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Specialized task forces of the Yaim Rusurian military

While Yaim Rusur is most known for their vast standard military including the Air Force, Ground Forces (Divided up into Infantry or trat'aab in Mando'a, Ground Attack Aircraft or sen'bral, and the largest and most funded being the Armored Core, also known as the Beskar'tsad) and to an extent their Navy. However the often equally or in most cases more successful groups go unnoticed. These are the branches of the Specialized Task Forces. There are multiple groups that are within this category, and many of them are Classified and will not be able to be shared with the public. There are however several groups that can be shared and this is the purpose of this public document.

The Supercommandos, [Mando'a: Ori'ramikad]
The supercommandos are to the infantry like the United States Army Rangers are to the Army or the Spetsnaz are to the Russian Ground Forces. Their primary missions are counter terrorism, deep penetration into enemy territory, reconnaissance, target location capture, and most notably high value target elimination. They wear distinctive armor compared to the standard citizens, most notably in the helmet and chest piece. Their equipment is the same as those of citizens (note that military and citizens are one thing in Yaim Rusur) and is comprised of any weapon that fits the supercommando's needs and that he is skilled with. The most popular load-out for regular missions are one mid to long range rifle (the locally produced T-4SFR is a common choice for this), a .357 magnum semi automatic Westar 35 pistol, and the signature knife of Yaim Rusur, the kalkar, a machete sized knife resembling a cross between a kukri and a Filipino talibon knife. Due to the danger of their missions, Supercommandos are regarded as National Heroes.

The Neo-Crusaders, or the Neo-Knights [Mando'a word: Her'eskad (not direct translation)]
The Neo-Crusaders, or Neo-Knights to those who dislike the religious connection to the first name, are a form of compromise between a soldier and an armored vehicle. The members of the Her'eskad wear large powered suits capable of increasing their physical abilities ten-fold, rendering them impervious to weapons of caliber up to 20mm, and allowing them to have increased movement compared to a vehicle. Standing on average at about 2.57 meters or around 8 feet 5 inches, these suits are deployed to protect infantry when engaging in urban combat in areas where there is no room for tanks, but still a high risk of high caliber gunfire, fortified bunkers, or chance of enemy armor. These units are also deployed as frontline troops alongside other ground forces during large scale warfare as a morality booster for friendlies, and a fear weapon for the enemy. The equipment of the Her'eskad are as follows, pistols containing 7.62/54r cartridges, SMG's utilizing 14.5mm rounds, 23mm rifles that are usually select fire, 37mm hand held fully automatic auto-cannons, and the 2 most popular being the semi automatic heavy autocannons, coming in two calibers, 57mm belt fed, or 73mm fed from a magazine that hugs the bottom of the weapon and feeds from the top left. They are also known for using a variety of other weapons such as flamethrowers, large caliber grenade launchers (86mm), handheld mortars, and recoiless rifles. The troops all also carry a melee weapon, often a greatsword, war axe, war hammer, morning star, or a knife (might just be a shortsword, but comparatively is knife sized to the massive armor. Due to their ability to raise the spirits of fellow troops, and their often larger than life personalities, this branch becomes more akin to celebrities than simple national heroes.