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Xmara Alphabet

The Xmaranese alphabet utilizes the Latin alphabet.

Letter- pronunciation in word

a- "ah" in father
- "uh" in up
b- "b" in boy
c- "ts" in cats
ć- "ch" in church
d- "d" in dog
e- "e" in bed
f- "f" in food
g- "g" in goat
h- "h" in house
ħ- "gh" in ugh
i- "ee" in see
- "i" in bit
j- "zh" in leisure
k- "k" in kite
l- "l" in life
m- "m" in mom
n- "n" in no
o- "oh" in no
p- "p" in page
q- if with a u, "qu" in quail; if without a u, "k" in kite
r- "r" in row
s- "s" in song
- "sh" in show
t- "t" in time
u- "oo" in tooth
ū- "yoo" pronounced like the word you
- "w" in aw or ow
v- "v" in vase
w- "w in watch
x- "x" in Xavier
y- "y" in yo-yo
z- "z" in zoo
'- denotes a half-second pause in a word

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