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Wack-i - Anchankia War (1951 - 1957)

The Wack-i - Anchankia war was a huge war for the Lemonea continent. It was caused due to multiple Anchankian gangs attacking parts of nearby cities. Anchankia used to own a bit of land on the northern island, bordering the Lemonea Sea.

The Heat:

Wack-i and Anchankia were already not too fond of each other, as Anchankia was sending supplies to Soviet Union and Wack-i was anti-soviet, and there was a border dispute on a small town called Smallake. And Wack-i were of Kazakh origin and Anchankians were of Russian origin, so they were kinda born to hate each other.

The Drafts:

The Wack-i started a mass draft in suburban areas surrounding major cities, while Anchankia was convincing people from bordering cities (especially Smallake) to join their side.

The War:

The actual war was long, many soldiers were lost, blah blah. All that matters is that big battles happened. The Wack-i had better force and erased Anchankia from existence.


Anchankia was made into the Anchankia Region by demand of the Wack-i army, later to become the Fjord District. The Wack-i Annex and Accept Policy Law was heavily enforced on the area.

Effects and stuff on today:

Anchankians still mad up 15% of Wack-i Ethnicities. And the Wack-i still celebrate the day the war ended (October 19th, Anchankia-Wack-i Day), the day is also a tribute to the fallen of Anchankia.