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Voxijan Stereotypes

Stereotypes of Voxija. Kind of obvious what these are. This factbook is also for collecting other nations' stereotypes of Voxija as revealed in forum threads.

Angry Voxijan Basques
This stereotype originated right after the War for Voxijan Independence. Prejudiced people in other countries say that if you anger a Voxijan, they will take revenge hard and awesomely. For some reason, this only applies to Voxijans that are mostly of European Basque origin. This stereotype doesn't apply to the native Viñak people. This stereotype also involves Voxijan insurgent movements rising up against when dealt with harshly.

Hatred of "Old World Basques"
Yes, old world Basques is a term in Voxija, used mostly by older people. But the stereotype involves Voxijans hating them and distancing themselves from their Basque origins. This is not a common attitude, and it is held mostly among members of the Nationalist Party and other right-wing movements. Many Voxijans don't care about their Basque ancestry, or they even want to reconcile with European Basques.

Supporting Basque Independence
This contradicts the above stereotype, but who said prejudiced people in other countries were rational? This stereotype was truer when the Basque independence movement was more active. During the mid-late eighties, the richest person in Voxija, Karolina Sirranitz, donated money to violent separatist organizations, but she's dead and the sentiment has passed.

Sex scandals of leaders
Those are, sadly, relatively common among Voxijan leaders. However, they are not as common as prejudiced people in other countries seem to think. A part of the stereotype, and in real life, is that those are the only type of scandal Voxijan leaders have.

The Stereotypical Voxijan "Look"
When prejudiced people from other countries think of Voxijans, a skin color that looks Latino comes to mind. The stereotypical Voxijan has brown curly hair, dark brown, almost black eyes, and a long narrow flat nose, constrasting with the stereotypical "Basque nose." They look Hispanic.

Hatred of Spain
Some people think Voxijans hate anything about Spain, because history. That is not true. Voxijans think of Spain like they think of any European country: big country across the sea that doesn't matter in daily life.

The Voxijan Accent
This is mostly a stereotype in the Basque Country. The rest of the world doesn't care about Voxijan accents. Voxijans replace Bs with Vs and turn dipthongs into single vowels. Voxijans sound unrefined to European Basques.

Voxijan Youth
According to stereotypes, young Voxijan men are always dressed like bankers, and young Voxijan women are obsessed with European trains. This stereotype actually has some basis in fact.

How many Voxijans does it take to change a lightbulb?
The entire government and bureaucratic machine to make sure that the light bulb is eco friendly and that no one was oppressed in the whole process, according to Hardholm.
Two, one to make sure they aren't forcing the lightbulb to change and one to change it if the lightbulb agrees, according to Lavand.

Voxijan BF/GF according to other nations.

Voxijan BF according to Karamiko
- Beautiful mixed features, Austronesian and European.
- Speaks a language that you think you'll never be able to understand.
- Regards 50ºF as a seriously cold temperature.
- Likes to dress up as a banker for some reason.
- Always talking about someone on TV named Ganetxa.

>looks like a fourth grader
>believes in peace and love
>family oriented
>"anon have you seen deadecca???"

Polandball Stereotypes:
Bork: Voxi voxi. Food (like remove kebab): pali. Tiny compared to other countryballs, especially Basque Country. Whenever they appear together in the same comic, Basque Country always has a beret, and Voxija has no hat. The stupid eyes. Every stereotype mentioned above. Germany calls Voxija "Der Voschland" in every comic where they both appear. Viñaks are represented as 5balls, 7balls or Voxijan flags if 5balls are banned/7balls are just for Native Americans. Voxija speaks generic Engrish.

Puns (heard 'em all before):
Bixenta Agirre=B*tch-enta Agirre.
Zelikanxoa=Zelikan-sho'ah (Sho'ah is the Holocaust).
Vañeta=Valletta (Vañeta is not the capital of Malta).
Txala Enterprises=T'Challa (actually, that's awesome).