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The current Constitution of The Principality of Witiland


We the blessed people of The Principality of Witiland, reinstate our independence in the case that there were no former document having the same effect as a constitution. We establish Witialnd to promote common human rights such as Liberty, property, the pursuit of happiness, and other such freedoms.


All people who refer to our nation shall say it correctly as to not disrespect the pride and honor of our nation. Therefore all shall refer to our nation as Witiland, the full name shall be The Principality of Witiland, and citizens of Witiland shall be called Witilandian, and all official documents, geography maps, etc. shall use this name.


The head and leader of Witiland shall be elected by the people and only the people and no other body may affect this, or serve consequence will follow. The highest executive position shall be named Presidential office, although it is still valid to call it the prince's/king's office. The High prince alone will be able to achieve the following things; vetoing unfit bills, giving awards and honor to those who did something honorable, limited control of the police and military (Go to Article III for more about the parliament),Declaration of war, handling with national and international emergencies, and role to represent Witiland in all instances expect for ones that would make it difficult for the Prince to attend. The prince can be charged with crimes however trials must happen after his/her term ends.

This document also creates Parliament, a legislative body that will always be made up of 100 elected individuals and Vice president who's only role is the overlook those in parliament and insure that nothing is corrupt. The powers of parliament include introducing bills, discussing about bills, presenting bills, voting on bills, editing and revising the terminology and conditions of a bill, collecting taxes, creating currency, and creating the basis for laws, which must be signed for the president. As well as a 100 members in parliament two seats shall be referred to as Break-Krawatte (break tie) and these two seats must have the same political party.

This Article establishes the highest court of Witiland which has the power to bring justice among the land and to fix the wrong doings of the past. Other roles of the highest court will be decided by the parliament as time goes on.

This constitution can change and be amended as long as a referendum is held and at least 2/3 of people agree to it or 66 members in parliament. However only The rights of Witilandians can be significantly edited, as everything before can only be edited slightly to make sound more clear and concise.


I. Every Witialndian shall not be refused the basic humans rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
II. Every Witilandfian deserves the right to free speech including burning flags, speech, protest, religion, and opinions.
III. The government of Witiland shall not censor anything unless it pose significant threat to national security or if it is of inappropriate material
IV. Everyone deserves access to information and therefore the government must provide free information to everyone in an easy and accessible way.
V. Everyone deserves a free, tax free trial among their peers and shall be deemed innocent till proven guilty