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The Party

The Party

HQ: Xeon City

Membership: about 10 million

- Xeonism
- Totalitarianism
- Militarism
- Ultranationalism

Unofficial internal factions:
- Militarists
Militarists primarily focus on the military strength and external conquest. Often considered to be hotheaded. Some extreme militarists want to turn whole country into essentially an army, where people would live in barracks and have highly regimented life. Militarists are currently dominant faction after de-facto coup, although internal fractures might pave way for other factions to seize power.

- Conservatives
Conservatives focus on keeping the status quo. Dominant in government bureaucracy. They are hostile to any attempts to reduce power of the government.

- Security apparatus
Officials in dark suits and briefcases. Not much is known about them. Those who do might disappear. They prefer more elusive methods in governance compared to hotheaded militarists. Quite common in the state-owned enterprises, as well as in black market. Allied with technocrats.

- Technocrats
Technocrats are more interested in competent governance and economy than ideology. Considered to be relatively liberal. On foreign policy they tend to be dovish, unless area conquered has significant economic resources. Common in bureaucracy and state-owned enterprises.

- Ultraxeonists
Ultraxeonists are extreme ideologues and will not rest until every part of the globe, including Xeon itself, is purified from ''degeneracy''. Formerly dominant, now increasingly sidelined. Most commonly found in cultural institutes, occasionally in the military and bureaucracy. Allied with the militarists.