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Wack-i Censorship

Most things that go on in Wack-i Tower (the huge government HQ in the middle of Wack-i City) and the Wack House are out of the public eye unless President McLemon says so. If said, it's still hard to find, it's only broadcasted on state-run news stations and who uses cable anymore? Streaming has swept the nation and that made the Wack Party upset, so only state approved streaming services can be downloaded, unless your using a VPN, which are a thing. The government doesn't really mind it as late 90's Wack-i leader Johnathan Johnny Johnson as he said "if people find a VPN, they deserve a reward bypassing our military grade protection [laughter]". State approved streaming post Streaming Act are:

Basically any kids network streaming so the kids have fun..
State approved News stations

Any non state approved or state owned media can only broadcast on their own networks on cable TV. Sharing Left-wing ideas to the world can get you voiced out, as in taking you to Flamingoistan, saying were rewarding you and giving you a nice mansion, and toss you onto a beach and the Flamingoistani search parties will find you and either executed or thrown in maximum security prison, how secure? It's underground, lasers everywhere, security cameras everywhere, guards behind those cameras auditing your every move, and traps. By April 2020 there is an estimated 800,000 Lefist Wackies shipped to Flamingoistan.

Vandalizing city property can get you voiced out to, lets just go over everything that can get you voiced out (VO) or thrown into a rural town where tribespeople will burn you (TR) or executed (E):

Sharing Left wing ideas (VO)
Vandalism on city property (VO)
Supporting outlawed parties (E)
Questioning new legislation (TR)
Egging the Wack-i House (E)
Threatening death to government officials (VO+E)
(new state crimes coming soon)