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The Federal Bureaucracy of
Iron Fist Socialists

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Canon Policies

Important Note:

Occasionally, this nation goes through bouts of being a corrupt dictatorship, whether due to misclicks or a misleading issue. To spare me an aneurysm, please consider it to be Iron Fist Socialists at all times.

List of Canon Policies:

  • Autocracy
    It's a single-party state, and Rasputin rules for life.

  • Marriage Equality
    Marriage may be carried out irrespective of participants' sex/gender.

  • Polygamy
    Because why not.

  • Euthanasia
    Personal freedoms include the freedom to medically-assisted suicide.

  • Compulsory Organ Harvesting
    On a case-by-case basis - anything deemed necessary for medical/scientific use is harvested. For everyone complaining about the government ripping out peoples' organs - this is only applicable to dead people. As in, corpses. Capiche?

  • AI personhood
    Though AI development is still in its infancy, currently extant sentient thaumo-digital constructs are permitted full citizenship.

  • Sex Education
    Kind of self-explanatory.

  • Capital Punishment
    Reserved for serious crimes (murder-equivalent & above).

  • DNA Harvesting
    For use in forensics, and the location of missing persons.

  • ID Chips
    Implanted in the wrist, used as universal ID and payment method (kind of like an implanted credit card, see below).

  • Socialism
    The economy is entirely state-owned. Also, NS tax rate is canon (i.e. an average tax of over 90%). On the other hand, most amenities are paid for by the state and provided to citizens free of charge, in allocated amounts determined by such factors as the importance and difficulty of their employment position, their marital status and extant health conditions. This includes such things as food and real-estate. These conditions are stored on each citizen's ID chip in the form of "points", to be allocated towards various amenities via specialized scanners in every shop and similar establishment. Remaining money is used for small-scale purchases, as it basically amounts to pocket money.

  • Autarky
    Economic self-sufficiency and relative isolationism is a fairly important focus, considering most of our neighbors have tried to invade us at one point or another in the past few decades. Though we do maintain a steady export of weaponry and industrial equipment to ideologically-friendly nations.

  • Maternity Leave
    And paternity leave.

  • Cannabis
    Most recreational drugs are legal, and a widespread treatment and counselling network is available for sufferers of addiction, provided by the state.

  • Nuclear Power
    Widely used, alongside "clean" energy sources (e.g. geothermal, wind).

  • Space Program
    And the beginnings of a space navy, in the works.

  • Metricism
    Because we aren't savages.

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
    Mainly nukes, but also some more esoteric stuff, such as magic bombs and a sort of offensive nanite-based Von Neumann payload.

  • Climate Treaty
    Striving to be green.