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Voxijan Stereotypes and Perceptions

Stereotypes of Voxija. Kind of obvious what these are. This factbook is also for collecting other nations' stereotypes of Voxija as revealed in forum threads and what other nations think we are like. A lot of these stereotypes are contradictory.

Foreign Stereotypes:

The Voxijan government has a bit of a thing with people thinking that Voxija is a banana republic, Latin American country, or Third World country. They don't like it. They don't like it at all. We're a fully developed Basque Philippines in the Eastern Hemisphere with high political freedom, thanks!

Angry Voxijan Basques
This stereotype originated right after the War for Voxijan Independence. Prejudiced people in other countries say that if you anger a Voxijan, they will take revenge hard and awesomely. For some reason, this only applies to Voxijans that are mostly of European Basque origin. This stereotype doesn't apply to the native Viņak people. This stereotype also involves Voxijan insurgent movements rising up against when dealt with harshly.

Hatred of "Old World Basques"
Yes, old world Basques is a term in Voxija, used mostly by older people. But the stereotype involves Voxijans hating them and distancing themselves from their Basque origins. This is not a common attitude, and it is held mostly among members of the Nationalist Party and other right-wing movements. Many Voxijans don't care about their Basque ancestry, or they even want to reconcile with European Basques.

Supporting Basque Independence
This contradicts the above stereotype, but who said prejudiced people in other countries were rational? This stereotype was truer when the Basque independence movement was more active. During the mid-late eighties, the richest person in Voxija, Karolina Sirranitz, donated money to violent separatist organizations, but she's dead and the sentiment has passed.

Sex scandals of leaders
Those are, sadly, relatively common among Voxijan leaders. The former president Bixenta Agirre was known among other countries for these sorts of scandals. However, they are not as common as prejudiced people in other countries seem to think. A part of the stereotype, and in real life, is that those are the only type of scandal or corruption Voxijan leaders seem to have.

The Stereotypical Voxijan "Look"
When prejudiced people from other countries think of Voxijans, a skin color that looks Latino comes to mind. The stereotypical Voxijan has brown curly hair, dark brown, almost black eyes, and a long narrow flatnose, constrasting with the stereotypical "Basque nose." They look Hispanic.

The Stereotypical Voxijan Personality
The men cry, the women are tough as nails, and third gender people exist. Voxijans take revenge in a "whoa" way. They don't like Spain or European Basques. Voxijans like everyone else, especially cultures that should be their enemies. Voxijans are chill without taking drugs and they have an "inclusiveness culture" like Nordic countries. Of course, this is just according to stereotype.

Hatred of Spain
Some people think Voxijans hate anything about Spain, because history. That is not true. Voxijans think of Spain like they think of any European country: a big country across the sea that doesn't matter in daily life.

The Voxijan Accent
This is mostly a stereotype in the Basque Country. The rest of the world doesn't care about Voxijan accents. Voxijans replace Bs with Vs and turn dipthongs into single vowels. Voxijans sound unrefined to European Basques. In writing, Voxijans use a lot of comma splices.

Voxijan Youth
According to stereotypes, young Voxijan men are always dressed like bankers or Slavs, and young Voxijan women are obsessed with European trains. This stereotype actually has some basis in fact.

Voxijans are PC Freaks
Generally true, except in the north and some parts of the south and center. In the eloquent words of Altemoosburg ii, Voxijans are a bunch of sjws who oppress men and boys, but then complain when they are oppressed, oppressing the oppressors who oppress oppression while oppressing themselves, making a sort of Oppression inception.

Apparently, Voxijans always vote out white in Among Us because "white sus".

Voxijans have a Caucasian Skin Color

Held among Basque nationalists and Latin Americans, this stereotype is only true for a very small minority of Voxijans. The people who hold this stereotype have probably never even seen a picture of the president, let alone have any other knowledge of Voxija besides "they're Basques".

The Voxijan moral alignment according to other nations:
Neutral Good: 2.
Lawful Neutral: 1.
Neutral/True Neutral: 3.

Voxija's real alignment is Lawful Neutral, FYI.

Voxijan Stereotypes about Themselves:

Sometimes, Voxijans have more interesting stereotypes about themselves than other countries do. This is because, while foreigners don't know anything about Voxijans, Voxijans know a lot about themselves. The nations Voxijans make jokes about the most are America, Spain, and Voxija itself.

Country-wide stereotypes
Voxijans are the nicest and best people who will fight off all invaders and are totally misunderstood by jerks from foreign countries. Voxijans are also badass, are always well-dressed, and have great personalities. Voxijans don't really put themselves down.

Voxijan women are tough as nails, and while the men might also be tough as nails, they cry as well.

They mostly live in East Voxija. They have been created by economic growth, and they often run over unsuspecting jaywalkers with their German cars. Voxijan oligarchs are rarely seen. That is, according to stereotype.

Regional stereotypes
Voxijans have a lot of regional stereotypes, but they mostly have a basis in fact. They are mostly based on the provinces, although some cities have their own stereotypes.

Criminals from Bilvao
Apparently, this city is full of con artists that scam tourists. While Bilvao does have a high crime rate, not everyone from Bilvao is like this, especially not President Gurraniz.

Northern Conservatives
People from North Voxija vote right. This is true, mostly because leftists from North Voxija have moved to big liberal cities like Genitxea and Xirroni.

Polandball Stereotypes:
Polandball Voxija is often called "Voxball". Bork: Voxi voxi. Food (like remove kebab): pali. Tiny compared to other countryballs, especially Basque Country. Whenever they appear together in the same comic, Basque Country always has a beret, and Voxija has no hat. Voxball is sometimes female, and often portrayed as Basqueball's daughter. Voxball sometimes has derp eyes, which are almost never combined with Voxball being female for some reason.. Every stereotype mentioned above. Germany calls Voxball "Der Voschland" in every comic where they both appear. Viņaks are represented as 5balls, 7balls or Voxijan flags if 5balls are banned/7balls are just for Native Americans. Voxball speaks generic Engrish, or replaces all Bs with Vs.

Puns (heard 'em all before):
Bixenta Agirre=B*tch-enta Agirre.
Zelikanxoa=Zelikan-sho'ah (Sho'ah is the Holocaust).
Vaņeta=Valletta (Vaņeta is not the capital of Malta).
Txala Enterprises=T'Challa (actually, that's awesome).
Kal=Cal (the currency is not a guy's name).
Gurranitz=Gay-rranitz (what the president is called by homophobes).

Mean Slurs People Call Voxijans:

Most people in the wider world don't have enough of an opinion about Voxijans to call them something mean. So most of these slurs are used on Internet forums and places of that ilk. They will be ordered from least to most offensive.

Israel Wannabes (since Voxija has conscription).
Kaffirs (since Voxijans call anyone they don't like Kaffirs, people [except South Africans] have taken to throwing the insult back at them.)
SJeW police (yes, no one calls Voxijans simply SJW. Despite the fact that there are no Jews in Voxija.)
Fake Basques.
Cultists (don't ask.)
Basque Filipinos.
Basque Wannabes.
Basques (this is the most offensive thing you could call a Voxijan. You will get punched.)

The Comfy Armchair of Voxija