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The Continental-Federal Republic of
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Kurzgesagt - In A Nutshell

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This factbook is written to give a quick glance on Wunderstrafanstalt, their culture, their policies, and other things.
The Continental-Federal Republic of Wunderstrafanstalt, the Princely Kingdom, member of the Lairan Union and the New World Organization is a culturally capitalist, liberal democratic republic on western Laira. It is governed by the New World Order government led by the globalist President Leovin Kalvar and his efficient, albeit somewhat corrupt Working Cabinet in a semi-presidential system supported by lines of business oligarchs. Wunderstrafanstalt and the other LU members are in the process to merge into a single continental federation by 12029, while expanding their grip over the planet in the mean time.

The majority of the 1.4 billion Lairo-Wunderstrafanstaltians, most of them are of Carolingine Caucasoids or Southeast Aseian ethnicity live in dense highrises in the smog-hazed megalopolises across the Golden Circum. Children compete under the unmerciful Discriminatory Ranked Academic System while their parents return home weekly through the cherished bullet trains, and spend their life working tirelessly in an ultracompetitive environment, pumping the nation's GDP of 85 trillion Lerones (continental currency - 1 NS$ = 2.04 LUL) per year.

Today, the all-seeing digital 'eyes' of the continental surveillance system and towering cranes of the NWO's various sweeping ecological and infrastructure projects stood everywhere throughout the continent, a powerful remider of the New World Order's increasingly omnipresent authority. Having only existed for a mere 2 years, the young order seized planetary power in 12017 by promising peace and stability to the people who is in revolt against the "Age of Chaos" - chaotic reign of the unsustainable and conflict-mongering nationalist-populist regimes worldwide. Now highly experienced to extinguish "anti-Reason" populist movements, the NWO seeks to return the liberal-globalist order - ideals of the 'Old World Order' who fell victim to the 1990's populist fire.

-"Kurzgesagt" means "in a nutshell" in German. This nation in general and this factbook in particular has nothing to do with that superawesome youtube channel, LinkKurzgesagt (definitely check them out.)

-Important datas is available on the "General Informations" factbook.

-National factbook is intended to be a detailed and precised wiki-style information source, it is therefore will never take a long time to be completed.

-I do not own any image across all of my factbook (except Wunderstrafanstalt flag). The method I usually employ is to google a certain image, "open image in new tab" and copy the link. Please don't sue - not worth it. Please?

-I'm a Linkdiscoverer author, which means that the storytelling and info can change dramatically on a whim, even if there is no apparent reason, and that there will be small to gigantic edits every time I have spare time to be wasted (i.e hundreds per month).

-This nation is basically an exercise of what might happen if I suddenly gained all of Kalvar's mighty capabilities, become supreme ruler of earth and implement my ideology. Yes, there will be blood. And corruption.

-I isnt an native english speaker, so ekspected misspeling or gramar mistake here and there (I'm would try my goodest).


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