by Max Barry

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Branches of Our Armed Forces

The Armed Forces of Whovian Tardisia have four main branches, as follows:

Whovian Army
Our ground personnel, trained to fight on foot and in ground vehicles. Cooperate with the Navy in coastal invasions, and the Air Force overseas.

Whovian Navy
Defenders of our waters, the Navy works in tandem with Customs and Immigration almost constantly. Proud to cooperate with the Air Force and Army in coastal settings.

Whovian Air Force
Guardians of the skies. Trained to be some of the best aerial dogfighters in the world. Occasionally collaborate with the Space Brigade.

Whovian Space Brigade
Represents Whovian Tardisia in space, diplomatically and militarily. Mainly use TT Capsules for transport.

Whovian Time Protection Agency
The WTPA is more espionage centered than military. We ensure that no one makes history go against the way it was meant to. Specific examples are classified.

This document confirmed as genuine and truthful by:
General Albert Rassilon, Veteran of the Whovian Army and Minister of Defence.