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Language, Mando'a

The language of Yaim Rusur is a dialect of the Mando'a language. It is a language that started with the Mandalorian people long ago, and the early tribes of Yaim Rusur who have split of from this nation have taken their on version of it. There are certain things that make it distinguishable from the original dialect, or know to Yaim Rusurians as "old mando'a." To a speaker of the original, the first thing to become apperent, quite strikingly, would be the accent. The Yaim Rusurian dialect of mando'a is spoken with a form of slavic/Uralic accent, similar to a Slovakian or Finnish accent, for example the R sound is rolled now and certain vowels have different emphasis when speaking. What this allows for is the language to be written in both mando'a script and Cyrillic much easier, and allows reading it to be simpler for new speakers. The next item they would notice is the addition of words, for example, as of current, there is 3028 words in the mando'a language, many of these including the prefixes and variations on words. For a comparison there are about 171,476 usable words in the English dictionary, although there are more than one million words combined, many of them are obsolete or dialect words. This makes translations a pain. To make up for this, the scholars of Yaim Rusur look far and wide, and by that I mean Eastern Europe as it once was, to find words to fill these gaps. One such example is the word "tank". This word does not exist in standard mando'a. This is a problem for a country famous for top-end armored vehicles. Until they came up with a single word, the tank was a phrase: beskaryc ad'ulik ti ori tracy'uur or "armored car with big gun". This made production records hell, and thus the linguists got to work. What was done was, the word for tank in Hungarian, harckocsi, and modified it in such a way that it seemed more Mando'a compatible, becoming harcir'ov [har-CHEER-ov]. This method has been done using many languages, all of different types, many of them are slavic however. Perhaps another time a list of these extra words will become available, however it does not see visible in the near future.