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1. National Anthem: The Promised Land
Melody: LinkO Christmas Tree

The Promised Land is a popular patriotic song which first verse came from the days of resistance against Yukom Pyreksa's military junta. The only become national anthem in 2010 after replacing the bland "God Save Wunderstrafanstalt".


One serene earth, blue is its shade
Heroes, traitors paint it red
We gaze the same limitless stars
While lines on sand divide us.

Our hope had not yet perished
For ten thousand years we all wished
When we look up to endless stars
The promised land still awaits us

Our fooled father shot eachother
For "king", "honor", and "nation"
In big cold chains old Ma shivered,
Her children in starvation.


Hear, old prophecy from Aether:
"All day, all night, all freedom"
The time has come - now or never
Down with lies, up with reason!


2. Continental Anthem: The Song of the Lairans
Melody: Link"Ode to Joy"

The Song of the Lairans is the official anthem of the Lairan Union. It calls for continental unity and to replace the violent history between its members with a new age of peace and cooperation.


Laira, Laira, above all else
Above all else in the world
When, for protection and defense
As one we brotherly merge.

Old woes will heal, old scars will wither
Old hatred will be forgotten
From the ashes of our father
New age grow for all nation.

Every person becomes brother
Under your magical wings
Let the lines over sand shatter!
From it peace and freedom brings.

3. Global Anthem: The Internationale
Melody: LinkThe Internationale

Official anthem of the New World Organization. First crafted by a Roman socialist Eugène Pottier before being edited and used by the Roman Whigs Party, it was changed time and time again until 12010 where the communistic message was purged by the pro-market President Scaris and his Niendelberg Group. It was a rallying song during the 12017's Spring of the Planet, culminating in its spontaneous singing by all world leaders after the siging of the Narclaw Agreement.


Arise, all sapient men of the earth
Arise, all prisoners of lines
Your class, status and nation of birth
Are just nothing but empty lies.

So now break yourself from your own prisons
Rise up rise up, no more in thrall
Then, earth will rise on new foundations
We who were nothing will be all.

|So humans, come rally
For the last fight we face
Internationale...Unites the human race!|

No 'high being' will grace us saviour
Not God, not Caesars, not Tribune
On our own hand we must deliver
Decree the common salvation.

If the kings and warmongers keep trying
To sacrifice us to their pride
Then they soon see the bullets flying
We'll shoot the kings on our own side.


4. Party Electoral Anthem: Leovin Kalvar President
Melody: LinkSolidarity Forever

The official song of the Functional Forces electoral campaign in 12017, this song is famous for its strikingly to-the-point message and repetitiveness and is uniformly sung by all FF activist in every rally. It became even more famous after an FF electoral ad, which ran once every 15 minutes on TV or on unskippable WhoTube ads, combines this song with dramatic and funny (and opponent-demeaning) animations, striking graphs, and news articles screenshots about Kalvar's successes in his career. His opponent's contradictory statements or scandals in public union money embezzlement, sexual harassment, or links with SOZI secret police's human rights abuses is also unapologetically shown.


Leovin Kalvar President,
Leovin Kalvar President,
Leovin Kalvar President,
Light of New Age save us all!

When our children are abducted
Our money are stolen
Rent is strangling, the shops looted
Our planet is broken
Came our rightful leader
He looks, he knows, he fixed, he's fast!
For Prince should be President!

Leovin Kalvar President,
Leovin Kalvar President,
Leovin Kalvar President,
Light of New Age save us all!

We don't want the weak or lying
Our only hope is the Prince
Strong and handsome, smart and dashing!
Who will rinse Laira clean
Let's kick regpests in their booty
Reclaim our destiny:
For let's make Prince President!

Leovin Kalvar President,
Leovin Kalvar President,
Leovin Kalvar President,
Light of New Age save us all!

Look, big regpests on horizon–
Their big feet will wreck our house!
They'll abduct our tax and children
To feed their milipops lords
Assemble we, army of knights
The Prince call us to the fight!
We will make Prince President!

Leovin Kalvar President,
Leovin Kalvar President,
Leovin Kalvar President,
Light of New Age save us all!

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