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The Kingdom of Weedelia

The United Kingdom of Weedelia


Motto: Unity makes strength


Population: 68 million (01/2015)
- Density: 121 km˛

Capital: Wedsterdam
Largest City: Wedsterdam

Official Language: Weelian

Demonym: Weedelian

- President: Ivak Snater
- Vice President: Karls Gohnz

Establishment: from Uncortz
Independence: January 6, 2015

Land Area:
- 168.727 mile˛
- 437.000 km˛

GDP: 228 trillion (12/2015)
GDP per capita: 113,791 (12/2015)

Human Development Index:
- 89 (12/2015)

Currency: krat

Drives on the: right

Calling code: +76653

Internet TLD: .kw

Weedelia (Weeде-лиa), officially The United Kingdom of Weedelia is an island sovereign state situated in the 10000 Islands region. It has a population of more than 68 million and an area of 437,000 km˛ (168.727 mile˛).


The country of Weedelia gained its independence from the now inexistent state of Uncortz after heavy revolts and government changes. Although it was always a reliable county, after the political and military instability in the region of Uncortz, the whole island of Weedelia decided in a referendum to proceed to independence.

The United Kingdom of Weedelia declared it's independence on January 6, 2015 and declared loyalty to the 10000 Islands where it feels most comfortable. Weedelia became a member of the World Assembly, and the 10000 Islands in the same day of its independence.


The constitution of Weedelia establishes a constitutional monarchy —the current monarch is King Drvy (Дрви)— organized as a Linkparliamentary democracy. The government and national parliament are seated in Wedsterdam, the nation's capital, largest city and main commercial centre. Weedelia's monarchy exercises hegemonic influence in the Weedelian Realm, devolving powers to handle internal and external affairs.

The government of The United Kingdom of Weedelia is strictly Linksecular. It is officially neutral in matters of religion, supporting neither religion nor irreligion. Weedelia's government classification (category) is set to be: Democratic Socialists.

The government prioritizes Education, although Healthcare, Environment, and Defense are also considered important, while Spirituality is ignored.


The United Kingdom of Weedelia has a compulsory military service. Anyone must pass the military service at adulthood. The minimum length or period is 4 years and must be accomplished between the 18 and 36'th birthday. This makes possible for students to finish their studies. The country spends a big part of its budget in defense. The military equipment, vehicles and technology are therefore capable, updated and powerful.

Uniform and weapons

The United Kingdom of Weedelia uses the LinkFRACU battle uniform for all of its soldiers. The official assault rifle is a lightly modified version of the LinkAK-12 named AK-12w. Weedelia's special forces and anti-terrorist groups use a custom version of the LinkVector CRB named Vector-W. The main handgun used by all of the security forces is the also modified, LinkBerreta M9A1. Sniper and long-range operators use a custom version of the LinkVKS sniper rifle, the VKS-w.

Armored vehicles

The main battle tank of the army is the custom version of the LinkLeopard 2A7+. Custom versions of the LinkBMPT and LinkBTR-90 are used as AFVs, AA and support.

Custom versions of the LinkKamAZ-63968 and LinkUral-T are used as medium multi-role vehicles. The main multipurpose vehicle is a custom version of the LinkGAZ Tigr.


The United Kingdom of Weedelia relies on multirole fighters for both defense and offense. The main fighter is a custom version of the stealth multi-role fighter LinkPAK-FA.

A custom version of the LinkKA-52 is used as the main attack helicopter. Also, custom versions of the LinkMi-24 are used as secondary attack and transport helicopters.

For heavy cargo and/or troops transport and support, Weedelia uses custom versions of the the LinkV-22 Osprey tiltrotor and the LinkA400M Atlas.

Additional roles such as surveillance, electronic warfare, search and rescue and early warning and control among others are carried by all of these in their respective sub-versions.


The United Kingdom of Weedelia uses its own versions of submarines based on the LinkAstute and LinkVanguard class attack and ballistic submarines. Various builds based on the LinkCVN-78 model are used as Linksupercarriers. All the destroyers are based on the LinkZumwalt-class. Frigates are based on the LinkGCS-Type26 model.

Economy and Welfare.

The frighteningly efficient Weedelian economy is quite specialized and led by the Information Technology industry, with major contributions from Tourism. State-owned companies are common. Average income is distributed extremely evenly, with little difference between the richest and poorest citizens. Business subsidization is pretty strong. People are free to open their business and receive large subsidies in the first and most critical period. The unemployment rate is about 3% while homeless people receive large subsidies and preparations in order to adapt to the market.

The government invests about ~75% of the Weedelia's GPT into Welfare such as healthcare, social welfare, public transportation, education, commerce, environment and social equality. The official currency is the 'krat'. As of 12/2015, the exchange rate is 1 krat per $1.7775 USD making it one of the strongest currencies in the region.

Foreign Relations

The United Kingdom of Weedelia keeps closely its foreign relations. While peaceful