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Pronunciation Guide

Voxi, like its mother language Basque, is hard to spell. This pronunciation guide may help with that. Voxija is basically pronounced "Voshiya".

Ņ=ny. Like the Spanish enye.
J=y. Usually appears in between two vowels.
E at the end of words is pronounced like in Spanish.
G is always pronounced like g as in goat.
Ai=ay like hay.
H is pronounced at the beginning of words.
The phoneme "ng" only appears in Old Viņak, but when it does, it's pronounced like ng at the end of the word "long". Ng is not to be confused with ņ.
If "j" appears in Voxi, it is pronounced like the English Y. If "j" appears in Old Viņak, it is pronounced like the English J.

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