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The History of Yerushalem(WIP)

The Yerushalem VI galaxy.
historical information.

First Age

The First age.

A Age of colonization and discovery. The nations of Yerushalem, at first ruled by the Yeru commonwealth, a galaxy spanning interstellar empire, explored and colonized the many worlds of the Yerushalem Galaxy. Their was a golden age of political unity and scientific advancement, and this empire once found its way to other galaxies. They possibly even colonized other galaxies with their technology, breaking the light barrier and going beyond.

They used natural Wormholes to find and exploit new territories, creating new colonies where ever they went.

Second Age

The second age.

The Commonwealth expanded quicker and quicker, taking worlds and exploiting them, while also managing a vast interstellar empire across more than 8 galaxies. Science was allowing them to the capabilities to terraform planets once that uninhabitable, and even harvest the energy of the universe itself to power there ships. They even manipulated wormholes and created rifts in space and time.

However, this age of prosperity would not last.

Over many hundreds of years, a nation called the Yerusi had began to take and use W-Space, or Wormhole space as it is called, as a means of establishing their own empire. For hundreds of years, the Yerusi built a secret empire spanning a entire galaxy, creating new Drone armadas to expand there reach and exploit many resources. They incorporated many new worlds and used those populaces to expand their reach even further.

The Commonwealth however, learned of these events.
They tried to seize the power the Yerusi had token for themselves, becoming greedy and power hungry.
Soon, this led to war.

The War erupted, as the Drone Armies of the Yerusi ignited a violent and raging inferno in the core of the Yerushalem Commonwealth. using this as an opportunity, worlds disloyal to the Commonwealth went into rebellion, and the great fall began.

The Great Fall.

The Great Fall.

The Great Fall raged for thousands of years, as the Yerusi Drone armadas pushed into the Commonwealths heart, and brought fourth unholy destruction and devastation. By the end of the War, 94% of the Galactic population was gone. The Wormholes, sustained by the Commonwealths advanced tech, were closed by the Yerusi fleets.

In a last ditch effort to destroy the Yerusi, the Commonwealth fired a weapon of immense power. It swept the galaxy of most life, ending with only the survival of some of the small outer colonies, that had been left to their own devices as the war went on.

All that remained from this, were the remnants of the once vast fleets of Drone ships, Small isolated installations belonging to the many new galactic factions, and the ruins of every nation that had existed for thousands upon thousands of years.

All that remains now, is potential.

The Present - undetermined number of years later

The galaxy is a wonderful place. Filled with discovery and beauty, but danger and mystery as well. New Nations have began to form, spreading their wings and soaring into space.

end of half-assed lore

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