goverment benefits (in list order)

free health care
free university
free housing (to a point)
universal basic income (35,000 USD)
job guaranteed
free depression help