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Prince Wilhelm Hamlet Oscar Nathan Kehrer [WIP]

Prince Wilhelm Hamlet Oscar Nathan Kehrer
Prince of Western Fardelshufflestein

His Royal Highness

Wilhelm Hamlet Oscar Nathan Kehrer

Image Subtitle

Queen of Western Fardelshufflestein


His Royal Highness (Formal)
Mr. Kehrer (Informal)


11 August 1980 (a.41)




Sophia Natalia Kehrer

Full Name

Wilhelm Hamlet Oscar Nathan Kehrer Kehrer




Alastair Laertes Amadeus Ludwig Kehrer III


Ophelia Anna Kehrer


Alastair Laertes Amadeus Ludwig Kehrer IV

Georg Kehrer University
(Undergraduate - Bachelor's in English)
(PhD in English Literature)

Roman Catholicism (non-practicing)
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Introductory Paragraph....








Early Life

Wilhelm was born in the late morning of 11 August 1980 almost 5 and a half years after his brother, Alastair. He spent his earliest years under Alastair's wing, getting into mischief by stealing desserts, disturbing important meetings, and generally acting up. Although he and Alastair did receive some discipline, they were largely spoiled by their doting parents and grandparents.

As a small boy, Wilhelm was very into Star Wars. This was primarily because Alastair was obsessed with the franchise. He remained devoted to Star Wars up until he was around 9, when he grew out of being Alastair's shadow and became more focused on his own interests. Wilhelm was always very into reading and literature, more so even than what was typical for WFian children. He preferred books over other activities, and, when he entered grade school at Stratford Academy, would opt to read in a corner rather than bond with his peers.

Like his brother, Wilhelm struggled to make friends in school. But his difficulties stemmed from his abrasive nature, as well as his preference for being alone. Unlike Alastair, he was not picked on, though he did perform very well in school. He refrained from joining any of Stratford Academy's limited extracurriculars and had gained a reputation for being withdrawn and asocial by the time Alastair graduated.

Wilhelm was not yet thirteen when his grandfather was killed in a car crash in downtown New Hamletberg. Though shaken, he was nowhere near as traumatized as Alastair and in fact began tormenting his brother. He made fun of Alastair's depressive state and weight gain when he began stress eating.

He refused to interact with Alastair once he'd left for university and became more combative and self-serving, often getting into disputes with his parents. He was sexually active at the age of seventeen and had started taking recreational drugs by the time he graduated secondary school.


Wilhelm graduated 5th in his class of 164 at Stratford Academy and matriculated to Georg Kehrer University, where he studied literature. He cultivated an interest in authors from England in particular, which stemmed primarily from his love of Shakespeare, and became particularly invested in studying works from the 18th and 19th centuries.

When he completed his undergraduate degree in 2002, he applied and was accepted into the graduate program at Georg Kehrer University. His studies were mainly in the field of English literature and professorship, and he worked as a TA in the English department until he received his PhD in 2006.


Wilhelm continued to work for the Department of English after receiving his doctorate, primarily as a researcher and literary analyst. He initially worked under the department head at the time, Miles Geller, for a year and a half. The project centered around the works of George Eliot; Wilhelm had begun working on it during his final semester as a doctoral candidate, so he found the transition to part-time worker to full-time researcher fairly seamless.

He worked as a teaching assistant under Geller for the next academic year, by which point he was beginning to peruse the university archives to develop a project of his own. Unfortunately, the university refused funding for his research idea because he was not a professor, and he could not be hired as a professor because the department had no openings. Incensed, Wilhelm went back to working under Geller, shelving his project idea for a later time.

In 2008, Geller, who was by then in his mid seventies, retired; a professor Wilhelm knew quite well named Dr. Ferdinand Beck was appointed in his stead. Wilhelm seized the opportunity to apply for a professorship. He was not offered the position, as the department felt he was still too young and inexperienced, but was instead formally hired as an assistant professor for Dr. Beck.

Wilhelm was, of course, highly offended by this slight. He remained bitter for several weeks despite reassurances from his colleagues that this was natural and he would be granted professorship in time.

That time came 9 years later in 2017, when Wilhelm was 36. His accomplishment was sadly dampened when his father was diagnosed with brain cancer and opted to step down from his duties, bringing into question Wilhelm's role in the Royal Family. At his father's behest, he decided to follow his own career path, something that came as a great relief.

Wilhelm began teaching undergraduate courses in 19th century English literature that spring (fall for the northern hemisphere), and has remained in that particular field since then. In 2018, the university granted him the funding and resources to undergo the research project he had first conceived in 2007. He began working on it immediately, and appointed both graduate and undergraduate assistants as well as recent PhD graduates who were looking for jobs. The project, which has been ongoing for three years, focuses on the recovery and analysis of relatively obscure Victorian works. It works alongside the English department at the University of Wittenberg, WF's other university, and with the University of Cambridge in England. Wilhelm heads the project alongside professors from the other involved universities. He is not the most experienced leader of the team, which he acknowledges, but he makes up for it with his shrewd intellect and great ambition.

Since the onset of the pandemic and the illness of his brother, Wilhelm has been pulled away more and more from his work to deal with political affairs and managing Alastair's care. His busy schedule means he does not have as much time as he would like to be with Alastair, but it also means he has fewer obligations when it comes to running the country, for which he is grateful. Fortunately, the work on his project is picking up again, allowing him to devote more time to his career and giving him a much-needed escape from the woes of his personal life.

