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President Etor Gurraniz

President Etor Gurraniz
The President of Voxija


Etor Gurraniz

The President speaking at the World Economic Forum

#17th President of Voxija


–Mister President (Formal)
–President Gurraniz(In-formal)

Time in Office



(December 29, 2019)


March 5, 1974


Ineko Ivarra

Full Name

Etor Gurraniz


Zanto Gurraniz


Avairra Gurraniz

Harvard University
(BA in Government)


Military Service



Service Branch


Years of Service

July 1992-July 1993



Etor Gurraniz is the first homosexual president of Voxija. He was inaugurated on December 29, 2019.

President Gurraniz is continuing the path President Agirre set out in her successful term as president. Gurraniz is helping the poor in Voxija and abroad, all without increasing the tax rate too much. Etor Gurraniz has downsized the military a bit, although he hasn't got rid of conscription and doesn't plan too.

Early Life

Etor Gurraniz was born in Bilvao. He is a Pisces, and Voxijan zodiac signs work the same as western ones. Etor was disillusioned with Bilvao's microculture of scamming tourists. Etor knew he was gay in high school, when he found himself oddly aroused by the porn of his best woman friend, Kariñe Oxate.

Etor did his year of conscription. When he was in the army, Etor met his future husband, Ineko Ivarra. They became friends and then fell in love. Gurraniz first dabbled in the political life when he learned that homosexuality was illegal in Bilvao. He campaigned to change the law and succeeded. Etor was only nineteen.

Etor Gurraniz moved to America to learn English and get a degree in government at Harvard University. Not Eton, dispite his name. When he got his degree and came back to Voxija, he was surprised that Ineko still loved him and that Ineko hadn't cheated on Etor. Whatever was left of Gurraniz's self-hatred and gayngst disappeared.

Etor contemplated marriage. In all but the most conservative areas in Voxija, homosexuality was already legal, but gay marriage wasn't. Etor Gurraniz knew that he loved Ineko Ivarra as much as a Disney Princess ever loved her prince, and Etor found something wrong with the fact that he wasn't able to marry his boyfriend. Etor decided, on moral principle, not to marry Ineko until gay marriage was legal throughout Voxija.

Etor got seriously into politics because of that and other issues. He wanted to see justice done, help the poor, and other promises that politicians never keep. Etor Gurraniz occupied a lot of local government positions before running for the Legislative Body.

Etor became the representative for District 10 of West Voxija on the Social Democratic ticket. In the Legislative Body, he campaigned for equal rights and economic justice. He became an influential politician, giving his support to Bixenta Agirre in the 2015 election.

In 2013, Etor's father died of cancer. Gurraniz was reading a book on Confucianism at the time, and so he took a year off politics to mourn. This decision was extremely criticized. When Etor Gurraniz went back to politics, he won back his supporters by proposing bills improving Voxijan healthcare.

Although gay marriage had been legal in West Voxija, and indeed all of Voxija except North Voxija for at least ten years, Etor Gurraniz refused to marry Ineko Ivarra on moral principle. When gay marriage was made legal throughout Voxija, Etor gleefully married his boyfriend of 23 years, Ineko Ivarra.

When Bixenta Agirre announced that she was not running for a second term, the Social Democrats chose Etor Gurraniz as their presidential candidate. He won a pluraloty of the vote, at 43% (a high percentage for Voxijan candidates). Apparently, as well as the voters agreeing with many of Etor's stances, a lot of the voters thought his relationship with Ivarra was "heartwarming".

Right before he got elected as president, his mother died in a car crash. The official cause was the other driver was texting and driving, but we all know that it was a conspiracy... Etor Gurraniz is now an orphan. How sad.


Political Views

Etor's political position is center left. His goals are: more equality, economic and social, making the environment better, raising the federal minimum wage, and, of course, steering Voxija in a better, less destructive direction. Etor Gurraniz's party is the Social Democrats.

For: Abortion, peaceful relations with other countries, Israel, Palestine, two-state solution, trade agreements, free trade, free speech, the EU, progressive tax rate, LGBTQIA+ rights, free healthcare, peaceful protestors, social democracy, multiculturalism, American-style liberals, private charities, government welfare, pragmatism, affirmative action, democracy, republicanism, federal minimum wage, birth control, multilateralism,

Neutral: Catalonia, Taiwan, the PRC, Brexit, freeing Hong Kong, capitalism, libertarian socialism, assimilation, European-style liberals, Trump's America, constitutional monarchy, conscription, prostitution, universal basic income, an independent Scotland, riots, BLM,

Against: Tariffs, autarky, anti-vaxxers, neoliberalism, psychiatry, Basque independence, imperialism, fake news, terrorism of any kind, crony capitalism, corporatism, companies growing too big to fail, climate change deniers, Holocaust deniers, neo-fascists, authoritarian socialism, communism, anarchy, social conservatives, classic liberals, flat tax rate, nukes, absolute monarchy, polygamy, jingoism, autocracy, corruption, laws against hate speech, hate speech, looting, police brutality,

Religious Views

Etor is an agnostic. He believes it is impossible to know whether G-d really exists. However, he won't enforce his beliefs, and he believes in religious freedom and practicing whatever religion you want, as long as it isn't violent.

Etor doesn't believe in making churches pay taxes, even that Hollywood religion you're thinking about.

(Note: most of these opinions are just personal beliefs that don't play much role in his governing).

For: Catholics when they aren't proselytizing or interfering with civil rights, Jews, agnostics, atheism, religious freedom, religious charities, most Christians, eastern religions, letting all religions practice freely, evolution,

Neutral: Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Islam, that Hollywood money suing religion, Satanism, head wraps for women, many NRMs,

Against: Religiously-motivated terrorism, missionaries, laws respecting establishments of religion, the church tax, Violetism, face veils for women, declaring anything the state religion, creationists, theocracy, human sacrifice, Islamists, nations that have state atheism, calling NRMs "cults",


Etor Gurraniz likes to write poetry, especially love poetry. However, he doesn't want to publish a book of his poetry in fear of ending up like Mao Zedong.

Etor was involved in yoga once, but only for exercise, not for religious reasons. Etor quit yoga because people thought he was in it for religious reasons.

Etor Gurraniz used to like golf, but quit after his husband said golf bored him.

A weird hobby Gurraniz has is to look up conspiracy theory sites and laugh at all the conspiracy theories about him. There are a lot of conspiracy theories around Gurraniz.


  • Etor used to eat his toenails when he was a kid.

  • His nickname is "Wtor" due to memes. Some foreign commentators call him "Eton", since Etor went to university at the similarly elite Harvard University. Political opponents call him "Gay-ranitz".

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