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The Barbaric Empire of
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Seven hundred seventy three years in summation.

The Barbaric Empire of Xeraph was born from the destruction of the island nations of Lemuria and Mu. Legendary Atlantis had already slid beneath the waves some three thousand years earlier, the survivors of this cataclysm settling first in Mu.
The leader of this group of survivors was a man named Tanith, a priest of the gods of Xeraphia. The nation received it's name from a mighty arkhangel, a Seraphim of the Paradise Realm of the Creator. This arkhangel was charged with the task of creating an earthly abode for the gods of the Paradise Realm.

The place they landed in was a green, fertile, semi-tropical area. They found no inhabitants for several years until an indigenous tribe attacked the settlers, killing and wounding half the Lemurians. Banding together, the Xeraphians headed into the heavily-forested, mountainous portion of their lands until they found, to their surprise, a fully-developed society of barbaric savages who had erected numerous temples and ziggurats in an immense space cut from the forests.

Tanith had the warriors wait until the sun went down, and then put the cities to the torch. Thousands died not knowing who it was that had killed them. In less than six months, the few remaining inhabitants were either hunted down and killed or fled into the deep interior of the land. It was not until two cnturies later that the Xeraphians discovered that thisland was an outpost of the Empire of Acheron, an Empire that stretched over nearly three-quarters of the globe. The tribe they had exterminated were called Kothites, and it was decades before the surviving Kothites made it alive to the capitol of the Acheronan Empire, Xuchotl, to report to the Emperor the events of years past.