Personal Life

Wilhelm began engaging in raunchy behaviors during his second-to-last year in secondary school. He started sneaking into university parties, hiding his identity so he could pass as 18 and get access to alcohol and drugs. Within months, he'd fallen into a weekend routine: wait until around midnight when his parents were asleep, sneak out a ground floor window of the palace, dash across the palace lawn with his coat fluttering behind him and his false ID in hand. He'd club into the wee hours of the morning, then either drag his hammered ass back home or spend a few hours at a female friend's residence. On occasion, one of his female friends would accompany him back home, then sneak out through one of the public entrances under Wilhelm's guidance.

Because there is a security system set up around Elsinore palace, all of Wilhelm's illicit activities were caught on camera. Wilhelm knew all of this, but he also knew the palace security had no need to report his escapades to his parents unless he was in immediate danger. Yet he still had to be careful; if he made too much noise, knocked anything over, the cameras would pinpoint him as the obvious culprit. He evaded their attention until he was 17, when his parents went to check on him because it was getting close to noon. Since he'd developed the habit of sleeping in until around 11 in the morning, staying in his room with the door locked was habitual over the weekends. However, on this particular day, he remained hidden for longer than usual. His concerned parents unlocked his door from the outside, then forced it open--and beheld Wilhelm spending time with a female friend he'd met at the club the night before.

Despite being severely disciplined, his escapades only grew worse from there. By the time he entered university, he had garnered a reputation as WF's party boy, and juicy articles of his ventures dominated the Western Fardelshufflestein Sentinel's gossip column. He moved out of Elsinore Palace and all but ceased communication with Alastair, who at that time was studying and the States and frequently sent him letters. His parents, mortified by and deeply concerned about his habits, vainly staged several interventions for him, but their efforts were ignored.


Wilhelm is not known to be the most approachable individual; he is very withdrawn, more so than his brother, and comes off as aloof. Far from the conversational type, Wilhelm eschews small talk and spends much of his free time in his office either working or reading. He would much rather be surrounded by his books than mingling with his coworkers, but even then, there is always the chance he could be pulled away from his task by a student or one of his superiors. Such an interruption is one of the things Wilhelm despises the most. Yet, when it comes to human interactions related to his work, he has learned to suppress his aggravation and focus on the task at hand.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the only type of situation in which Wilhelm can tamp down his anger. Ever since he was young, he has been known for his explosive temper. He would often lose his cool over the smallest of inconveniences and instigate shouting matches with his family. It only got worse in adolescence, when he became more moody, and persisted into adulthood. He has frequently gotten into arguments so intense that he and his adversary would avoid each other for days and possibly weeks; most notably, he and Marie got into an argument in September 2020 and did not make amends for about a week.

Wilhelm's short fuse has also reportedly led to more serious consequences on multiple occasions throughout his life. When he was seventeen, his parents caught him doing certain activities in his bedroom; while this alone was enough to spark horror and dismay, his reaction to their intrusion was to scream and threaten to cut all his ties to the Crown. His parents' response was to freeze his bank account and revoke his driving privileges, as well as prevent him from leaving their sight during waking hours except to shower, sleep, and use the bathroom when he was not at school. More recently, in July of 2020, a morning spent drinking beer with Alastair and an offhanded comment escalated into an argument. It rapidly descended into a fistfight, leaving Wilhelm with a broken nose.

While his nose has healed and he has not touched alcohol since then, he is still incredibly volatile. It is not that he is constantly looking to argue; rather, he gets set off easily, and his response blows everything way out of proportion in a way that he cannot control. However, during the stretches of time he is not worked up about something, Wilhelm is generally negative and unfriendly. He comes off as such because of how direct he is, and also because of his condescension. He tends to view others as beneath him intellectually and carries about him an air of pretentiousness, regarding the frivolities of life as the drivel of dullards. His fondness of Shakespearean insults is excessive, even for a WFian, and he takes pleasure in using words against other people who might not know their definitions so he can insult them twofold.

He is a highly angsty individual who spends most of his time brooding, but he does sometimes show emotion that is less off-putting. Surprisingly, he is very close with his daughter and plays a very active role in her life. He genuinely respects his mother, more so than he ever did in his youth, and will even display acts of chivalry such as holding doors for her, driving her around, and making sure she is adjusting well.

Furthermore, while he may be slow to admit it, Wilhelm does care about Alastair. He was keen to speak neutrally and even negatively about his elder brother in the past, but he has softened a bit since Alastair's illness and frequently gives updates about his condition. Many think Wilhelm does not love Alastair because he is not the sentimental type, though the opposite is true. He is actually quite fond of him, even if he is the last to admit it, because of his closed-off nature and indifference toward displays of affection. Wilhelm has expressed multiple times that he wants to help Alastair in his continued recovery, which is about as affectionate as he gets, and is an active advocate for his brother's wellbeing.


Political Views

Wilhelm intentionally distances himself from politics, preferring instead to focus on his professorial career. He has revealed next to nothing about his political views and generally presents himself as being politically apathetic. In the past, he shirked his royal duties for the sake of revelry; in more recent years, he has reluctantly attended the occasional official function. Upon the death of his father and illness of his brother, he has reportedly been ancillary in managing executive affairs, but only in a very limited capacity.

Religious Views

Although he was raised Catholic, Wilhelm does not regularly attend church or participate in religious activities; however, he claims to believe in God to some degree. Like with most things, Wilhelm is very secretive about his personal beliefs, so he has not openly admitted where he stands spiritually.












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