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A Brief Overview

Name: The Winged Republic of Zarathoft
Capital: Platform One, orbiting the planet of Zarathoft
Demonym: Zarithian
Population: 13 Billion total, On Planet: 8 Billion, Off Planet: 5 billion
President: Isaac Walters
Vice President: Dr. Stelly Lassiter
Royal Family: The Tarlvich Family
Currency: Thoft
Religion: Official: None, Largest: Zarism
Motto: Opportunity
Colors: Maroon and White

Part of the population of Zarathoft resides within a giant network of space stations, platforms, and shuttles orbiting their now harsh planet of Zarathoft. Although some mining operations and research colonies still exists on the planet and its three moons, along with determined citizens still forging lives along the equator of the planet, the wealthy, royal family, and government have all moved off planet onto the space platforms. There is also the presence of military training grounds and bases still functioning on the planet.

Zarithian people are humans, although the population as a whole have become slightly smaller than the average human, as males have an average height of 5’5-5’9, and females have an average height of 5’0-5’4.


The planet of Zarathoft is approximately the size of two Earths, but became largely desolate after the war fought on it. Following the war the planet’s temperature dropped significantly causing an endless winter. While maintaining a moderately temperate climate at the equator where the main remnants of the population live, it becomes fatally lower out in the large polar regions of the planet where blizzards and deadly wind chill are commonplace. There are five main cities that the population lives in on the planet, six main research colonies, and one publicly talked about military base, while many more classified ones exist.

Urvey, on planet Capital

Research Colonies

Military Bases
Camp New Waters

For a more in depth description, please visit my factbook.