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The Life of King Yamais of Yohaness

The Life of King Yamais of Yohaness
Yamais of Yohaness

His Majesty


King Yamais of Yohaness

The Kingdom of Yohaness


His majesty (Formal)]
King (Informal)


0ct 12th 2004-Current


12th October 2004


March 2nd 1970


(Queen) Yushena-un-Yushan

Full Name







Naesfi Barakat Hunz

Royal University of Yohaness
Sakatna School of Law

(Degree in Business and Law)


Military Service

Service Branch

Royal Yohanessian Defence Forces (RYDF)

Years of Service

10 Years


General and Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Armed Forces of Yohaness (RAFY)

Yamais-an-Mehram-an-Tajim, Member of the Yassaims, General and Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Armed Forces of Yohaness Became the 6th King of Yohaness, crowned on 12th October 2004 at the Young Age of 34. Despite his Status, not Much is Known about the King who is revered by His People and Admired for His Looks. That is uptill Now, Of Course...

standard of the Sovereign

Early Life

Born in the Bustling City of Sakatna on March 2nd of 1970, Yamais-an-Mehram Lived a Privelleged Life. The Only son of the Late King Mehram However was known to not be Much in the Spotlight. As a Young Boy, Yamais attended the the Royal Elite Forces Academy (REFA), where he did not only Receive education but in the meantime was also Trained to Develop his Skills Millitarily, this laid down the Basic foundation for Yamais's Millitary Career Later. His time in the Academy however saw him Display many of the Qualities and attributes which define him Today.

Yamais is said to have Developed a Love for Horse Riding when he Attended His Father's 30 Year Reign Celebrations in 1990, here he was amused to see a Parade organised by the Royal Armed Forces of Yohaness. Bulky Men Sat on top of Dark Brown Horses, Marching Forward as they Held a Yohanessian Flag in one Hand and Rode with the other. It is said that the Young Prince was so amused by this event, that Later he Bought the Two Horses for his own personal use. With the help from his own personal Training and some of his Own Effort, he Learned how to ride a Horse. In fact, King Yamais is still Believed to be an avid Horse Rider. Another of Yamais's Impressive skills is his Interest in the Sport of Swordplay, something which is said to have developed during his Time in the Sultanate of Kafair, where he spent 5 months of his Life in, learning the sport. He can still vividly recall his days in the sultanate, he is fond of his Days in the Sultanate, having spoken about it on several occasions. After all it was in the sultanate where Yamais met Yushena, a Woman of mixed, Kafairi, Yohanessian Origin, whom he now calls his Wife and Yohaness calls its Queen. The King is regarded as a Skillful Swordplayer, what is quite evident is that his Love for the sport remains to this Day, he Held an Swordplay contest in 2014 to Celebrate his 10 Years of Reign.

A Portrait of Late King Yorlus

At the Age of 19, Yamais graduated from the Royal Elite Forces Academy (REFA) and continued with his Higher studies enrolling into the Renowned, Royal University of Yohaness and the Sakatna School of Law, to complete his Degrees in Business and Law. for the next five Years, the then Prince remained in the shadows, it was almost as if he had faded Away.

After having completed his Course at the Royal University of Yohaness and the Sakatna School of Law, Yamais at the Age of 24, like many other Previous Princes then Joined the Royal Yohanessian Defence Forces (RYDF). Here he made use of his experience and Training at the Elite Forces Academy and took Part in Several Millitary excersises and Drills. He constructed the reputation of a Disciplined and Agile Soldier, one who was well-respected amongst his colleagues. In Fact it was here where he is rumoured to Have Learnt to Fly a Fighter Jet. Over the Years the then young prince appeared in several Excersises and Marches, now often appearing in his Millitary Attire. The only Son of the Now ailing King had suddenly come back in to the spotlight, all eyes were Glued to him, his character, behaviour and Style.
[floatleft][img] January 15th of 2004, King Mehram suffered from a Stroke, his ailing Health brought great concern and Worry from the Inside. Aware that he was now unable to effectively Rule and in Fear of a succession Crisis, on February 4th of the same Year, not even a Month after his Stroke. King Mehram appointed Prince Yamais as the Crown Prince of The Kingdom of Yohaness, thus effectively elevating his platform Overnight. Coupled with this, Crown Prince Yamais, was even given the Rank of the General and Commander-in-Chief of the Royal armed Forces of Yohaness, a Rank Previously Maintained by the King Himself. 7 Months later, On October the 9th, the dreaded Happened and Beloved King Mehram passed Away in his Sleep. The Atmosphere was filled with sorrow and Grief as the Anchor sobbed and Announced the Tragic news. A month of mourning was Declared and Black Flags were Risen, after spending three Days paying his Personal Tribute, Crown Prince, Yamais-an-Mehram-an-Tajim was Crowned the 6th King of Yohaness.


Political Views
King Yamais remains a Firm and strong supporter of the belief that stability and Progress can only be brought through an Authoritarian Form of Government at least in the Yohanessian Nation. He Backs his claim by using the people of Yohaness as an Example who are strong supporters of the Monarchy Mainly due to its Contribution to Yohanessian Independence. His Majesty has emphasised that in Yohaness, a democratic form of Government simply cannot survive since it will disrupt the Nation's Long-Standing stability since this will be against the interest of the People themselves and it would divide people into factions Lead by individuals who would not have a Proper understanding of Yohan culture and Tradition like the Yassaims themseleves, he sees this as the self-destruction of Yohaness, stating that,
"The Application of Democracy in Yohaness will only Lead to one thing, Division and Division" His most famous answer to reporters who ask him about his stance on the Application of Democracy in Yohaness is, "The People don't want it".

Religious Views
Although the King is a follower of the Sunriezin faith, which is the Religion which Mainly ethnic Yohans, meaning A Majority of the populace follow, the king has remained Nuetral on the Matter of Religious Allegiance and has Maintained Yohaness's Secular Status. The King is not quite publicly Active regarding Religion in General although he does carry out his own religious practices Publicly, despite a majority of the populace adhering to the Rustayin Faith, the Yohanessian Nation continues to Maintain its status as a Secular State.


- Horse Riding

- Swordplay

  • The King is rumored to Know how to Fly a Fighter Jet.

  • King Yamais of Yohaness is the Youngest Yohanessian Prince to be Crowned King.

  • The King is Credited with Popularizing the Sport of Swordplay in the Kingdom through the Holding of Special Tournaments in the Past, in fact he has also given Rebirth to the culture of sporting a Sword while in Ceremonial Attire (But Not Always)

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