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Title: The Adate'lore, what is it? Chapter 1: Intro and Election Process

The Adate'lore is the equivalent of a type of king. This can be misleading however, as Yaim Rusur is NOT a monarchy. The word Adate'lore can be translated to be People leader/ruler (depends who you ask). Being a Warrior Republic, the elections process in Yaim Rusur can be somewhat strange. First and most often is the case, a leader is selected by being the eldest or youngest son of the previous leader (Youngest will be selected if the oldest simply does not wish to rule). If an Adate'lore has no heir who is male, but has a daughter, then she will become the next a'lore (leader). If there is no children in the current "royal" family, or the previous has been impeached, then comes the complicated part. Two young men in the top of their classes in every class (post-college) will be selected for special training (country is currently in a 3 month provisional council government). This training includes Political training and Military Strategy training. While political is important, the military one will decide who is selected. After the training are several tests each candidate must pass ending with 3 duels. The first is a test of strategy, using techniques of some of the most known general's proven tactics and own personal tricks to defeat the other in VR large scale warfare (Can take days to complete). The second is defeating the other in vehicle combat, using personal vehicles such as warbikes and 1 man tanks. The third and most influential, the single combat. Using melee and short ranged weaponry, the two men must face in close quarter combat and defeat the other. Provided that the loser of this fight candidate did not gain top marks on both the other tests, the winner of this fight almost always gets elected. The current Adate'lore, Cin'ciri Wren, defeated the other contestant, Kar Greven, in both Strategy and Single combat. This took place after the previous a'lore, Bevin Awuad, was impeached and executed by being thrown into the Basilisk Pits, a colosseum type of arena with a deep pit, filled with giant irradiated snakes (called Basilisks or Bes'uliik in mando'a also these creatures serve as the national animal) and fight to the death, the beasts have never lost to a single criminal. This ends chapter 1 of the history and role of the Adate'lore, please check back later for the release of Chapter 2: What are the Roles of the Adate'lore?