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Bixenta Agirre

The Republic of Voxija
Bixenta Agirre


The 16th President

The Republic of Voxija


– Madame President (Formal)
– President Agirre (In-Formal)

Time in Office

2016 – 2019


December 29th, 2016


November 3rd, 1970


Mattin Mariñelarena

Full Name

Bixenta Agirre


Eneko Agirre (deceased)


Argi Agirre (deceased)


Xirroni University (BA in law)



President Bixenta Agirre was the first female president of Voxija. In her time in office, she did very well. She helped Voxija's economy grow and increased civil rights.

Fast Facts


Childhood nickname: Bix-dude

Favorite color: green, more specifically kelly green.

Favorite number: 3.

Favorite food: pali and chicken noodle soup.

Favorite music genre: old ragtime music from the turn of the twentieth century.

Favorite music artist: Avairra Herrio, a Voxijan artist who emulates the style of old ragtime music.

Favorite sport/s: favorite sport to watch: soccer. Favorite sport to play: golf.

Hobbies (list): playing golf, dancing, administration (yes), writing poems, working on her next novel, men, and listening to music.


Height: 165.2 cm.

Weight: 68 kilos.


Nickname given by citizens: The Bixenta.

Citizens' opinion: "She's a good leader who cares about her people, I don't care for some of her opinions, but she is doing a good job. It could be worse." - Kalina Jaso, an average citizen.

Leader's opinion of citizens: "My people support me, so I support them. A leader serves her people, not the other way around, and I am privileged to serve and help the people of Voxija." - Bixenta Agirre.


Term end date: December 28, 2019.

Revolutionary (yes or no): no.

Leader’s opinion of their nation: "Voxija is my home. It needs all of the support I can give it. I love my beautiful nation, and I will improve it and make Voxija... better." - Bixenta Agirre in a patriotic mood.


Opinion of foreign relationships (helpful, necessary, useless): "We need healthy relations with foreign countries. As a small island, we can't survive without trade." - Bixenta Agirre.

Nickname given by foreign nations: Mr. President Agirre (in weird satire).

Attitude toward foreign nations (hostile, friendly, etc): "I like most foreign countries. Except the hostile rogue states. I don't trust America that much, either." - Bixenta Agirre, in a private dialogue with her husband.

Attitude from foreign nations (hostile, friendly, etc): Most European countries like her. Half of America (that knows about her) hates Bixenta for being too liberal, and the other half loves her. The same rogue states as usual (Iran, North Korea, etc.) and the more conservative East Asian nations don't like Agirre as well.


President Agirre was born into a rich family in the city of Ritxarritz in the province of South Voxija. She was born on November 3rd, 1970, making her 48. She was the youngest of three siblings. Her older brothers, Nicosi and Paio, teased her, saying that she would never go far.

Bixenta Agirre's father Eneko Agirre was the governor of South Voxija. He encouraged his only daughter's political ambitions, and lent her books from his library to read. Agirre's mother Argi Agirre encouraged her little daughter to become a wife and homemaker. Bixenta would have none of that.

Kids at school used to tease her by calling her a boy. Being misgendered is now Bixenta Agirre's beserk button, although no one does that anymore.

Bixenta Agirre was part of the first crop of females to enter the army after the "Actually Universal Conscription" bill was passed. She served her year.

When Agirre grew up, she wanted to become governor of South Voxija, but her campaign manager and best friend Mattin Mariñelarena discouraged her, as the populace would see it as nepotism. Agirre campaigned for the office of representative of District 2 of South Voxija in the Legislative Body as a member of the Social Democrats instead. She won in a landslide. Voters like her refreshing social policy, promises to help improve the economy, and increased rights for LGBT people.

Agirre served on the Body for eight years. She began working her way up in influence, to prepare herself to seek the presidency.

She switched parties from Social Democrats to the Centrist Party, and surprised the voters by revealing that she had done so. The voters were skeptical about having a female president, but they quickly warmed up to Agirre and liked her better than the other candidates. Most of the other candidates made lewd comments about Bixenta.

A month before the election, Bixenta Agirre stunned Voxija by arranging that Mattin Mariñelarena propose to her on live television. They had been dating out of the public eye for years. Voxijans' hearts melted when Agirre kissed Mariñelarena in front of the camera. That may have been the final push for Bixenta Agirre to win the election.

The inauguration doubled as the wedding. It was the most watched event in Voxijan history. Bixenta Agirre was a popular president, although she has some critics, especially among political extremists.

Bixenta Agirre's economic policies created economic growth while also creating wealth gaps and Voxijan oligarchs. During her tenure, gay marriage was fully legalized, in every Voxijan province, although that was due to the Legislative Body and changing attitudes in North Voxija. Bixenta also signed legislation that legalized polygamy for Muslims.

Bixenta Agirre enjoys playing golf, dancing, administration, writing poems, and having affairs with young male interns. When her husband Mariñelarena was questioned about it, he said that it was fine, as "my darling Bixenta loves no one but me." Bixenta's thought on the matter is, "I may have had sexual relations with Ander Jasso."

Agirre has been accused of some sexual assault scandals, however, the news reporters ignore the accusations, because the news reporters are reverse-sexist.

Agirre wrote a book, How I Became President. It was popular when she first published it, but the book has declined in popularity.

Bixenta Agirre may be the basic iron lady politician package. One of her role models is Queen Nerea, the first female leader of Voxija.

In April of 2019, Bixenta announced that she was not going to seek reelection. An election was held, and Etor Gurraniz became the next president.

After Etor Gurraniz became president, Bixenta Agirre created a thriving social media account on PiffleNet. She lives on 42 Ander Gebara St, Ritxarritz, in a swanky apartment.



Conscription, LGBT marriage, abortion, immigration, Israel, capitalism, democracy, equal rights, equality, diversity, sexual freedom, progressive tax rate, free speech, free press, pacifism, freedom of religion, Taiwan, pragmatism, Third Way economics, feminism,


Prostitution, polygamy, business regulation, universal healthcare, Palestine, Artsakh, illegal immigration, environmentalism, gun control, guns, corporate welfare, capital punishment, affirmative action, neoliberal economics (leaning towards pro), freeing Scotland, Brexit, the #MeToo movement,

Fascism, Communism, anarchy, closing borders, Basque independence, neoconservatives, Sharia law, nationalism, corruption, psychiatry, sexual abuse, human trafficking, monarchy, autarky, authoritarianism, legalizing marijuana, pineapple on pizza, jingoism, Catalonian independence, corporal punishment, drugs in general,

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