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The Kingdom of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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The Organs of Governance of the Kingdom of Yohaness


  • Population- 80 Million

  • Currency- Rosslan

  • National Animal- The Yohan Horse

  • Leader- King Yamais-an-Mehram-an-Tajim

  • capital- Sakatna

  • Religion- Secularism

~~Organs of Governance~~

The Kingdom of Yohaness is a Sizeable Sovereign Nation Located on the Maghreb Region of North Africa, Bordering the Medetreanean Sea. Yohaness is referred to as a "Kingdom" and is Ruled by the Yassaims. The Forms of Governance today can be Best described as a "Dictatorship Run by a Democracy".

The People's Council of Yohaness

The People's Council is an Organ of the Yohanessian Government, it is the Main Functioning Body of the Government.
Formed on March 22nd 2000 by then King Mehram, it was created to address calls for Democracy. Although it was Promised that democracy will be brought in to effect, he continued to Emphasise the need for stable governance using it as an excuse to Keep Power. However in order to appease the masses, he created the People's Council of Yohaness, a 100 Member Elected Council Meant to advise the Government on issues of Relevance, it does so, by holding sessions every week on Monday and Friday. Although Free to operate in its own Capacity, the Council was and is meant to Only Play an Advisory Role, used as an Instrument as to Display the application of a Democracy of some Sorts. Council Members Can Freely Debate or Discuss upon Certain Issues, Propose Motions and even Vote upon them However each Motion that receives a Majority must receive the Approval of the King/Queen to Come into Effect. In Fact the King/Queen him or herself appoints the ChairPerson of the Council who selects a Topic of relevance and regulates the discussion and makes the Final Verdict. Even the Proposed Amendment or cancellation of a Motion which requires 70% of the Council Support, requires the Royal Approval to come into effect. On the other hand, the King/Queen may Veto any Motion even before it enters in to its voting Process, he/she may also dissolve the Council Completely or suspend its Operations, this gives the King/Queen Great influence over the Workings of the Council. A New Council is voted upon, every Four Years, candidates may run for Elections and the Public May Vote but the King/Queen Bears too much influence over the process and considering this it is referred to as a "Dictatorship run by a democracy".

The King/Queen

The Sovereign of the Kingdom of Yohaness is the Highest authority in the Yohanessian Government, he/she is the, Representative of the Government, Head of State, Commander of the Royal Armed Forces and the Overseer of the People's Council. The post is Non-Electoral and is Passed on through a Hereditary form of Monarchy once a King/Queen Resigns or Dies. According to Yohanessian Law, the King/Queen is Legally Protected against any Legal Action, In fact, defaming or showing Any form of Opposition to the Royal Family is Forbidden By Law, however the King/Queen him or herself may Order an Investigation into whomsoever he or she wishes, the Legal proceedings are then Handled by the Supreme Court of Yohaness since all Investigations initiated by the Sovereign, must be Held in the Supreme Court by Law. The King/Queen can also Bring into effect any Law without the discretion of the People's Council since the Council only Pays an advisory Role. The Sovereign May also Dismiss any Member of the Government without any explaination and consultation. In the case of the abdication of the Throne or the Death of a Sovereign, a three day mourning Period is Declared throughout which Members of the Royal Family choose a Successor, if a successor is Not chosen within the Time-Period of three Days, a Letter containing the Sovereign's Choice of succession is unsealed and its Content Followed. Lastly, the King/Queen Appoints members of the government. In Conclusion, the Sovereign Wields Absolute Power.

The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Yohaness pays a Ceremonial Role, often representing the Kingdom on Foreign Missions and often representing the Nation. The prime Ministerial Post is Non-Electoral, the Prime Minister is Appointed by the King/Queen.

The People's Council of Ministers

The Royal People's Council of Ministers refers to the various Ministers in the Government who Form the Cabinet. Their Posts are Non-Electoral, all Ministers are Appointed/Dismissed by the Sovereign and serve in their respective Posts indefinitely until or if they Resign or are Dismissed. The RPCM is a Core organ of the government which is essential to its Proper Functioning.

The Judiciary

The Judiciary has a Hierarchy of three Wings, at the Lowest Level is the criminal court which deals with matters of concern relating to the General Public, then there are the High Courts, each city has a High Court meant for handling Higher-Profile cases of that certain City. At the Top is the Supreme Court of Yohaness which deals with only a few, High Profile cases which are of National Interest. The Supreme Court is Headed by the Chief-Justice who is Appointed by the Sovereign. the orders of the Chief-Justice shall prevail over all concerned institutions however the Chief-Justice neither any other Court Cannot charge a King or Queen with anything. Furthermore, since all investigations ordered by the Sovereign are considered "High-Profile", they are always conducted in the Supreme Court.