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Werewolves in Witiland and PWKW

5,630 years ago, the first werewolf of Witilandian royal family blood was born, mother who was a human and father who was a fierce wolf. A relation meant to bridge the gap between humans and nature, it gave birth to a whole new creation. For hundreds of years Witiland has been ruled by werewolf kings,and more recently by werewolf presidents. Once every man knew that the kings of Witiland were werewolves, however as humanity strayed away from nature, the kings hid their true form. Men,women, and children alike came to despise werewolves, and in order for the government to stay intact, they pretended to kill all werewolves, but in reality led to safe places to stay hidden and sneak them into daily culture. This worked for centuries until the great war (1928-1946) when there were rumors of great beasts roaming the battlefield, sparking a theory that werewolves still walked the earth.. This was also cemented by other wars where the same stories were heard, large wolf beasts, walking on two legs ,roaming like wolves yet with the intelligence of a human. Many feared their own lives and believed that entire villages were going to be eaten by werewolf leaders. So in return, PWKW(Protect Witiland Kill the werewolves) was formed by a group of villagers who were personally impacted by werewolves. Despite the fact that it took decades for it to catch steam, many joined after former prince and present day leader of Witiland, Carlo Granvile Koepsel, was thought to be a werewolf, according to some sources. While this is true,Koepsel has not killed any Witilandians and keeps to that promise. Kopsel wants people to understand werewolves are not all that bad and are just as human as regular people.