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The Republic of
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Government Officials of Xmara

President: Ms. Ávio Xanthopoulos
Vice President: Mr. Alasio Behena
Chief Justice: Mrs. Aleva Ćupasko
Speaker of the House: Mr. Kokatou Palayor

Orensdraken- The Legislature
Each province gets 100 representatives, making for a total of 400 representatives in Orensdraken

Department of Foreign Affairs
-Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mrs. Dosia Naoko
-Employees: 56

Department of the Treasury
-Minister of the Treasury: Mr. Petro Filipek
-Employees: 49

Department of Interior Affairs
-Minister of Interior Affairs: Mrs. Veruša Šarma
-Employees: 34

Department of Defense
-Minister of Defense: Mr. Marius Varnava
-Employees: 67

Department of Security
-Minister of Security: Mr. Damien Vartanian
-Employees: 73

Department of the Environment
-Minister of Environment: Ms. Amala Jednak
-Employees: 83

Department of Health
-Minister of Health: Ms. Katrina Koziol
-Employees: 109

Department of Labor
-Minister of Labor: Mr. Denís Voronín
-Employees: 115

Department of Welfare
-Minister of Welfare: Mr. Vitali Serafín
-Employees: 104

Department of Veterans' Affairs
-Minister of Veterans’ Affairs: Mr. Gregor Martel
-Employees: 100

Department of Transportation
-Minister of Transportation: Mrs. Kornelia Ávetis
-Employees: 71

Department of Industry
-Minister of Industry: Ms. Kaveri Sona
-Employees: 92

Department Telecommunications
-Minister of Telecommunications: Mr. Alban Fáde
-Employees: 32

Department of Human Services
-Minister of Human Services: Mrs. Adalina Mátiv
-Employees: 120

Department of Resources
-Minister of Resources: Mr. Motya Sitko
-Employees: 119

Department of Agriculture
-Minister of Agriculture: Mrs. Polina Paškal
-Employees: 115

Department of Education
-Minister of Education: Mrs. Marta Ostrowski
-Employees: 104

Department of Research
-Minister of Research: Mr. Nikolas Krupin
-Employees: 89

Department of Culture
-Minister of Culture: Mr. Andre Sarkozi
-Employees: 59

Department of Press
-Minister of Press: Mr. Spiro Petrov
-Employees: 38

Department of History and Records
-Minister of History and Records: Mrs. Sabrina Pasternak
-Employees: 10

Department of Innovation
-Minister of Innovation: Lukas Majevski
-Employees: 20

Ambassador to the General Assembly: Mr. Yuda Marstalek
Ambassador to the Security Council: Ms. Sanya Skala

Other ambassadors can be found in the fact book "Xmaranese Embassies"

The Republic of Xmara