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Descriptions given for titles without their own pages. Will change this when I get around to writing those dispatches (which will probably be never).

#Famous (#Meseyo)- A young woman wants to be a famous influencer, but all of her attempts to get more followers hilariously fail.
441 Sarkisian Street (441 Sarkisian Raste)
The Imposter (Za Kábeba)-Due to a clerical error, an average student is accepted into a top university. Rather than admit that it was all a mistake, the student decides to keep up the act that he is, in fact, a genius.
Katrina Fedorov
The Mastermind (Za Keptánmenso)- After a near-death experience, the top criminal mastermind in Beverrayin decides to start using his skills for good instead of evil.
Out of Town and Planet (Bar iz Belt et Planed)- A sitcom following four extraterrestrial roommates from different planets. Unfortunately, each alien believes that the other three roommates are ordinary humans.
The Polaris Five (original) (Za Polaris Hin)
The Polaris Five (reboot)
The Weakest Links (Za Durbalayan Ligilova) - 0.1% of the population is entered into a super power lottery at age 18. Some people get great powers, others get lousy ones. This series follows a group of university students who have just been been entered and received what are considered the worst powers of them all.

All Hail Ivan (Kolha Pozdraviak Ivan) - A man buys a star online, and accidentally becomes the emperor of an alien civilization.
Anton for President (Anton far Daitor) - A man is coerced into running for president. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to win and begins to say and do as many ridiculous things as possible to convince the voters not to vote for him, but all of his attempts hilariously backfire as he becomes more and more popular.
The Big Red Marble (Za Bolšoi Aka Írħam)- Film Adaption of the first book of the series of the same name.
The Flight of the Bumblebee (Za Rais iz za Bambaldi)- After an astronaut crash-lands on a seemingly-desolate alien planet thousands of miles from Earth, she must try to get back home- and she may not be as alone as she thinks.
The Mastermind (Za Keptánmenso)- Film adaption of the TV series of the same name.
Shatter the Sky (Jardvel za Siel)- Film adaption of the book of the same name.

The Big Red Marble (series) (Za Bolšoi Aka Írħam) by Aline Jaskolski. The series follows a botanist residing on Mars 150 years into the future.

  • The Big Red Marble (Za Bolšoi Aka Írħam)

  • Shadow of Olympus Mons (Ombro za Olímpus Mans)

Breaking the Sound Barrier (Rompika za Jenenpad) by Tomek Sokal. A coming of age novel based on the author's childhood growing up on Mekamís Raste (January Street) in the small town of Dayaram.
The Brilliance of Fools and The Foolishness of Sages by Spiro Skala.
Children of Happenstance (series) by Samira Slazak. The series follows the exploits of the Rusnak sisters, Jola and Nina, as they find themselves repeatedly involved in extraordinary and fantastical circumstances.

  • The House on Klenovi Raste

Shatter the Sky by Kaveri Filipek. The plot was so convoluted and chock-full of vague symbolism that no one can really agree on what it was supposed to be about.
The Strange Tale of Josef Sokolovski by Andre Kulkarni. A meteorologist with precognitive powers comes face to face with a man who can manipulate the weather.