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OOC Stuff

Howdy! I am the guy behind Wexas, everyone's favorite (or not) Post-Apocalyptic Medieval Cattlepunk (Real Term) nation in the Wetlands of Texas. This factbook is just to get some things outta the way.

So, who is the infamous [redacted] in my sig?

Well, if you're some nerd who clicked on this factbook, you probably actually care about who I am. My 'main' nation is Hammer Britannia and I am also behind nations such as Topoliani and a few other nations you've might have seen around NS occasionally.

Are you actually from Texas?

Technically no. I was not born in Texas, rather being born in Europe and spending most of my life in a large city south of Seattle. It sucked, so I moved down here to Houston back in 2016. The state really grew on me afterward, though that might be because Texans are one of the few peoples with more pride and patriotism to their own state than to their country. So it's kinda hard to avoid all of the good things about Texas. Barbecues, the Alamo, Cowboys (Not the sports team, they suck), even the less-stereotypical things like San Antonio's pride for the military or Houston's pride for NASA. Soooo, to say the natives have 'converted' me would be an understatement. It helps that they are surprisingly friendly, though that might be because I wasn't some 'goddamn Californian liberal' as one of my friends puts it (he was joking, btw).

While I do consider myself Texan by citizenship, even after such 'conversion', I don't see myself as culturally Texan or otherwise. If we're being honest, that would be a bit pretentious. And besides, I still do have some Cascadian in me. And no, it's not weed.

What inspired Wexas?

I was attending a wedding back in March when I saw a small shack that was damaged by Hurricane Harvey. I thought to myself "What if some kind of apocalypse happened down here?" And then I created Wexas, the MT post-apocalyptic nation run by a democratically elected government... Yeah! That's right. Wexas was originally a nation along the Gulf Coast of Texas that was a Democratic MT nation. However, then I decided that it would be boring if I went down that route, and I decided "Why not make it AtE?" I always wanted to make a AtE-Based nation, and I had a few ideas floating around, like a united Cascadian Empire suffering a religious conflict between Gaians and Celtics (two in-game religions), a small Cowboy-like town that managed to maintain firearms (this later became Silver Bow), Unified Florida under the in-game Mouse Tribe, and a few others. However, I decided to make this nation the AtE nation, though I did take heavy creative liberties. For example, I am unsure on whether or not pre-event buildings are still around or if they've been mostly destroyed, but I decided on the former because having a Cowboy King run from one of the oddest skyscrapers in Houston sounded like it would be fun.

As for why this-or-that is within Wexas lore, there are four reasons. Either it was within or based off of AtE lore (such as the Empire of Brazil or the Floridians who worship Disney), it made sense within the world I created (such as New Orleans becoming temporarily larger than New York because of their position on the Mississippi), it was based off actual OTL stuff (such as the statue of Stephen F. Austin), or I just liked it. I will be the first to admit that a lot of this nation is just based on the latter. However, by "I like it" that does not mean that this nation is some kind of fantastical power-wank or whatever. If I wanted that, I would have had Wexas unite Texas under my IRL religion and establish a government based on my political views. Speaking of.

Is Wexas based on your political/societal views?

Absolutely not. While Wexas might have some things better than the other nations around it, such as freedom of religion, a more 'relaxed' social structure, etc, Wexas is still not a pleasant place to live in by my standards. If I had to pick any nation within the Wexasverse to move to, I'd probably pick a nation like Brazil or New York, and even then only reluctantly because the 'best' nations in the Wexasverse would be considered horrible by our standards. And even if Wexas was a democratic nation with modern technology, it still suck because things like individuality and 'not hanging people for speaking ill of the gods' are placed way too low on the importance scale for comfort.

tl;dr: No

As for what I am, that's a tough cookie to crack. My OOC factbook in my main nation is woefully outdated. I will say this though, I have about an equal amount of trust for both business and state. What this means is up to you.

Do you have any future plans for Wexas?

Probably re-work a lot of older factbooks. Such as the incomplete climate factbook and the outdated overview factbook. At this point, I think I have made enough factbooks that if I make another one, NS will tell me 'dude, stop'. Which I won't because you can make an unlimited amount of dispatches IIRC. So long as I still have ideas, I will keep on writing. Which means Little Old Wexas will last for a long time.


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