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Wack-i Wiki (WIP)

The United States and Territories of the Federation of Wack-i




Population: 10-12 Million as of May 2020
-Density: Urban

Capital: Wack-i City
Largest City: Wack-i City

Official Language: Wackoesian (Wacko), English, Dutch

National Language: Wackoesian (Wacko)

Demonym: Wack-ian (noun), Wack-i (adjective), Wackies (plural)

Government: Right-wing authoritarian federation
- President: Larry McLemon
- Vice President: Ochinchi Lizé
- Speaker of the House: John Hankins
- Chief Justice: Tom Inkoneg

Legislature: Wacko Party
- Upper House: Council
-Lower House: House of the Federation

Establishment: from The Netherlands
Independence: May 7th 1874

Land Area: 2100480 mile˛
3380394.885 km˛
Water Area: 84509.872125 km˛
Water %: 40%

Highest Point: Mt. Lemon
Lowest Point: Federation Valley

GDP (nominal): 2 Billion WDS
GDP (nominal) per capita: 80,000 WDS

Human Development Index (NS Version): 80.74

Currency: Wack Dollars (WDS)

Time Zone: Eastern Federation Time/Wack-i Time (UTC -6), Western Federation Time (UTC -8)

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: 3-W

Internet TLD: WAK


The Wack-i Federation, or officially the United States and Territories of the Federation of Wack-i. Is a capitalist right-wing federation that has a growing population with many big cities. It is located in the south pacific with no nations bordering it. It is made up of 11 administrative districts and 5 territories.


The name "Wack-i" comes from "Wa'aki", literally meaning "crunchy land" but without mess-ups means "core land" as it was the core of most origins of the settlers.