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Article I
A citizen is defined as a member nation residing within the region, who has applied for citizenship within the Discord, and been accepted by a member nation of the government with proper authority.

Article II
Citizens have the right to political discourse with other member nations, so long as said discourse is conducted in an orderly manner, while following the RMB code of conduct.

Article III
Citizens have the right to free speech, so long as the Nationstates posting rules are followed.

    Article IIIa
    Free speech does not apply to:

Article IV
Citizens have the right to lobby issues with/against the government when necessary, without fear of reprisal or punishment.

Article V
While free speech is permitted, inciting unnecessary conflict is strictly prohibited.

=-=RMB Conduct=-=

Article I
Each member nation is responsible for their own standard of behaviour. Other nations will not be held responsible for your actions, unless it is determined that the opposing nation is proven to be guilty of willfully drawing the first into action.

Article II
Each member nation is held to the standards of the Nationstates rules of code and conduct, listed within the help menu, as well as within the One Stop Rules Shop.

Article III
Member nations are expected, but not mandated, to keep a minimum standard of grammar and syntax, in order for their message to be better understood and better received by the community.

Article IV
Member nations breaking the code of conduct will be punished at the discretion of the moderators and the imperator. The severity of the punishment shall be decided upon the severity of the offense, which can range from a warning to a banjection from the region.


Article I
The Imperator is the overarching role of the region, and can do anything necessary for the regions success, continuation, or survival. They are given their role by the Founder, and are given the permissions as follows: Banject members, suppress member nations, mass telegram the region, assign new officers, organize polls, create and edit laws, moderate the RP world.

Article II
The Moderators are picked on a by-need basis, by the imperators or the founder. The Moderators are given border control, communications, and polls, such that they can ban offenders, suppress offenders, and raise important polls.