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The United Yeglan Defense Forces

A brief Summary

The Bureaucracy's military is not only a keystone of its status as a superpower, but also a core tenet of its society and culture. It is expansive, pervasive and almost impossibly efficient for its size - effectively a reflection of the governing structure that presides over it. A short explanation of its peculiarities is included below.

The Navy

Owing to its archipelagous location, the bulk of the United Yeglan Defense Forces (or UYDF for short) is concentrated in its navy. A large number of naval bases are present throughout Yeglan territory, primarily situated on the smaller, more remote islets outside the primary island ring, allowing for rapid deployment to practically any location within Yeglan-controlled waters. And yet, due to its composition, the bulk of this mighty fleet remains unseen to most - this is because a large portion of it is in fact composed of submersible vessels.

Yeglan submarines are unusual in that they aren't restricted to the traditional roles occupied by vessels of their type - by dint of considerable technological ingenuity, they are employed as replacements for practically all forms of conventional military ships. This ranges from small, light patrol subs to lumbering, heavily-armed pseudobattleships. Even aircraft carriers are capable of sinking beneath the waves, their cargo sealed safely within waterproof chambers. This lends the Yeglan fleet a surprise factor one would not expect from such a force, and works as an effective anti-piracy measure - after all, any Yeglan cargo craft could be accompanied by an escort of hidden warships. Surface craft are still utilized in small numbers, primarily for patrol and deterrent purposes.

The AAC (Amphibious Assault Corps)

With all this being said, the Yeglan ground forces, termed the Amphibious Assault Corps, are in some ways no less intimidating than its navy, and the two often work in conjunction. Since most deployment of ground forces is carried out via submersible troop transports, most soldiers are dually trained as both conventional infantry and marines. In a similar vein, Yeglan sailors receive some measure of training in terrestrial combat, allowing their usage as a fully amphibious force if the need arises. Despite a relatively brief conscription period, troops are encouraged to extend their period of service via generous salaries and benefits for those with an extended service record, as well as an extensive coverage plan for veterans (made possible by the government's significant military spending budget). This, combined with the usage of technologically advanced equipment to alleviate the rigors of combat engagements (including standard-issue powered exoskeletons and nanomechanical trauma kits), has worked well to augment both the average duration of service, and troop morale. In summary, Yeglan troops are well-trained and well-equipped, with a focus on naval combat and amphibious incursions. It is also worth noting that they are by no means limited to amphibious operations - while there is typically little need for extensive inland excursions, the UYDF is fully capable of executing these when the need arises.

In keeping with Yeglan military doctrine, most vehicles employed by the AAC are based on a total of two platforms - the so-called AVP-6 ("Granite") and UVP-4 ("Basalt") are both designed to be as modular as possible, and can be reconfigured to suit practically any combat role. Most configurations are also built with amphibious capabilities, allowing for rapid deployment directly to and from warships.

The Airforce

The Yeglan airforce has undergone several developments in recent years. No longer relegated to the role of backup force, it now operates in tandem with the Amphibious Assault Corps, allowing for a more flexible doctrine of combined warfare. Yeglan aircraft are primarily renowned for their unusually heavy armament and atypical defensive measures, though various models have their own peculiarities and reputations. Most of them are, however, still optimized for carrier-based launches, which enables their deployment as part of standard maritime warfare operations.

SPUs (Special Purpose Units)

So-called SPUs comprise a number of specialized divisions, designed to fill smaller-scale roles that cannot be entrusted to regular ground forces, due to either the requirement of additional training or the maintenance of secrecy. These include aerial deployment troops, specialized units for reconnaissance and espionage, and experimental testing groups for newly-fielded equipment. These squads are often armed with even more advanced weaponry and gadgets than regular troops, and are deployed from specialized mobile bases.

Central Command

The Central Command branch of the UYDF is responsible for the large-scale coordination of war efforts, inter-departmental linkages (including mutual cooperation with the Commissariat and Ministry of the Interior during wartime, as well as equipment procurement and testing alongside the BDDM), overall logistical management and diplomatic mediation. It also holds executive control over various defensive measures employed by the Islands, including automated defensive grids, internal security forces and ground-based ballistic launch installations. It stands under the direct oversight (and may in fact be considered a subset) of the Ministry of War.

Miscellaneous Information

Thaumaturgy and related technologies were pressed into military service almost immediately upon discovery and successful harnessing - today, they form a crucial component of the Yeglan war machine, and mighty caster formations are capable of quite literally reshaping the battlefield in the UYDF's favor.

The Bureaucracy also maintains its right to produce and stockpile weapons of mass destruction, ranging from standard thermonuclear weapons to high-yield thaumic constructs and nanomachine-based Von Neumann packages.

The following are approximations for military figures, calculated from a total population of 7.58 billion. Note that these are to be taken as a guideline rather than a concrete force total, and are mutable for the purposes of RP (especially since NS stats are only sometimes applicable). They are also highly, highly WIP.

Personnel Totals

Total Conscripted Personnel

Total Volunteer Personnel

Total Reserve Personnel

Total Personnel Fit for Service





Military Branch

Currently Serving Personnel (conscripted)

Currently Serving Personnel (volunteers)

Currently Serving Personnel (total)

Amphibious Assault Corps




United Yeglan Navy




United Yeglan Airforce




Special Purpose Units




Armored Vehicles fielded by the Amphibious Assault Corps

Vehicle Type

Quantity Currently in Service

AVP-6 (all variants)


UVP-4 (all variants)






*This total does not include the DVP-2, MVP-6 or any fringe designs fielded by specialized units

Vessels Fielded by the United Yeglan Navy

Quantity Currently in Service



*This total does not include the Domovoi Class, or any fringe designs fielded by specialized units

Further Information