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A Historical Summary of Yegla Islands

For Your Attention

The following documents encompass a series of news broadcasts, historical records and short summaries of notable happenings and events in Yeglan history. More documentation will be added as it is written, declassified or discovered.

Notice from the Ministry of the Interior

Viewing of this document is not subject to clearance-based restrictions
or any form of authorization. However, all access will be logged and
filed, for security purposes.

Credentials Accepted, Access Logged

The archipelago on which the Yeglan nation is situated was originally formed from a larger island, most of which had sunk during an earthquake that had devastated the region. As a result, the once continent-sized landmass became a cluster of smaller islands. For a long time, these were considered the property of one of the nearby nations, with small conflicts erupting now and again over rights of ownership. Most recently, the fledgling dictatorship of Jodaya had seized control of the islands, and its brutal and uncaring regime drove the patience of the locals, who had endured skirmish after skirmish, to the breaking point. Heralded by a determined chemist, bearing the name of a long-dead monk, the Yeglan residents arose from the cracks. They equipped themselves with military equipment that had accumulated over the years of battles fought on the islands' territory. Through the generations of conflict, they had learned a mishmash of different military tactics, utilized at some point or another by a would-be conqueror. This allowed them to overpower the Jodayan military, who were still weakened from having seized the islands in the first place and not expecting an attack from within. And so, the Yeglans declared their archipelago and independent nation, and were now ready to take their place in the annals of history as something more than the residents of a hotly-disputed strip of land.

Over the next few decades they rebuilt, little by little, on the basis of a government-run economy, developing their nation to first match their neighbors, then surpass them. The archipelago was united, and a powerful navy was drafted to protect it. This navy served the nation well through an attempted reconquest by the now-reformed Jodayan government, as well as the infamous Crescent war - a conflict spanning the entire continent, over a cache of experimental technology aboard a long-sunken submarine. Having wrested control of this scientific treasure trove, the Yeglans sought to modernize their already cutting-edge fleets and armaments even further, while at the same time turning their newly-revitalized arms manufacturing exports into a large economic boost.

Years of research revealed that there was far more to the cache than mere mundane technology. When the Thaum was first identified, the intelligentsia were in awe. When its interaction with human thought patterns came to light, they were ecstatic. Yegla Islands had, more or less, literal magic at their fingertips, and such power came with barely any cost.

Now, the nation bides its time. Thaumic innovations are researched, filed away, and adapted into ways of betterment. The navy grows ever larger. And Dmitri Rasputin, the man who started it all, waits with the world at his fingertips.